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  1. can you PM me the group buy details for the W7000, thanks
  2. I got one from EPsons online shop, last month, a factory second for 2400
  3. I boughtmy Epson tw5500 last month from epsons factory second web site, rrp in sept was $4999, I got it for $2450, saw the other day they had 3200 and 3600 projectors around $1400-$1500 definelty recommend that way but they don't last so be quick!!!
  4. Was tossing up between 60" lg and 58" samsung plasmas, both are 3D, decided the samsung is a better bet (plus includes the $1294 in bonuses and I don't need a 3rd xbox!) anyways thanks to the receipt uploaded on whirlpool local jb price matched to $2100 tv will be in on Thursday... ...then it hit me, I don't know much about 3d even though it aint the reason im buying it I thought I still should ask those more knowledgeable... ...is there or was there or will there be a 3D format war, or is this tech as it's stands at least forseeable future a standard? Does brand of tv matter? I know panasonic has avatar 3d does that mean I can never get it or it's incompatible with a samsung (will be using ps3 as the 3d bluray player), it comes with 4 glasses if I buy more do I have to buy samsung ones? Reviews seem to show the samsung beats the lg in 2d pic quality with way better blacks, the lg is thx certified though, opinions from users on either? it seems both have media center capabilities and the samsung an unbuilt pvr, so general comments on the tv's or 3d tech would be appreciated, thanks....
  5. mines the same, the EP10 display shows [2ch] but the onkyo amp picks it up as 5.1!... must be a bug, a sound test disk like the thx optimiser on disney/pixar dvds will show it does send out 5.1 surround
  6. the past week has been a %^&*!?<> nightmare, decided, then undecided, the redecided, then decided again... but yep way under what i had to spend, and just sold my TW2000 for $1866 on ebay, so for a upgrade of 3 generations for under $600 im happy, think i might put the spare $$$ into a flash tune for my fpv!!!!...
  7. according to wholesaler info uses the same D7 C2fine LCD panels as the 3600/4500/5500
  8. ahh sorry, IM is Ingram Micro the 'wholesaler', the only differing specs i could see where the 25000:1 contrast ratio
  9. for those interested the TW3200 is about to hit Australia, rrp $2199, IM will have stock end of next week it seems...
  10. do you think an 'incremental' upgrade from an Epson Tw2000 to a Epson TW3600 or 4500 or even 5500 would see a decent enough upgrade for 2-3K...?...
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