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  1. Either way the Viewsonic has been getting solid reviews! Don't know why they get no love from Aussies..Well actually I do, not many sell them and brand recognition is low...also prices aren't consistent with US prices at all.
  2. So most of you guys prefer this to the Tk800? I know the 800 is better for light rooms and the w1700 has better colour reproduction and is better than the 800 in room with 100% light control.... That's pretty much the only difference right? The cheapest I've seen the TK800 for is $1,899 I suppose the w1700 would be similar. I really want the Virwsonic Px747, but for some reason it's much more expensive in Australia than Benqs compeating models... Unless u buy from BnH photo US for $1,700aud. The Viewsonic has only 16ms input lag and is 3500 lumens.
  3. *Edit after a fair bit of tinkering, I've got the Sony working a treat! It did take some effort/time though!
  4. Interesting, ok I won't use video one then... No idea what Bravia sync is though. Will Google. *Edit ahh CEC OK
  5. I bought the Sony 1080 yesterday and I love it! Such a noticible improvment over my Onkyo Txnr555! I can't find a dedicated Sony 1080 thread so thought I'd ask here. The 1080 has 6 HDMI inputs but only 4 input buttons on the remote... Wtf!? Video 1 and 2 don't have dedicated buttons like the rest for some reason. Currently, to access video 1 I have to click watch then select the input manually. This takes ages! Am I missing something? Theres a 'TV' INPUT button that I'd love to assign to the video 1 input but can't seem to do that in the HDMI settings. Any ideas from 1080 owners would be great!!!
  6. Dang! I tried to buy the this amp today, hoping that JBHIFI would go close to the 1k mark as they did late last year. The closest I could get was $1,200... I think 1k is the magic mark so looks like I gotta wait for a sale!
  7. Thanks for that mate! I'll buy local
  8. Speaking of the Sony STRDN 1080... Is there any disadvantage to buying from the US? I found it for $800aud...Just means a cheap power adapter and no local warranty right?
  9. Hi Guys, I'm either getting an Onkyo TX-RZ710 or a TX-NR555 next week and I have a couple wireless speaker questions. I know the RZ is a class above, but i've got a 2nd hand option for the same price (both $650). I notice the TX-NR555 doesn't have rear speakers preouts... Does that mean I'm out of luck if I want any form of wireless rears? (My new house can't have cords going from front to back). I know both support Onkyo NCP-302 FireConnect Wireless Speakers... Is there anyway to link these to the receiver and use 302's as my rears in a 5.1 setup? that would be awesome, but I somehow doubt it. Otherwise, is there another wireless speaker option that I could use in conjunction with either Onkyo amp that you would recommend? Thank you, any help would be great!
  10. Can you use a standard RGB cable from your digi foxtel stb to ya TV??? you know a 15 pin rgb cable that u use to link pc's to plasmas????
  11. Mullins!

    Secondary STU charges...

    i was told $19.99 by fox for a second box
  12. Mullins!

    True High Definition Panel Released

    just going back to before when we were talking about dvd's looking better on SD or HD sets, I must say that I bought a 1024x1024 vtek that uses the alias pannel but DVD's don't look that great compared to other sourses on it. This could be because I use the xbox as my dvd player which is mediocre and without progressive san but could it actually be an upscaling issue??? My PC, foxtel and xbox games look great on it ???????
  13. I couldn't be that far of it's 525p or something isn't it
  14. Mullins!

    Free to air on foxtel?

    From doing a lot of reading in various forums, the current position is as follows, however, the situation remains fluid: SATELLITE SBS EAST SBS WEST SBS WORLD NEWS ABC (AUSTAR ONLY) 9 (METRO AREAS AND NEARBY AREAS THAT ARE COVERED BY 9) FOXTEL CABLE SBS EAST SBS WEST SBS WORLD NEWS ABC 9 7 AND 10 - ANALOGUE SIGNAL ONLY Regional stations PRIME, NBN, WIN & SC TEN will not be on satellite. REALLY WILL WE GET ANALOUGE SIGNALS OF TEN AND 7 UNTILL THEY SIGN THAT WOULD BE MAD!!!!!!!! Has this been confirmed
  15. Mullins!

    Fox Sports

    Sunday March 14 for Austar and Foxtel I rang fox last week and they said ther was a delay and it was gonna be around late april when they switchded digital on he said that may could even be a possibility