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  1. IMO and experience, if you're serious about getting a discount on ANYTHING, your best off doing it face to face....

    Over the phone Salespeople have no idea who they are speaking to. It could be another store or manufacturer checking to see how much they are discounting..

    Just my two cents..

    That's because ROCCO696 is an employee of Harvey Norman Dandenong....

  2. I got the same system as well the other day to replace my old RX-V1400 andhappy to say it's been a worthwhile upgrade.

    Strange problem I had was with Internet Radio - had to set my IP to fixed rather than DHCP to get it working.

    Yamaha just politely informed my friend that HD radio is NOT available in Aus, as it uses the Syrius chipset, which is incompatable with the the DAB+ standard which we use in Aus.

  3. The RX-V2065 appears to be a replacement for the RX-V1900. It has features that the RX-V1900 didn't have (eg dual hdmi out, and network streaming) however it's been been stripped of weight and features like assignable inputs.

    As for the RX-V3900 and above they are limited to specialist stores not box sellers like HN.

    Just bought the 2065, and it's a great unit, BUT, let's just have a look what our U.S friends get.

    for $899 on newegg they get the 2065 with a FREE Ipod dock.

    WE in Aus, get: $1700~$1800 NO IPOD DOCK and (drum ROLL) NO HD/DIGITAL RADIO! why the hell don't we get that?

  4. I was quoted $1500 for the RX-V2065 today from HN without any effort, so it should be easily gotten for less. For me it has all the features I need (inc 2 HDMI outs, and INET radio) and the weight loss over the RX-V1900 is not a concern as I"ll be using a Rotel 1075 to drive the 3 fronts. I've ruled out the Denon as it's only got 1 HDMI out and is too expensive locally.

    Think I will pull the trigger soon.

    Hmm HN Dandenong wouldn't budge from $1800, can you tell me which HN you got a $1500 quote from???

  5. Beware Samsung Warranty process, it is non existent. I had a Samsung Plasma PS50A750, owned it for 1 month, it developed a fault so I started the warranty process. The TV has been at the service centre for the last 5 weeks with no progress. After numerous phonecalls, escalations, rudeness etc.. I was given 2 options by the Samsung NSW State resolutions lead:

    1. Get a refund which could take 6-8 weeks because there are currently "delays" (why it takes 6 to 8 weeks to write a check I have no idea)

    2. Pay $500 to get the next model up and then wait 3 weeks

    Suffice it to say i've gone the refund option and a Panasonic plasma is at home waiting for me today.

    I have been a loyal Samsung customer for many years, my previous television was a Samsung LCD, I own a Samsung Monitor, in fact just 2 weeks ago I recommended a Samsung LCD to a friend of mine. I am happy with the products, I accept that they fail occasionally, what I do not find acceptable is poor service when I am trying to resolve a fault especially one that happens so early in a products life.

    I'd be wary of buying from Samsung currently

    3. Tell them that you're about to contact A.C.A and / or the ACCC and count the minutes until your problem is solved...

  6. Have the LA46A650

    Similar problem

    I run off the PC (hdmi) all the time, so about every second time we turn tele on it doesn't come on straight away and can take 10 to 50 seconds to come on

    It can also go off by itself if after watching tele for a while then touch any button, then we have a black screen till it sorts itself out again

    ANd the full guide is a big let down how it takes forever to scan through the chanels before you can use it

    I would be interested to know if anyone has improves the guide with a firmware update?

    me 2.

    While the PC is running, unplug, wait, then replug back in the HDMI cable to the PC. Worked for me, after HORRENDOUSLY losing picture about every 1 second at it's worst to about 10 mins at best.

  7. I reviewed the Samsung LA46N81BD TV about a year ago and it definitely supported 1080p24. There should be no problems with this mode. Try switching everything off and on again after you've made the change.

    Actually, the firmware from December last year gave profile 2.0 (aka BD-Live). Supposedly 2.3 is simply to address some compatibility issues. If you haven't already upgraded to the December firmware, then upgrading to 2.3 will add BD-Live.

    But wont fix the problems with Wall-E much to my displeasure...

  8. hey guys, have an odd issue with my 1500,

    last night trying to play walle for the first time, also encountered the same probs of very long load times and wont move unless i ff it a bit :(

    i got my 1500 back in late dec last year with my series 6 tv as part of their promo... have never updated the f/w since i had it

    so i tried to do the 2.3 f/w update via usb and followed all the instructions given, power up with no disc, wait for logo, insert usb with f/w, message should pop up?

    but i never got that message? the player shows via the tv that usb detected... but within seconds the light on the usb key goes out and i get nothing on the screen... even if i waited for 10~15min.... if i unplug the usb it shows usb disconnected but no other menu or messages to show the f/w update is there?

    i have tried to power cycle it a few times and also few diff memsticks (small one at 256megs and other was a 1gig stick) and nothing happens!!

    anyone got any ideas???

    and yeah made sure i dl the RUF file for the usb upgrade, not the cd upgrade ISO file :(


    Did this last night with my 8gig no name USB key.

    Turned it on with the key in. The player showed it knew about it, however the System update option didn't.

    So I simply pulled the key and put it back in. Player then found it and upgraded the formware.

  9. I just spoke to two different operators, the first told me that it was SD only, the second one told me it was either SD or HD and quoted it to me from a page in his manual. I asked him to make a note on my account that he had informed me that I would get two HD movies per month and he did so.

    If, when my bill comes in, I have been charged for them, I can refer them back to my account, which will have the note and theorectically, they will have to honour what I was told.

    If not, we will have a definite answer to the question.

    He did say though, that if the policy had changed, it would have been amended in their manuals and as it had not been amended, he is confident that it remains as it was up until December.

    Except of course when you realise he didn't make the original note on your account.

  10. Dear Adam,

    Thank you for contacting Samsung Customer Care. Each country has different version numbers for their products. Also Model number vary also.

    Take care and have a nice day.

    Kind regards,

    Samsung Customer Care


    the answer that I got from Samsung when asking about the possible difference between the UK and Australian firmware numbering.

    kind of figured they'd be different, and so reading between the lines, you could maybe assume that the upgrades are at the same point, the UK just started earlier, or have had more updates than us?

    I love vague answers to specific questions. It makes life more unpredictable... <_<

    still no answer on my request for info about the latest firmware upgrade though...

    Well that was useless of them. I think the UK are using the PEARL firmware while we're using AMBER.

  11. well, just emailed Samsung about the upgrade.

    also asked them why they don't give details about what each firmware upgrade does on their site. It'll be interesting to see their reply.

    can't actually check it on my TV because I still don't have it (damn Xmas delays :( )

    Well done, ****'s me enormously that they expect people to upgrade for apparently no reason.

    I upgraded, and I tell myself every time that the AMP is better, and this time I think it actually is.

    Usually on LOW I can last about 10 mins without leaping from my chair and turning if to off to remove the ridiculous soap opera film effect.

    Last night I watched 3 hours worth of, record DTV, live HD, and a couple of xvids and I only noticed a fraction of the effect, certainly not enough to be bothered by.

    We're still not using the PEARL firmware which UK are using.

  12. Daily?? Wow.. I feel lucky... Maybe I should try my luck @ powerball again. :lol: :lol:

    Not sure what is new in this update though... the checksums for exeDSP is different but the file size is the same. Still trying to figure out exactly what that executable is supposed to do.

    I hope this update has improved WiseLink Pro functionality but that seems unlikely..

    So ur saying this 1010 is new as of today? Worthwell to upgrade? Have u upgraded it yet?

    try it and see? It prob will not work.. why is the UK 10 revision ahead of us I wonder..

    Not much of a gamer now, but if it's any consolation, Wii games still work :ninja::lol: :lol: ...

    BTW, what kind of games require critical user->screen responsiveness? FPS, drive sim, figters? Would think the games in the current gen is not as technical as when I was a kid and lag shouldn't be much of an issue...

    The Firmware is version 1013.

    I'll put it on tonight and report back.

  13. Well the service agent came out today with the replacement circuit board and installed it, all working OK so I am pleased with the result.

    I must comment on the sophistication of the circuit board though. Once the rear pannel is removed the main cct board isn't very big at all (about 30cm by 20cm) the only other board is for the power supply.

    Lots of surface mouted components and the board is multi layered so any repairs to the board would be limited, hence the complete board change out philiosiphy nowadays.

    The repair tech was very good and answered all my questions regarding relaibility of the LCD's and offered his opinion of the Samsung product (which was positive) He said if there is going to be a problem it will usually be within the first six months.

    All in all I am still happy with the Samsung LCD product and would purchase again. I am also happy with the local service agent (located at Forrestville in Adelaide) who have attended to the problem as soon as possible given the XMAS break.


    The Squid

    What's the revision of firmware you now have?

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