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  1. Powerage still my #1 AC/DC album, mostly for Down Payment Blues, so it's Bon for me. I love the way Angus and Malcolm work off one another in that track.
  2. Well perhap the Airport/Airplay idea isn't a bad one after all?
  3. [edit] - sorry blybo I completely misinterpreted your original requirements. My mistake, I'm sorry! I would probably just try the cable first and see what you think. If you're not happy (and you have $400 to spend) then you can definitely do worse than the Audioengine speakers.
  4. Thought of trying the Airport express and using Airplay to the micro system?
  5. My advice would be to visit as many stores as you be bothered visting and demo as many systems as you can be bothered demoing. If you get the opportunity to demo and home I would definitely recommend you do so because you'll get a much better idea how it will actually sound in your space. And take some music you know reasonably well and enjoy listening to.
  6. Consensus seems to be that the site is a fake and just there to for the traffic. It has been spruiking beta testing and an "imminent" release since November. Hard to imagine a beta wouldn't have found its way into the general population by now - it's not like an NDA would hold all that much water
  7. Something fishy about that site don't you think? I wonder if they're just stringing things alongs to get page hits.
  8. Yeah that's right - all part of joy of defining "success". I'm sure Govts wouldn't see it the same way as the "market" who don't see things the same way as customers.
  9. Really depends what you consider "successful" and business can be slippery. For example Amazon had >$20b in sales in 2012 but incurred a $39m loss. But shareholders did pretty well out of it and people made money.
  10. Maybe they found a way to cut some costs? A share increase could be a sign that a dividend payout is expected this financial year. I don't want to sound like a JB apologist but isn't a business supposed to make money? It's not like they have any kind of monopoly in this area.
  11. You only need to compare the size of the 3D section to the regular BD section to see how "healthy" 3D is. We're looking at a niche within a niche when it comes to software while the hardware is near ubiquirious - you almost can't avoid buying a 3D TV or a 3D BD player these days.
  12. Whatever works for you Chops. Seems after several post we're all pretty much saying the same thing. In fairness you did seem pretty emphatic about relying purely on the level and ignoring the wall/ceiling/floor: You might see how some people took your literal comment literally
  13. Reference is the nearest parallel surface or the one closest to your eye line. If that's a flat line then you're in business with your prefered method. If not then you might just need to suck it and see.
  14. That's exactly what I'm saying chops, seriously. Last house I build a HT room and I framed out one wall to house the screen in a recess. First go I made the section for the screen square and level and when it was plastered I realised that the ceiling and floor had a 2.5cm drop from one side to the other and my new wall looked like ****. So it all had to come down and made parallel to the floor and ceiling but with the sides straight to match the walls.
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