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  1. cashflag

    Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Interesting. Maybe you could try playing some 2160p multimedia files? https://www.demo-world.eu/2d-demo-trailers-uhd/
  2. Good move. I got jerked around by Epson about 5 years ago. I had my very new projector in for servicing 3 or 4 times (with a couple of weeks in between) and each time it came back with either a) the problem still existent or b) a brand new problem. It wasn't until I went to the original retailer that I finally got some satisfaction. Still, I was sour, and I promptly got rid of the replacement - and my brand loyalty along with it.
  3. I was using a giant 4:3 screen at one stage. I used to just drop it down as far as was needed and I put adhesive black felt tape on the underside of the screen housing to complete the black border (and reduce reflections). Lens memory came in handy for making quick adjustments for the various aspect ratios.
  4. I know which category I fall into but I'm not sure that you do, Owen!
  5. Firstly, apologies to bigkid for contributing to this thread hijack. But... Yup. The IMAX theatrical aspect ratio is actually 1.43:1, so the home versions are a cropped down compromise. However, this does not effect composition as the shots or sequences are framed for whatever aspect ratio the wide-release versions are in (typically, if not exclusively, 2:35:1 or 2.40:1). So that missing portion was just literally filler after all, designed to fill more of your vision, while not including any vital information. If the IMAX scenes can be cropped for 16:9, they can also be cropped down to scope no problem. Maybe we should go back to 4:3 TVs and just make them bigger! That's pretty much all that the 1.90:1 IMAX presentations at your local cineplex offer nowadays: a bigger screen. Yet they've somehow marketed it as something more when they simply don't utilize the full screen area for extended portions and, when they do, it's largely superfluous information. It's actually a form of deprivation/reward stimuli. Maybe they should only turn on the air conditioning intermittently so we get "more" of something that way, too. And just you wait. When people get complacent with that, IMAX will come out with a revolutionary new format: IMAX SCOPE. It's like IMAX - but wider! 😆 Obviously, I find it all a bit silly myself. IMAX only makes sense to me in the confines of true IMAX theatres, where the focus is on immersion over story-telling (which is why IMAX featurettes are limited to 45 minutes or thereabouts). Its popular on the home formats because, let's face it, people feel as though they're losing something by watching scope movies letterboxed on 16:9 displays. Which, I suppose, they are.
  6. You must be a hit at dinner parties, Owen. 😂
  7. You did? Awesome. I was considering doing something similiar at one stage a few years ago. It didn't gain much attention and ultimately proved unnecessary.
  8. All set-ups (except, perhaps, a dual-screen set-up) have their compromises. Go with what both appeals the most and works best for your particular tastes and circumstances. There's no scientific formula for those. The recommendation to shoot on the wall or a sheet until you know what you really want is always a good one.
  9. This place is having a run-out on their Aaron speakers, probably due to Aaron retiring from business. https://www.avconcept.com.au/product-category/home-audio-and-visual/speakers-2/?filter_brand=aaron I have the black SS15s as my atmos speakers and am quite happy with them considering. You'll have to come up with your own mount though. I just sourced some cheap security camera mounts off eBay and they seem to have done the job nicely.
  10. I'd put them in front of your seating position to increase the separation from the surrounds (especially if the surrounds are mounted above head height). You should be able to tell your Denon that your Atmos speakers are positioned in the middle. I had to throw the Dolby recommendations out. The Atmos speakers simply had little-to-no impact when I followed them.
  11. cashflag

    JVC autocal

    It's not locked in but if we can make it happen, we will. If you have your notifications turned on, I'll let you know. Otherwise shoot me a PM with your number.
  12. cashflag

    JVC autocal

    I've been trying to get Broderic around for a while to autocal my 7900 but we've both had crazy schedules. He finally made it over last weekend but the power supply on his PC blew up when he plugged it in! Game over. We might make another go of it this Sunday if we can. You're welcome to come take a look but I've gotta warn you, my HT is a little different from most...
  13. cashflag

    Oppo Plays 4k UHD ISO's!

    Sure. Just set it to 1080p and you'll be outputting in native 1080p.
  14. cashflag

    Oppo Plays 4k UHD ISO's!

    Ooh! Gotta try that out.
  15. If you're FTTN, make sure you're by-passing all those additional phone sockets and going straight from the lead in to the socket that the modem is hooked up to. Doubled my speed by doing this.