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  1. Most TV with built in digital tuners do both analogue and digital. Stane alone STBs however dont. Which do you have?
  2. In VIC at least you also need a security license for alarms. Not a 'technical' license I know but I thought I'd clarify.
  3. *Doesnt show the Pace 420 or DSN 1000 but watching the video should give you a better idea. It's all very similar.
  4. I couldnt acutally see what receiver you had in your sig until after I replied (probably because I wasnt logged in). Taking a quick look at it's specs says that you're correct it does upconvert and can source it's audio from the HDMI. Another solution for later on could be a properly set up universal remote like the Logitech Harmony range which will switch the input for both the receiver and the TV with one button press. Other than that you might want to upgrade to Foxtel HD when that comes out in a few months.
  5. I think the problem could simply be that your AVR is only a HDMI switch. Ie. It will only output from the HDMI output when it it receiving it's signal from one of it's HDMI inputs (not the s-video input as you have it connected). I've found that only the high end AVRs convert the signal from it's other inputs to the HDMI output. Another thing I've noticed with these type of AVRs is that they dont even extract the audio information from the HDMI signal and need you to run a separate audio lead (coaxial, optical, etc.) to get sound out of the speakers connected to the AVR, they only act as pure HDMI switches. Kind of dodgy in my opinion advertising these as 'having HDMI'.
  6. Foxtel should supply a multiswitch if you have an iQ and a standard box as that would require three active ports (2 for the iQ). It could be either a 4 way or 8 way multiswitch depending on what the tech has in his van. They dont pay for them so they shouldn't care either way. I say 'should' above because foxtel have also started using quad LNBs in domestic installs recently and that is another option the installer might take (though the choice would depend also on how you do the prewire cabling)
  7. 1. No you cant have the dish inside the roof space. It needs clear line of sight to the satellite. 2. Using diplexers to combine the FTA and Sat signals into one RG6 is usually only done if it is not possible to run a separate RG6 cable to that location. Since you're going to be prewiring its best to run independent cables for each service. 3. Where you will have problems is if you want an IQ. They require two cables coming from the dish into the box. With diplexors and one cable, you will only have one sat signal coming to each location. Though you could use two cables + diplexer in this instance it's best to just run 3 indenpendent RG6 cables to any location where you think you'll want to get IQ in the future (2 for Foxtel + 1 for the FTA). That being said that is true only for what foxtel offer at the moment. Might be a good idea to run an extra RG6 + cat5e cable for future use. 4. Those combo cables are usually more expensive that the single run stuff.
  8. It's one of the air active radio channels. Cant remember which one at the moment.
  9. Your antivirus/antispyware isnt set to perform scan/update at this time by any chance? Maybe another program has a scheduled task?
  10. Where did you get the SCART to component lead from? There's some floating around which are wired incorrectly for Foxtel. They have the audio leads hooked up the audio in pins rather than the audio out pins (SCART is directional). Try a different brand SCART to component cable.
  11. No, Foxtel dont come back and remove the satellite dishes.
  12. You might need a braid breaker. Check out this thread. for further info.
  13. All the Box Office stuff is on the V polarity. That takes up the majority of the the vertical polarity bandwidth. There's also all the various state specific FTA streams (ie. Sydney Nine vs. Melbourne Nine, etc.).
  14. Check that any noise reduction or sharpness settings are identical on both television sets.
  15. From what I understand the STU only checks for a dial tone when you make an order. It will then only try to dial out once a month. If it cant dial out at that time, it let you keep ordering and try again later. This only happens until a set credit limit though (Ie. Only 10 or so movies, not sure). After that it will block you ordering any more movies as it cant report your FBO usage to Foxtel for billing purposes.
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