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  1. "High power GPU and CPU bring their own problems as does anything based on a PC platform." I was going to make this point as well. MAD VR might be fine for those happy to run a home cinema PC and deal with the software issues that come with that. But my personal feeling is that for polished high end cinemas, Lumagen is the preferred option.
  2. This video interview with Jim Peterson, the man behind Lumagen says it all about this product; its quite a deep dive into the product; but its well worth the time if you are in the market to improve your video experience. There are very few products I have experienced in my 25+ years in the AV industry (Ive been out of the industry for ten years now) that are so ground breaking in their performance as the Lumagen Radiance Pro. The only caveat I think is worth restating is that's this is not a plug and play product- it requires significant knowledge to make it sing (ala professional calibrati
  3. I agree with your assessment and findings. I have been rewatching many 4K and Blu Ray discs and the addition of the Lumagen is the single biggest improvement I have ever experienced in video. I could not live without it now. Another video review has also turned up on you tube here:
  4. Fantastic review of the Lumagen Radiance Pro HERE on StereoNet. I recently added one of these to my cinema. Actually it was part of a solution package I purchased from Wavetrain Cinemas with a BenQ W12000 Projector that was also calibrated by David Mosely from Wavetrain. I would concur 100% with the review - simply an outstanding product. Yes, its high end and it isn't cheap. But if you want the best possible image you can get, then you need a Lumagen. Its also a product that is best purchased as a 'solution'. In other words, purchase it from someone who knows how to calibrate it properly.
  5. There is a sale pending now on this projector. Will update late this afternoon.
  6. Didn't even bother to check. They might, I have no idea. projector is less than 6 months old.
  7. Depends on the content. Its more noticeable in 2.35:1 content as its in the black bar area on a 16:9 screen.
  8. Yes its still available. Just PM me with a note and we can arrange a time.
  9. Further information: Selling a BenQ W5700 DLP 4K Projector. Unit is supplied with box, manuals and remote. Only selling it cheap as the unit does have a single stuck pixel in the lower third of the screen. It comes and goes, but it is definitely there and new owner should be aware of it. Also, remote has a couple of dings in it as noted in the photo, but otherwise works just fine. Projector only has a couple of hundred hours on it and picture is really stunning. Other than the stuck pixel, its perfect. Happy to demo it to anyone interested. Photos:
  10. I made a couple of upgrades to the Cinema last night: Added the BenQ 12000H projector and a Lumagen 4242 Radiance Pro. Will try and write up my thoughts on the Lumagen as I am totally blown away by the performance of this unit. Probably the biggest video upgrade I have ever done and absolutely worth every single dollar.
  11. Decided it was time to share my home cinema build. The room is completely dedicated and measures approx. 5 metres long by 4 metres wide by 2.9 metres high. Its only a 4-seat cinema room - which is enough for my family needs. The cinema was designed by David Mosely from Wavetrain Cinemas. I invested quite heavily in room design and acoustically the room is an amazing place to just sit and have a conversation with someone. The sound is completely immersive when playing film soundtracks. Speakers and walls just disappear and the overall sound field is totally cohesive and transcends the room boun
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