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  1. I loved my now dusty Momitsu 880N... I have the beyonwiz now for streaming purposes which is why I loved the Mom... Picture quality was fantastic too.
  2. Yeah, saw it in Sydney's Broadway Hoyts, during Chinese New Year... can not remember if it listed a classification however... <shrugs> "Two tickets for eep marn please" "Sorry which movie?" "I.P. man"... Great at the movies, pity it wasn't on one of their larger screens, played downstairs where they often put their "arty" cinema releases...
  3. Now if there was only a list that also showed the quantity (and quality) of editing (from original cinema release) for each region/release. How many people have already bought multiple version of movies, especially Asian cinema due to this...
  4. But again, RAR and ZIP use different methods to compress files... yet when uncompressed they are identical to each other and the file before compression. Perhaps if Dolby TrueHD was stripped of its metadata for dialnorm, or when DTS HD MA encodes were made that the metadata for dialnorm is included (or that it can be decoded if not already by the AVRs) the audio streams once decoded would sound identical to each other, and the original bitstream... Has this not been discussed to death before? Regarding the bitrates... When compared... AAC at 128 sounds very close to MP3 at 160kbps (similar to DD vs DTS lossy) Now compare FLAC to OptiFROG, both when decoded are bit for bit identical, but will have different bitrates (size/length) So I am not sure I understand your point you are making here... link
  5. So... which compression type should I use on my documents... Rar, Zip, Arj, Lzh, etc... because if the end results aren't identical, ie I get the exact same output as the files input from compression/decompression, let me know now! I still think the differences between DTS and Dolby, are the output levels. With amplification applied to the DTS and not the Dolby equivalent. Still bit for bit identical for information, just amplitude is higher on output... Compress an identical text file... one decompresses the text to the same size as the original, the other decompresses with enlarged text. The text is still "the same", one is just "easier" to read, hence people give their preference to that which is able to be read easier. Swap text to PCM data, and instead of using your peepers, you're using your ears! Or... is there another lossless???
  6. Yeah, at my mates 21st birthday, many a moon ago... lived on a bay, the police station on the otherside of the bay (and on top of a hill) acted upon their own issue with the soundlevel... 3 pairs of Infinity IRS speakers (165W 96dB/W/m?) did sound fantastic together though... that they agreed upon.
  7. Very interesting... DD 48KHz, and DTS/SDDS only 44.1KHz??? So DTS only had higher bitrate in the early years going for it.
  8. If you have a 7.1 system, extra data can be extrapolated for the 2 rear channels anway. This has been the case since DTS-ES and DD-EX 6.1 systems. I believe unless you have the sound set as pure stream or direct or whatever, it should create some output to the extra 2 channels, be it stereo or mono. But don't quote me
  9. Bit to easy to get carried away! Just everyone close by should be thankful it wasn't very low bass tones (even though it has been disproven by those querky Yanks) at loud volumes... would be a terrible mess. Star Trek is looking very interesting I must say, especially since the movies were only ever presented in 5.1 from memory (except later ones 6.1? <shrugs>) Have there been any music discs in Dolby TrueHD? I seem to remember most being DTS HD HR/MA too...
  10. Wow, your speakers caused that damage? I wonder if insurance covers acts of loudspeakers on property damage. If it smashed brick walls with stones and rocks being flung from downstairs out thru to the back and front of the house no wonder your body took a blow too! Also, any one noticed that the Star Trek collection is being released seemingly in Dolby True HD 7.1?
  11. Picked up mine yesterday (finally came in), everything was fine... Upgraded from 1.1 (december build date) straight to 1.3 with no issues. Very quick to download and update as well. Got a price match of the $339.15 of over a month back now. So very happy with my price paid (although it's been on order that long).
  12. Or use this link http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/bd/d...bd35/index.html that works
  13. Well, I wish my order would damn well come in for my BD-35... Terrible having media and nothing to play it on... HM, isn't the smell of firmware the first sign of a stroke? Or is it burnt toast....
  14. Yeah, which is why I wasn't fussed over it... Yeah the wait is terrible, damn Panasonic delivery times... Might try the cable again when I get the player, and see if it works again!
  15. Hey Foxy... had a weird thing happen a couple of weeks back now, where compressed audio was no longer able to be sent down the HDMI cable, PCM and video was fine! Swapped it over with the other cable I bought at the same time from you, and it's fine, swapped back, narda... (on my Beyonwiz DP-P1) very strange... Anywho, 3 more cables bought from you last nite and gladly now on their way as your email suggests... Will be used on the Pana BD-35 when my pre-ordered stock comes in
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