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  1. Decided to finally upgrade from my Sony MDR-10R headphones. Though i bought a DAP as well i find i am enjoying LP's more through my Lehmanaudio Rhinelander.
  2. Oh i don't doubt that. I am from Ballarat! Just economics of running a specialized business in a relatively small population
  3. Shepparton has a big enough market for a HT Store?
  4. Item: Location: Melbourne CBD (Near Sth Cross Station) Price: 600 Item Condition: Excellent to Mint Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: COD Only Extra Info: Selling as I bit the bullet and upgraded to OLED Not a mark on it. Lightly used as i prefer the projector for big screen viewing No box so you will need someone to help pickup (CBD near sth cross) Happy to demo. No dead pixels, HDR10, HDMI-ARC support. Pictures:
  5. They haven't updated their website as an FYI
  6. Bought a 65" OLED today but won't be delivered till Tuesday In the meantime i have lots of time to download some (legal) content to watch Any recommendations?
  7. So whats the latest on pricing and availability
  8. Any word on local pricing and availability yet?
  9. Free to Melbourne members as long as you make a donation to SNA Most are unopened. CBD pickup only. I won't post
  10. Does this unit pickup the Australian DVB-T channels?
  11. Item: Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $180 Item Condition: As New (pretty much never watch FTA) Reason for selling: As Above Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only or DD Extra Info: Pictures: Can post pictures but really not needed as images are all over the web (happy to post if needed) Comes with original box and cables so shipping should be an option for those not in Melbourne Any questions. Just ask!
  12. Item: Pioneer XDP-100K DAP Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $280 Item Condition: Used (As New) Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: NLR and need to clear some gear to pay off some bills Postage would be about $20 extra (express) Pictures:
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