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  1. Did SBS read my comments or get lots of complaints the past couple of weeks? Just sitting down to watch this week's "Future Man" ep and there is a big banner across the lower part of the screen at the show start "This program is audio described, which includes additional narration for people who are blind and vision-impaired. Please consult your television audio settings if you would like to turn on/off this service". I still don't see much point, with a lot of visual jokes in this kind of show, I would think someone visually impaired would perhaps enjoy something with more rich content like an audio book or the likes.
  2. Well, I feel like a fool. I have been enjoying "Futureman" on SBS Viceland, but Season 2 so far was leaving a terrible impression compared to Season 1 that SBS broadcast a couple of months ago, because there is running commentary spoiling the scenes by a guy with a Aussie-British accent... I thought it was a weird new director decision with Season 2.. Tonight channel surfing, one of my favourite movies "Fifth Element" is showing, and the same Aussie-British accent commentary is running, which I know that movie doesn't have. Turns out that there is 2 audio channels being broadcast on Viceland, AAC-HE has the running commentary (overlayed on the normal audio track) and MPEG is the proper track. When SBS shuffled around their channels recently I guess they added this, my PVR defaulted to the AAC track by the looks of it. I wonder why SBS is doing this, is it for the blind? I would think audio books and other media would be better than having someone reading the script directions over the movie/show track? It really ruined the atmosphere in Futureman because often it would describe what was about to happen before it happened...
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