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  1. cashflag

    JVC autocal

    It's not locked in but if we can make it happen, we will. If you have your notifications turned on, I'll let you know. Otherwise shoot me a PM with your number.
  2. cashflag

    JVC autocal

    I've been trying to get Broderic around for a while to autocal my 7900 but we've both had crazy schedules. He finally made it over last weekend but the power supply on his PC blew up when he plugged it in! Game over. We might make another go of it this Sunday if we can. You're welcome to come take a look but I've gotta warn you, my HT is a little different from most...
  3. cashflag

    Oppo Plays 4k UHD ISO's!

    Sure. Just set it to 1080p and you'll be outputting in native 1080p.
  4. cashflag

    Oppo Plays 4k UHD ISO's!

    Ooh! Gotta try that out.
  5. If you're FTTN, make sure you're by-passing all those additional phone sockets and going straight from the lead in to the socket that the modem is hooked up to. Doubled my speed by doing this.
  6. You'll get a quicker response by calling his home number. I've added it in the comments to the linked topic above. Cheers.
  7. Just a note that you're better off contacting Roderic via his home phone since he doesn't use his mobile all that much:
  8. Sure. You could just go with 2 Atmos speakers and then tell the receiver that they're middle as opposed to front.
  9. What about moving the couch back just a tad? My Denon receiver allows for multiple Atmos speaker configurations - including middle Atmos speakers instead of Atmos rears. This was perfect for me since my side surrounds and surround backs where already wall-mounted above head height (I mean, c'mon, who wants a side speaker in their bloody ear? They're certainly not that way at the cinema), creating a crowded rear height stage where the Atmos effect was largely lost. Going with middle Atmos speakers directly above the seating position finally delivered the promised goods. You can then wallmount your Atmos fronts (handy if you're short on ceiling space) directly above the display. This should be no problem for imaging if Atmos is as adaptative as Dolby claims it to be. At any rate, going with this configuration worked wonders for me after being underwhelmed by the standard Atmos layout in my particular set of circumstances:
  10. Ha ha. I enjoyed reading through this. It really encapsulates the joy of getting into home theatre. This is how most of us start. The only problem? It never ends!
  11. I guess technically it's possible. You do indeed trim the material after stretching and securing and there is a little left over. But it would probably be frustrating trying to get it just right. Since I originally intended on using this elsewhere, I didn't have to foresight to hold onto the any of the packaging from the replacement screen - so I'd be interested in suggestions in how to package and adequately protect something 3.2m long, even when dismantled!
  12. Item: Projector Screen Location: NOR, Perth. Price: $600 Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: Gone even bigger Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Screen material is schmick. Some scuffing on the velour on the underside and some slight peeling at the joins which I didn't even notice until I took it down (I have some ideas to fix this). Was gonna chop this down for a smaller secondary set up elsewhere in the house but thought it might better serve a budget-conscious enthusiast with the room to make full use of it. That and it looks like I'll be refurbishing the room its currently residing in before I get the chance. This beauty laughs at the cheaper alternatives and has served me very well. Memories... www.projectorscreens.com.au/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=34 Pictures:
  13. cashflag

    Perth GTG

    Top stuff, Mendes. Glad to see someone very generously step up to the plate! I'm working in the south west (brrrrr!) and it's looking like I'll be lucky if I'm back in town for the weekend at all so I'll have to decline. Again, good onya for opening your doors to your fellow forum members. Cheers!
  14. cashflag

    Perth GTG

    They seem pretty few and far between! I'll subscribe to this thread in hope of somebody rolling out the red carpet for our visitor from the east, however.
  15. cashflag

    Oppo Plays 4k UHD ISO's!

    I only trialled a handful of titles, but one did exhibit copy protection measures so probably not.