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  1. Vast 4121 Remotes interchangeable?

    I have 2 x VAST 4121 boxes, however, one has a fault with the HDMI out not working now...it is connected by the composite cables. The faulty one is used as a PVR, has the special PVR remote, and is attached to a powered hard drive. Can I use the pvr remote and HDD on the other VAST box? I seem to remember many moons ago, when I got the pvr remote as an extra, it had to be paired or something with the box. I no longer have that packaging, so am unsure of whether this can be done or not? Anyone know the procedure?
  2. Digital TV Interference

    I explained the possibility of ripple/tone interference with Essential Energy today, however it does not appear to be that, as they say their tones are sent between 10-11PM.
  3. Digital TV Interference

    Do you have a couple of local caravan people, or a place that you could ask at, that would be able to assist you at no cost, as being on a disability also will have you stretched for money to get in a pro to fix it, I guess? being near Bega, I would assume there would be lots of caravan people/owners down there?
  4. Digital TV Interference

    PM sent with location details
  5. Digital TV Interference

    Realigning your VAST dish, (if you are capable yourself to get on your roof etc) is not a hard thing to do, with many locals around our area whom knew no skills, are also good at doing it now. Maybe you have some local caravan people, as they do it regular and would have even a basic satellite finder to borrow. Those that are fortunate with good internet and data plans (not us, we are stuck with Sky Muster pricing) also now just use the internet streams to watch telly too. Good luck with your VAST, just using the tuning channel would help to peak your dish. edit...If your town receives VAST and it is then retransmitted for all of you, then why can't the main dish be aligned and secured correctly?
  6. Digital TV Interference

    Hi Colin, Yes, signal has always been marginal and the antenna was professionally installed at the best reception point on the house. We have always suffered some woes at different times of the year, but this is new, and the interference is like a clock...it is just a matter of minutes knowing it will start. My immediate neighbour (500mtrs away) says he is not receiving it, however, he is further away from those lines, and truly, I do not know that is the actual source anyway. We have not installed any new lighting nor other devices, or purchased any new electronic appliances. I wondered if there was a way a person could use something at home to measure the interference frequency or something?
  7. Over the last few weeks, we are receiving interference that causes all channels to pixelate, make sounds, etc etc. Fortunately I have VAST, and I have to swap to that, it is so bad. We are rural, reception from Mt Moombil tower. We know of no local new residents or radio operators, and don't think that is the problem. It regularly appears between approx.7.45pm going through to 8.45 PM The only thing that has happened locally, was Transgrid swapping out their old timber poles to new concrete one's, and they also fixed a brand new optical fibre communications line to the top of the poles, on the Coffs Harbour to Koolkhan Transmission Line Rebuild Project Some friends have suggested it may be possible that our interference could be caused by the ripple tones being send down the other main power lines, or Transgrids lines? Could this possibly be the case, or just a stab in the dark? If it were this, is there something we could do to stop it, if it were that, via a filter or something? Is there something I could use to identify the cause? Your thoughts?
  8. I read this in another forum.... I know that in VIC & NSW, Foxtel are making appointments with MyStar users to swap over to iQ3 boxes. Is anyone "in the know" sure this is happening, as about 2 months ago I asked if our 2 x Mystar boxes could be replaced with the IQ3, but they told me I would need to pay a installation and extra payment to do so, thus opted out. If they are doing free upgrades, great...wish they'd hurry in the Coffs areas.
  9. Rf Booster Or F Booster

    Thanks Z2TT, but I am only daisy chaining via flyleads not splitters. I cannot give accurate readings as I don't have that equipment. All I can give is the T-Box readings for each network NBN- Strength 62 % Quality 100% SNR 28.1dB BER:000(1OE-4) PRIME Strength 62 % Quality 100% SNR 27.4dB BER:000(1OE-4) ABC Strength 62 % Quality 100% SNR 27.4dB BER:000(1OE-4) SC10 Strength 62 % Quality 100% SNR 27.7dB BER:000(1OE-4) SBS Strength 60 % Quality 87% SNR 26.3 dB BER:000(1OE-4) I have bought nothing yet, as I just seem to confuse myself which is the better option?
  10. Rf Booster Or F Booster

  11. Rf Booster Or F Booster

    Why would a four way unpowered splitter be any better than 4 x daisy chained 2rf leads please? I have plenty of similar electrical items and just use an Aussie adapter to suit. Power: 2W AC 220V 50-60Hz Power Cable Length: About 85cm Sound Amplification: 20±2dB
  12. Rf Booster Or F Booster

    The antenna already has an mast head amplifier on it that goes to a roof 4 way splitter to different rooms. I just want, in one room, to supply the same signal to 4 devices rather than daisy chain the rf and lose signal, as it does, no matter what way I swap leads about. This is the link for the f type one http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/161527049273?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT This is the link for the rf one http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/252162969713?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  13. Rf Booster Or F Booster

    Can anyone tell me if there is much between these two products. http://postimg.org/image/mgwbe0xet/ picture share I simply want to send 4 x rf raw tv signal to 4 separate devices at a constant level, rather than daisy chained, and looped by rf From one lounge room point I want to send the same signal to a T-Box, Mystar PVR, a TV and pc tv card. I am aware the cable type one would require me to use f male to female rf adapters on this to connect to rf points on other devices. Would using f to rf diminish the signal strength? Which is the better device? Thanks
  14. 4 Way Signal Booster Digital Tv

    I reckon your 2c will be enough for me...ta mate.
  15. 4 Way Signal Booster Digital Tv

    Thanks Peter..that was my thoughts as well, but with plenty of actual installers on this forum, I thought I would run it by those persons, in the first instance.