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  1. There is a software update available now too.
  2. Line has gone but 9 channels are hard to receive in SYDNEY
  3. Yes it's always there. At first I thought it was a problem with the Source (new Fetch TV) but the line was still there after I unplugged the HDMI.
  4. Hi, How is everyones 75X9400C going? I have just found a line of pixel issues. any suggestions on the cause and fix?
  5. Hi Womble66, I agree with your comments however in this instance the OEM isnt involved with this Extended Warranty Claim that was purchased at the time with Good Guys.
  6. Further to my original questions, does anyone know if the there is any reason why the credit can't be taken as cash to offset the purchase of the replacement TV from another retailer (due to the preferred model not being available at the original retailer) Thanks
  7. Found a 9400c on display and this one had its legs on the inside position. Now to find one as cheap as possible in Sydney
  8. I definitely can't fit the 75x9400. Is the 75x8500c a full array? I know it's tri-luminous.
  9. Thanks metamatic, I'll start my search! but I will struggle as my TV stand is 1800mm wide. The 75" is 1929mm wide (by the look of the photos, the legs sit at full width right) The 65" KD65X9300C comes in at 1706mm wide and appears to be its little brother.
  10. Im in the market now for one, How is the Android on the unit? Any suggestions? Upcoming sales?
  11. Hi, Thanks for your responses thus far. My LG 65" came with 3 years warranty. It was purchased in May 2012. I paid an extra $200 for an additional 2 years Extended Warranty. The service guys found dead vertical lines in the RED and said they could repair it but the Extended Warranty team opted to provide a Store Credit instead. The Service guys took away the TV and said that the Extended Warranty team would not release the credit till it was acknowledged by the service agent. Now starts the journey to find a replacement!
  12. Hi, I'm curious to hear what others have experienced with their warranty claims. I'm in Sydney and embarking on an extended warranty claim for my LG 65". Questions I have include: 1. What fault did you have? I have vertical line/s 2. Did they assess and repair Onsite or did they take it away? (ifso, please include size) 3. Was your fault repairable or did they replace it? 4. If not, what happened to the old unit? Appreciate all comments. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks for your replies. From memory I think the LGs came with 3 years. (I can't find anything to confirm this) And I took Goodguys extended warranty additional 2 years. Hoping this isn't a drawn out process. If a replacement becomes an option, what are the current recommendations?
  14. Hi, My 65" LG TV is approaching 4 years old and I noticed that it has developed 2 close vertical blank lines on the screen. Is this repairable?
  15. Good to see the excellent SXRD is being revived! I was planning to rebuild my 60" but simply don't have time. Anyone interested. The unit is working and has developed the green burn as described here. In South West Sydney. PM me asap if anyone is interested.
  16. Thanks, Im looking for my extended warranty docs now! But i wonder if a sensor switch is all that is needed. Fingers crossed. If it it cant be fixed cost effectively, what models would make the short list as a replacement?
  17. Hi, After 2.5 years my LG 65LW6500 has developed a strange fault. (Remote will turn TV on and OFF, but any other buttons transmit an IR Blast to the TV which you can see by the IR Receiver flickering, but often nothing) Sometimes the Volume will increase but go all the way to 100% even though the button has only been pressed a tad longer than a moment) Anyway, I don't know if this can actually be fixed, so the question will be: What models should i consider as a possible replacement? Edit: my Sony 60" SXRD Bravia did a longer innings than this LG.
  18. Well the time has come to part out my Samsungs. I have a 61" and a 50" Excellent for someone who needs the parts. Lamp has only a 2-3 months usage. Also, the 61" has new blue polariser. Make an offer for both! They have to go!
  19. Hi guys, I am selling my 60" SXRD, still in excellent working order. Slight discolouration, but there some have discovered an excellent work around with an adjustment of the settings. I also have a brand new bulb that would suit both 60" or 70" SXRDs. Im in Sydney, if anyone is interested to pick this up. All reasonable offers considered. Please PM me.
  20. What did the extended warranty cost you? I was offered extended warranty on my SXRD but i regretfully knocked it back. I have the green tinge creeping in,and a couple of months ago bought a new bulb (before the tinge came in) I also spoke to the guy in the US who can supply me with the right OB and polariser. Im just deciding whether I replace it with something new (and essentially inferior) or take the chance to order it and fit it up myself and hope that i dont bugger the alignment,
  21. Thanks MLXXX, Im also keep to hear from others and their thoughts on their Panels sound quality!
  22. Im looking at an upgrade path to replace both my Sony 60" SXRD and Samsung SP61L2H TVs. And I am seeing a flood of miraculously thin TVs on the market. Everyone talks about the picture quality,but I cant find much talk about the onboard sound. Can you please share your thoughts. Thanks
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