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  1. Agreed - tried them last Christmas for most DVD/Bluray pressies. Only got half of it, had to cancel the rest due to no stock until the new year, but managed to drive down to a JB and pick up everything that was "out of stock" ! Amazon is superb. Great bargain I picked up on Ebay yesterday - full 8 movie Bluray Harry Potter boxset - released in England 2nd December but guaranteed delivery before Christmas. I don't doubt them but would doubt JB !
  2. Just got AC/DC at River Plate......very good !
  3. Probably only a good deal if you are someone like me, already looking at getting the HD put on. I already knew you basically had to pay an extra $19.90 for a MyStar HD anyway. The installation fee was putting me off for a while. Not all that fussed about the second outlet and I'll probably turf that after 12 months.
  4. Just got a mailout today offering free installation and a second outlet for 12 months. As I have been considering HD for a couple of months now I was waiting for the inevitable freebie to come out and this is it. As far as I can tell you get the free outlet for 12 months as long as you keep the Mystar for the 12 months. I think I can manage that though I have no real desire to continue using two outlets beyond that. Anyone else get this ?
  5. Yeah Newcastle....was it different in the capitals ?
  6. Nuh - ABC had 1982 and 1986. Again, I have the tapes....Peter Wilkins and Craig Johnston were the hosts.
  7. Yep - I remember 1990 when SBS first got the World Cup and forced many people to upgrade to UHF, cutting edge stuff. I used to go outside each night to rotate my new UHF aerial to minimise ghosting and static. And I still have the VHS tapes to prove it !
  8. And SBS have now caused me to give up all hope on FTA HD. Picture was "OK" but didn't look as good as the FA Cup Final and nowhere near as good as the World Cup Final last year. But the biggest issue was the commentary was woefully out of sync - 2 sec late in the first half and then 2 secs early much of the second half. Spoilt things no end.
  9. Well that surprised me - I felt if anything was going to be in HD it would be SOO. The cricket debacle was a bad sign. I am now convinced to go HD on Austar as there is nothing now worth watching on FTA in HD anymore. At least SBS with the FA Cup and Champions League Finals are trying.
  10. I have a couple not mentioned on here. Firstly "Tommy - The Movie", the picture is beautiful considering the film is 35 years old. Interestingly, the sound is preserved in the original "quintophonic" format, which is basically five speakers with the SW turned off. Doesn't sound that great but apparently with all the equipment used in the theatres back in the day it was quite a sensation. This was the only film recorded this way until the advent of digital surround. With the subwoofer turned on you do get improved low end and some of the music can be quite thunderous. This BD is bare bones so as a companion try to pick up the two DVD set from a few years ago with all the interviews and extras, including how they recorded the sound. Got "Bigger Bang" a few weeks back. Good pic and sound - worth it just for the stunning intro !! And a pretty good HD doco as well. "Status Quo - Pictures" - beautiful, clear video and good sound. Being a Montreux gig though, the audience is pretty plastic and sterile, especially for a Quo gig!!
  11. I get almost daily email from them after one purchase - spam filtered now.
  12. I love how people complain about picture quality these days. I remember the only way to keep up with the EPL/First Division not so long ago was the second half of one game a week on BBC World Service shortwave !!!
  13. This is good news ! I have a DMR-XW350. If it works for the 300 and the 380 hopes are high. Been wanting to upgrade as I need a new remote anyway and I have one of oldest boxes. Plus I will be able to watch (though not record) some decent HD sport. That's a good question - if you can record two channels, can you watch the HD version and record the SD channel for archive ? It's what I did with SBS and the World Cup.
  14. Let's face it, it's not top of the pile in terms of interest. International league is a bit like that. I live in NSW, I went to the soccer on Saturday night and I only found out the result on Monday morning. Unlike SOO and NRL it isn't even being discussed at work. The interest has to be there and in Melbourne there wouldn't be enough to justify prime time.
  15. Yep - pulled it all apart last night . Tried it on another monitor with a different cable, fine. Then back on the 50V10 with that cable, worked again. The faulty cable wouldn't work in other HDMI sockets either. So it does indeed look like my HDMI cable is dying. The pain there is I've just finished the big wall mount and wiring job and put all the equipment in a shiny, new $1000 unit all nice and tidy. I had the Austar plugged into the side with component for the kids whilst I was testing elsewhere. First thing the wife said was "what are those cables doing there !!". Never mind the reason why.... And to make it more confusing, I put the whole thing back together last night for neatness. The bloody thing worked straight away..... Anyways - new HDMI cable is the go.
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