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  1. We own 2 Sony TVs and on both 9Rush is no longer displaying any picture. Only EPG and Audio. Even though both TVs have no problem displaying any of the other FTA TV channels. Tried Samsung and TV Tuner on PC. Both display 9Rush without any problems. Any ideas what has changed to make 0Gem no longer work with Sony TVs? Transmitter is Sydney Artarmon.
  2. I messaged Yamaha AU support and they replied. I ended up unplugging the system from the wall as they suggested for about half an hour. After reconnecting none of the setting and time were lost. I tested the internet radio for around 1 hour and so far so good. Haven't seen the "check MAC address filter" error pop up. Unlike before. Hopefully this has solved the problem.
  3. WiFi Access point 2.4GHz is set to channel 9, 5.0GHz channel 36. Occasionally see neighbours phones show up on my home network. Such as "Zebra Technologies TC56" what ever that phone is. Wireless Site Survey scan from access point shows it can see an additional 15 devices that aren't mine with a signal strength ranging between 0-39%.
  4. WiFi reception works fine. No problem with connection as its connecting to the Internet and I am able to listen to radio without any problem. Its just that it suddenly brings up the error and audio stops whilst listening. WIFi connection doesn't drop out. As I can reconnect but the error will appear again..
  5. It's already running the latest 1.17 firmware. As you said. Could be a bug in the latest firmware.
  6. Own a Yamaha CRX-N560D mini audio system and having a problem with MAC filtering. Whenever we listen to internet radio, Its working fine but all of a sudden it will pop up "CRX-N560D 8B405 Please check MAC address filter" in the Yamaha NP controller APP and audio will stop playing. Or audio just stops playing if not using APP. Audio system is connected wirelessly to an access point using a Yamaha YWA-10 Wireless Network Adapter. MAC address filtering is set to OFF in the Yamaha settings. MAC address filtering is also disabled in the wireless access point and secured using WPA Key password. I'm not sure what the problems is and would like some help to fix so that the audio will continually play and not suddenly stop playing because of this problem.
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