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  1. As you've probably noticed, I haven't updated this guide in a while. Please accept my apologies for this - work/life has just been too busy, and browsing the forums just couldn't fit into my to-do list. Consequently, I will have to cease updating this guide indefinitely. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to devote to it, and keep it up to date and on-time. In fact, over the last two months I haven't had time to watch much television at all. But from what I have seen, as usual with Australian free to air, there are constant disappointments as well as surprises. WIN's takeover of Nine Perth has pretty much decimated HD on STW, there has been a severe lack of it, and with lower quality video and audio. The other stations are doing better. With the Olympics around the corner, HD sport should be even more mainstream. Even the ABC is getting in on the HD sport action with the Paralympics. So here we are. Just a year ago we almost hadn't seen a bit of Australian HD Sport. Thanks to TEN, it received the kickstart it needed. Just two years ago, it seemed SD was king, any HD was fantastic. Now we expect it (and with DD5.1 as well! ) Now HD receivers are practically everywhere, buying into HD is now the smart move and the industry is behind several initiatives to make HD the 'standard' (with the Purple Tick and Freeview). Thanks for all your support over the last 2 years. I feel with HDTV, there's still much more to come. See you around the forums! If you would like to start your own guide, please feel free to.
  2. I do not scrape data from any website, it's (more than) frowned upon by the various site operators, and people have gotten into strife because of it. There is no guide available that lists Dolby Digital information all in one place. This guide is compiled entirely manually, from my past experience with programs (e.g. if a movie has been DD5.1 before, it is likely to be again), as well as other information I have gathered/inferred/interpreted. Yes, I have been very busy, and unfortunately will continue to be busy (I'll actually be overseas for 2 weeks on business in the near future). I'm really sorry I haven't been keeping it up to date recently as I have been for the past 2 years. I'll try to get on top of it ASAP.
  3. No, in this case it was AFL which caused the different scheduling in Perth. On Friday AFL meant that 'Better Homes and Gardens' could not be shown (in other states, it was shown at 7:30pm on Friday). Thus in Perth 'Better Homes' was moved to Saturday 7:30pm, meaning our programming following that was different as well. Edit: As McDigital said (I didn't see your post before).
  4. There's a bit of conflicting information going around the place, some say it's MOVIE: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, others say it's something else. If it is Pirates of the Caribbean, it'll be in HD. In Perth, it looks like it may be MOVIE: Dangerous Minds, and in HD as well. But I can't be too sure in this case.
  5. I have updated the guide. Do people still find this thread useful? If no-one does, then I might as well stop. But I'll certainly keep going if there is any interest.
  6. I hope not. I hope they don't feel the need to put their current incarnation of the 'watermark' on all their native HD programming. At the moment it's only on the Nine HD 'breakaway/multichannel' programming which is a dirty feed networked from Sydney (and hence has the dots).
  7. Update will be delayed for a few days. I'll hopefully be able to sort out some Nine HD data as well.
  8. Because Nine Perth didn't waste their money on purchasing and maintaining the hardware necessary for such a useless video program guide. They have a much better alternative - a real electronic program guide, which can be accessed using the guide feature of your television/set top box. It uses EIT data and as such takes up much less bandwidth, meaning more bits can be allocated to HD and SD video for better quality.
  9. I've updated with all the recently suggested titles. Thanks everyone!
  10. Update An updated guide for 18/10/08 to 26/04/08 has been posted (not yet including Nine HD data).
  11. I saw a promo for it, I can't remember if it was for next week or the week after.
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