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  1. Jvc x7000 calibration goals and recommendations

    Thanks for your response Dave Youre right on the questions from a calibrator. Perhaps I am indeed asking too much. I had really hoped to find someone with that capability. i wondered whether I had the capacity to get myself to the level required to solve the problem. I’m still not sure that I do im in melb north eastern suburbs. Of course I am very grateful for any help
  2. Jvc x7000 calibration goals and recommendations

    Thanks al i have done my basic cal. I don’t have a colourimeter so haven’t used the auto cal. I came out of a scoped calibrated Crt so I was used to fully calibrated d6500 so I’ve noticed the out of box colour is a little off. My main issue is gamma though. Im happy to spend money on the calibration, provided the calibrator knows their stuff. As as you say the due diligence is key. This thread is the beginning of that.
  3. I’ve got an x7000 being fed by a Xbox one s, a xiaomi mi box and a couple of non UHD inputs like hddvd and foxtel. i have a mix of physical and non physical uhd/hdr sources as a result of that. Ive been reading about the limitations of the x7000 from a hdr perspective, reading also about the HDFury Vertex and the Oppo 203 tone mapping. And I’ve read people talk negatively about the jvc’c gamma D issue. I am not totally happy with my projectors video performance, around gamma and colour in hdr and non hdr modes. FYI currently I am using the hdr settings on the jvc website saved as a user memory that I select when using hdr sources. im looking for advice on getting the x7000 calibrated (in Melbourne) by someone with awareness of these issues and the best way to resolve them. Im interested in what can be done without introducing another source or HDFury into the mix and the pros and cons of this. Help me arrive at the best decision and then calibrate accordingly. This is will be the first calibration I have had done since I helped launch Avical on the east coast in circa 2008. I don’t know who the knowledgeable players are anymore and Aaron is now a pilot so out of the calibration game. keen for thoughts and recommendations
  4. $3-4K to spend, 2nd hand jvc options

    It was yes. The box length was too big for standard airfreight containers so it needed special handling
  5. $3-4K to spend, 2nd hand jvc options

    I bought mine second hand from the US about 10 years ago.
  6. $3-4K to spend, 2nd hand jvc options

    No pics since the upgrade yet. I have a 110" 16:9 Stewart studiotek screen. seating is 3.8m from the screen.
  7. FS: Metz Artos 82cm CRT TV (Perth)

    I have my Panasonic direct view crt to dump for hard rubbish collection this weekend. Such a nice tv, anamorphic mode, vga inputs. Made in Japan. A real shame
  8. $3-4K to spend, 2nd hand jvc options

    hi gang. Just to update this story. One forum member contacted me regarding his X7000, and while over my initial budget, I managed to scrape it in. Have been well happy so far. Other than complete fade to black scenes, the projector is superior in every way to the CRT it replaced. So easy to setup too. The problem now is of course to take advantage of it, I'm probably going to have to upgrade much or the rest of the system, for 4k, and Atmos and DTS:X So now I'm scouting for new AV receivers, and come ceiling / wall speakers. I might put up another post about that search....
  9. $3-4K to spend, 2nd hand jvc options

    Thanks, it's a little older than I'd hoped, but lll keep it in mind
  10. $3-4K to spend, 2nd hand jvc options

    I'm in Melbourne and would be interested
  11. $3-4K to spend, 2nd hand jvc options

    Yeah, I think the brightness will be the hardest thing to get used to. I might keep the studiotek screen and see if I can audition others in home (if anyone offers that)
  12. $3-4K to spend, 2nd hand jvc options

    Thanks i do want to buy the best I can reasonably afford. i appreciate the insight. im wary of a screen upgrade too, worried that other screens will struggle to match the Stewart.
  13. My trusty CRT projector has finally failed after a decade of faithful use. whilst I know what's wrong with it, parts are scarce and probably not worth the effort i have a fully light controlled room, with a 100" stewart st130 screen Ive got probably $3-4K to spend. Closer to $3k ideally. Which model should I look towards to provide the best mix of performance/features. Remember I'm a contrast junkie so I want to keep the light floor low, hence the jvc preference
  14. Oppo Bdp 103Au Group Buy

    sorry about that. have cleared my PM box if you would be kind enough to try again. pasey
  15. Oppo Bdp 103Au Group Buy

    interested in this as well. keen for the PM thanks!