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  1. I do have the box.... I assume courier would cost a lot, it's massive... You interstate?
  2. I do have the box.... I assume courier would cost a lot, it's massive... You interstate?
  3. Reduced price to $899, that's $650 less than I bought it for 5 weeks ago. Deserves a good home to an audiophile.
  4. Item: klipsch-r-115sw Location: Sydney - Drummoyne Price: $899 ($550 less than I paid 4 weeks ago) Item Condition: perfect Reason for selling: Downgrading, its too powerful/big for my space.../wife. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: only 1 month old, includes all receipts/warranty. msg me on here. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Just in case anyone is considering purchasing this unit I really recommend it!! Insane value for $650 delivered from B AND H Photo. I'm using my blinds as a screen and I can't fault it. Very bright and input lag while gaming is non existent. This has to be the best bang for your Buck projector on the market. Aussie stores sell for $900 but as I said can get it for $650 during us sales.
  6. This should work then right? Give me plenty of room to move at 5m too!
  7. Hi guys, I just ordered a Viewsonic PX700HD and I was wondering if anyone knows if I'll have to buy a step down converter to run it in here? Does anyone here use a US Projector? Any help would be really appreciated. I don't wanna fry it! Haha Thanks
  8. I pulled the pin and I'm back into the projector world after a 5 years absence. I got the Viewsonic PX700HD for $600 through black Friday sales from the US. Has anyone got this unit? The viewsonic 4k projectors have been getting rave reviews, but I'd love to hear from some Aussies that have the PX700HD. Any tips, thoughts or things to look out for? Also, I'm thinking of getting an outdoor screen... Maybe even something waterproof/cheapish. Anyone have any recommendations? Cheers guys! 😁 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=email&A=details&Q=&sku=1392297&is=REG
  9. Either way the Viewsonic has been getting solid reviews! Don't know why they get no love from Aussies..Well actually I do, not many sell them and brand recognition is low...also prices aren't consistent with US prices at all.
  10. So most of you guys prefer this to the Tk800? I know the 800 is better for light rooms and the w1700 has better colour reproduction and is better than the 800 in room with 100% light control.... That's pretty much the only difference right? The cheapest I've seen the TK800 for is $1,899 I suppose the w1700 would be similar. I really want the Virwsonic Px747, but for some reason it's much more expensive in Australia than Benqs compeating models... Unless u buy from BnH photo US for $1,700aud. The Viewsonic has only 16ms input lag and is 3500 lumens.
  11. *Edit after a fair bit of tinkering, I've got the Sony working a treat! It did take some effort/time though!
  12. Interesting, ok I won't use video one then... No idea what Bravia sync is though. Will Google. *Edit ahh CEC OK
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