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  1. http://www.gramophone.net/Issue/Page/Janua...000/144/799747/
  2. Considering selling this unit comes with manual n original packaging etc if any interest would b interested parting with it? http://www.michaeldvd.com.au/HardwareRevie...onDVD-3910.html juggia@bigpond.com
  3. considering selling this unit had since new comes with original pacaging n manual etc any interest out there as unsure of price considering it was once sort after etc? juggia@bigpond.com
  4. New as - hardly used stored away mostly safely. good quality (black) do a google search TU255 PDF $300 juggia@bigpond.com
  5. 2 save any confusion - I placed add b4 early am hrs - processor in good order original packaging - just upgraded ( have other gear 2 go 2 asap) ? juggia@bigpond.com
  6. Comes with original packaging accessories etc iN GOOD CONDITION - selling due to recent upgrade http://www.sherwoodusa.com/prod_p965.html http://www.goodgearguide.com.au/review/hom...nd_a-965/221584 $400 ono juggia@bigpond.com
  7. http://www.consumer.philips.com/consumer/c...RESHQVHKFSEKI5P
  8. seen this @ good guys. new model @ $1300 rrp. none set-up on display. have not sighted any reviews on this as yet? . but has many features. wondering if anyone has any feedback on this model. it appears an attractive package but @ hefty price. I recently saw Sony dropped their price on 400gb hard drive to $1000.was originally @ $1400 approx
  9. interested in Musical Fed. phono stage if u still have?
  10. try remote in on equipment @ rotel seller's shop. These electronic systems r not bullet proof. u may well find answer there - could b remote problem only or by chance a loose connection somewhere in system>? good luck
  11. re Rotel RSP-1066 Processor - finally I have taken deposit on this unit. Of course he was impressed with sound in 2channel & 5.1. But it was tuff barginning & eventaully we fixed on a final price. & I assisted him with gaining power amp RMB-1075 120watt x 5 channels & even on a Sunday 2. Over the phone price after 2 calls - $1270. Gee I thought that is a hot price as it was $430 less than previous quotation. As this guy has not much of idea on hifi/HT etc. only that he had a fixed budget. Next he is intending 2 purchase VAF speakers from South Australia.
  12. Australian company Khord or Kord r due 2 release Component - HDMI converter unit rrp $250
  13. Rotel RSP 1066 audio/video processor still available for what I think is @ reasonable price $950 neg - of course & is in good condition. This unit has high level of performance capability in both a/v. comparing this 2 most a/v receivers it out-performs these by long-shot. For the buyer who wants this as mentioned beforehand I am willing 2 deliver this to the general Sydney Metro area or outskirts within reason, I am simiply wanting to update to a more current model -acebase
  14. although not exactly same topic Rotel RSP 1066 Processor - no nibbles yet - this unit would suit HT on initial system on a budget - or 4 buyer who recogises the unit's capabilities/performance this sale is negogible as well anyone out there??
  15. I saw these models side-by-side recently & @ same price, yours has silver frame & Pioneer - black. warranty 12-24mths v/s 5 yrs > ? tuff decision - From my own research & comments in house beleive Fijistui 2 b best overall. I myself could not distingish much difference - at first site the all black 2 me is more appealing - I currently have Panasonic which has silver frame. Congratulations on your purchase either way I beleive u have great current product compared 2 the common run-of-the-mill $2000 jobs u c everywhere. I still cannot beleive how much these products have dropped in price since their initial release onto the market. I purchase mine 5 yrs afo approx at almost double this price & mine at the time was the least expensive in their range - & 2 add these all dropped in price by $3000 the day before as part of their promotion @ he time.
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