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  1. I'll try ebay if I ever get desperate enough, but I'd rather get less than throw free money to a multinational leech. Who knows, someone may want this stuff at some point, they just don't know it yet.
  2. Emo have announced that the price of the XMC-1 is going up to USD 2500 on 1st May 2015. If the exchange rate remains the same as now, the card will have a face value of AUD1270. So make me an offer*, get in before the price rise! *as long as the offer is around half the value of the card
  3. Bumping this, people seem to be asking for cheap pre/pros. Face value on the upgrade card is now at AUD1050 on an XMC-1. If you're looking to wait and use it on an XMR-1 (whenever that is, and assuming a USD5K price) the face value is upward of $2600.
  4. When I had the UMC I'd run coax/optical from the PVR (because HDMI took forever to lock on to the audio when changing channels), and also from the Oppo for 2-channel because jitter was much worse with HDMI. Both of these problems disappeared with the XMC. If will be interesting to see if DST-X can be retrofitted to the XMC-1.
  5. One thing I like about the XMC is the lack of analogue video, it really saves space for the real stuff (like the balanced stereo in). I assume the XMR will go the same way - whenever it appears - so the back panel shouldn't be too bad. But, I just can't see myself bothering with More 3D Sound™ at this stage, I'm gravitating more toward music than movies in my dotage. And really, that's where the XMC delivers the most. I've always used AV components for music, going back to a Pioneer DVD player that also played SACD (quite badly). I'm still using AV components, the difference is that for the first time I'm happy with the 2-channel sound, because the digital processing on the XMC is so good. It woke my speakers up and made them disappear all at the same time.
  6. I caved a while back and bought an XMC-1 to replace a UMC-1 that I had endured for long enough (sounded good but had its quirks). I didn't imagine that my modest little theatre room could sound this good. Everything is better - sub integration, sound stage, dynamics, clarity, what have you. 2-channel is seriously good, the preamp seems to be ... silent. The DACs, which I think I remember reading reclock the signal to remove jitter, seem to do just that. Digital PCM signals from HDMI sound the same to my ears when delivered via SPDIF. Converting analogue from my (modest) vinyl rig doesn't seem to degrade the sound in a way that I can detect - in fact, being able to apply bass management and Dirac room correction to this sounds better to me for some material. Another thing it's done is made me appreciate my Elektra amp even more than I did previously. It seems to me to have endless reserves of utterly black grunt. The XMC is not inexpensive, especially with the current exchange rate, but anyone would still be able to land it for around $2K if they have a 40% upgrade card, under $3k if they haven't. At this price, I think it's competing against Marantz (7702?) and maybe Yamaha's processor. I don't think those units will compete in SQ, especially for 2-channel, but they may have more desirable features. Emo claim the XMC competes quality wise against units that are an order of magnitude more expensive (someone said Datasat?); well, they would say that wouldn't they? Since I've never heard anything like that, and would never be in the market for them, I really can't say yea or nay to it. Maybe someone will do a comparison at some point, it won't be me.
  7. Google "audioengine a5+ overheating problem". Lots to read there.
  8. You could just use one side, or feed it from your source whatever that is - although I didn't realise the 5+ were actives, so they may not play as well together as some other things. ETA: STF2 has high-level inputs and output, you could use the speaker outputs, Left-->Sub-->Right. But it all depends on what you're using it for whether a sub of this type is any use to you.
  9. I have a used HSU Research STF2 that is (a) much cheaper than the subs you list and (b ) will absolutely blow them out of the room. PM if interested, otherwise just ignore me.
  10. Item location is 2773, preference is for local pickup (most especially, I will not post the sub unless the buyer organises it). Prices are, I think, reasonable. I can probably flog it all on ebay for more but if you want all the items we can talk. 1. HSU Research STF2 http://www.hsuresearch.com/products/stf-2.html $250 Black. Vinyl. Downfiring 10" driver, 200W plate amp. I've had this a fair while and it hasn't missed a beat. Originally purchased from the Australian distributor (OK, I've had it for ages). No marks that I can see. This is a proper sub, and it measures flat to below 20Hz in my room. YMMV. This would be an excellent upgrade for anyone disappointed with their HTIB "sub" or perhaps to provide real bass for a computer. Could also be used as a near-field sub to even out room response. 2. Emotiva UMC-1 Home theatre Pre-processor. http://www.audioholics.com/av-preamp-processor-reviews/emotiva-umc-1-video $350 This is also a few years old. V.good condition, with an unused remote (useful for banging in fence posts). In the original box so can post at buyers expense. Latest firmware, no known issues. This has been very stable for ages now, but it was time to upgrade (it will not pass through 3D video). Note that you will need power amps with this as it is a processor rather than a receiver. This would be an especially good buy for someone happy with their old receiver but who wants HDMI connectivity and decoding for lossless audio formats. 3. Emotiva Gen 2 Processor Upgrade, 40% Discount. $500 This entitles the owner to a 40% upgrade on a new pre/pro from Emotiva. The current model is the XMC-1 http://emotiva.com/products/pres-and-pros/xmc-1 which seems to be getting some good reviews now that it has Dirac enabled. Current notional value of the card in AUD is $1000, will split the difference. (XMC is USD2000, discount is therefore worth $800 which at current exchange rates is as near to $1000 as makes no odds). Note that it isn't a physical card, Emotiva keep a record of discounts due to international buyers, but they assure me they can transfer ownership across no probs. Can provide pictures if anyone is interested.
  11. Sounds like UPS just took $70 off of you. ETA: unless the value on the shipment was written as the full RRP, in which case that would be around $222 GSt including the freight value.
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