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  1. There is a sale pending now on this projector. Will update late this afternoon.
  2. Didn't even bother to check. They might, I have no idea. projector is less than 6 months old.
  3. Depends on the content. Its more noticeable in 2.35:1 content as its in the black bar area on a 16:9 screen.
  4. Yes its still available. Just PM me with a note and we can arrange a time.
  5. Further information: Selling a BenQ W5700 DLP 4K Projector. Unit is supplied with box, manuals and remote. Only selling it cheap as the unit does have a single stuck pixel in the lower third of the screen. It comes and goes, but it is definitely there and new owner should be aware of it. Also, remote has a couple of dings in it as noted in the photo, but otherwise works just fine. Projector only has a couple of hundred hours on it and picture is really stunning. Other than the stuck pixel, its perfect. Happy to demo it to anyone interested. Photos:
  6. I made a couple of upgrades to the Cinema last night: Added the BenQ 12000H projector and a Lumagen 4242 Radiance Pro. Will try and write up my thoughts on the Lumagen as I am totally blown away by the performance of this unit. Probably the biggest video upgrade I have ever done and absolutely worth every single dollar.
  7. Thanks, thats a bit more than I wanted to spend... really want to keep it around a grand.
  8. Yes.. sigh its not ideal.. in an ideal world I would just go and buy a pair of Vandersteen Quattros and put them on the floor sellout from the walls with some nice power /pre and be done with it.. but its a compromise as its the main living area and WAF is off the charts in this room. I have a dedicated cinema so I cant complain.....If I really want to listen to serious music I will go in there. I have tested a sub in the cupboard (a Jamo D7) - and it actually works 'ok'. There is plenty of output as its not in a null, but its not perfect either. Its a compromise. The Vandersteen bookshelves actually sound pretty dark good in the place they are located - again not perfect, but its good enough for my living room. Its a big space, so a cheap n nasty sub although cost effective wont really cut it. I dont really consider a grand a lot of money for a sub - but of course all things are relative and I appreciate that to some this is a lot of money to drop on a sub. That said, the system needs some bass re-inforcement badly. I love the top end and mid range on the Vandies, but there is no bottom end to speak of. Appreciate your thoughts and input. All your points are valid and unfortunately I just have to compromise in this room. I think I made up my mind on the V12 M&K. Its on special at the moment for $1200 which is a good saving over retail.
  9. I need a subwoofer for my living room 2-channel system. A few caveats - its a multi use room, not dedicated so the room has bookshelf speakers hidden behind speaker cloth covered doors. I am running a pair of Vandersteen Bookshelves driven off a Meridian Amp with a Lumen source. The subwoofer has a dedicated space inside another cloth covered cupboard. So the subwoofer needs to be forward firing and I prefer the sound of sealed enclosures. Budget not really an issue.. but dont need anything over the top. Has to fit inside the cupboard - dimensions: 560mm Wide x 450mm deep x 490mm high - so can fit something reasonable in size. Any thoughts or ideas appreciated on what might be a musical sub that might work? Perhaps the MK Sound V12 might be worth a look.... P.S The vandersteen sub wont work.. it requires an external Crossover designed to go between pre and power.
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