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  1. Hi Guys, I have a Sony KV-HR36M31 in excellent condition, complete with Sony SU-HR36GA stand and Service Manual, surplus to requirements. What offers? Cheers Bry
  2. Hi 'odds on', I purchased the 52XBR on the GB. The HD PQ is as good as, if not better than, any LCD display I have seen anywhere. Possible regret? Yes, I wish now that I had sheckled out for the 70XBR! Cheers Bry
  3. Hi Browneagle, You are quite right. There is very little 5.1 out there. I wrote to the SMH Guide asking them to indicate either 5.1 or SS (Surround Sound) in the Guide, but, they haven't even acknowledged the request! I don't feel too badly. It only took them about a year to get them to action a similar request regarding HD! Maybe a few requests to them could help! Cheers Bry
  4. Hi Goomf, IMHO the Selby ones are good value for money! Cheers Bry
  5. Hi bakemono, I have a 52XBR and its channel changing is painfully slow, but, I find the results worth the wait! All the 2007 BRAVIAs I have seen are the same in this regard. I don't know of a fix, but, suspect the problem is intrinsic to the tuner design. Some tuners from other HDTV manufacturers are faster, but, occasionally leave you with a pixelated picture! External tuners (PVRs), connected via HDMI, sometimes leave you with a lip sync problem, which the internal tuner does not. Cheers Bry
  6. Hi Guys, A further bit of research indicates that whilst just about every transmission parameter was varied during the London HDTV trials, MPEG4 was used for all of the trials! Cheers Bry
  7. Hi Rusty Juggler, I'm sorry to say that I disagree with you! Have you been keeping across the London HDTV trials? I feel that they could very well finish up with one full channel operating at 20+Mbps per HDTV service. It seems very unlikely to me that pressure to operate a full 8MHz bandwidth HDTV service would be getting the attention that it is if it were going to be operated at <10Mbps. Cheers Bry
  8. Hi Guys, I checked some of my notes since my last post and note that a single HDTV channel operating MPEG4 at 24Mbps was one possibility along with a wide range of others. At least, these figures give you some idea of the goals. By the time we get our analog closure finalised, the UK should have a well founded HDTV service we could use as the basis for use on some of our, by then, cleared channels. Who is going to start the push? Cheers Bry
  9. Hi Guys, My understanding of the UK situation is that Ofcom is already under pressure to allocate some of the channels to be thrown up after analog switch off for real HDTV. My further understanding is that a full 8MHz (as opposed to our 7MHz channels) will be used for each real HDTV channel. If they use MPEG4, which seems the logical way to go, they really will have something to show the world! Cheers Bry
  10. Hi Guys, I have my entire system, excluding my power amplifiers, but, including my PVR and my 52XBR display, fed via my UPS. The only thing I ever switch off, excluding my power amplifiers, is my display. However, I don't own a gas guzzling 4WD. Cheers Bry
  11. Hi phattam, IMHO you should get the best screen you can possibly afford (Sony 52 inch XBR ?) and then proceed as funds allow! Cheers Bry
  12. Hi Guys, You can add my 52XBR in Sydney and obtained via the GB. Cheers Bry
  13. Hi Guys, I have been using a very weak solution of "Swipe" and ordinary tap water on my laptops for literally years and, in the light of past performance, will now start to use it to clean my 52 inch Sony XBR. I spray the solution onto my displays and then dry them off using ordinary tissues using little pressure. Incidentally, SWMBO has used Swipe on all of her mirrors for years. Cheers Bry
  14. Hi, My 52 XBR has a permanently illuminated red pixel in the top leht hand corner,but, it is totally invisible at my wiewing distance of twice the diagonal i.e. 104 inches. Cheers Bry
  15. Hi Guys, Thank you all for all of your above responses. We clearly have a lot of further research to do! After spending so much dough on my HT and now a 52 inch BRAVIA XBR, I just wanted to make sure I purchased the best player I could lay my hands on. I must confess, I didn't realise that I was opening such a can of worms! Please keep the info coming as you find out more. Cheers Bry
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