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  1. There are no more video rental stores near me. There's only a Hoyts kiosk within reach - I rented a couple of DVDs over the weekend, including Zootopia. So disappointed to see the HD lights remain unlit on my AVR. I can't justify buying every new release bluray just to watch it once and offload. I need to check out a few more of the Video Ezy kiosks. But, if comes down to it, I'll probably buy those movies would really benefit from watching in HD (action, animated and like).
  2. Does everyone here buy their blurays these days? There are only a handful of rental stores still open, and these are far and wide. Most kiosks have hardly any blurays. Who knows whats going to happen to Quickflix. I suppose bluray is still a niche even after all these years. Has it come down to buying stuff that you would have rented in years gone past and then trying to off load it...pseudo rentals?! Or is there some secret place where us high def buffs can rent a nice weekend movie?
  3. Watched it today. I personally enjoyed it! The bass had to be the biggest I've heard - cinema #2 at the Glen village literally shook!
  4. Following for sale. All purchased locally. Price is inclusive of post in a plain envelope: Man of Steel - Bluray + DVD, $10 GI Joe Retaliation - Bluray + DVD, $7 Both sold pending payment
  5. Have owned the 5200 for a few months now and pleased with the picture quality - however, opinion is based on the fact that this is my first projector. I got mine from TCC. Also using the Samsung glasses which costed $25 a pop from memory.
  6. +1 for TCC. Warwick installed my PJ, screen and rear speakers last year and did a superb job.
  7. Following for sale purchased locally, price includes post in a plain envelope: Man of Steel $10 Skyfall $8 --- SALE PENDING ---
  8. Bought this new 3 years back. Have used it with an external power amp this last year. Cosmetically has 1 scratch. Price wise - looking in the region of $250 but happy to entertain offers. Prefer pick in Melbourne, but have the box if there's interstate interest. Pix if you're interested: https://www.dropbox....icjq/gvXjy7weRn https://www.dropbox....7n22/AY0MbFH_6C
  9. Thought I saw it at JB or something. But, just had a look at the Sonos Aus page and the offer seems to exist. Not sure I'm allowed to post the link, but have a look. JB's webpage also has the offer upto Dec 31
  10. Agree with minty. Got mine from TCC at a decent price. Looks like Sonos is having a promo atm - offering free a Bridge. I missed out by a few months
  11. Hi all - putting this up again for sale. Happy to take any reasonable offers Indication of price in the above posts.
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