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  1. Probably true, but I meant that, because a lot of people go away for Easter, Ten may not want to upset those regular viewers of Thursday sci-fi by making them miss an episode.

    That's pretty funny, since when has ten cared about the viewing audience of any show rating outside the national top20, especially scifi (if they cared these shows would still be on SD)? Much more likely that they think they'll draw a better audience with AFL.

  2. I've previously had an awful experience with Pioneer HD Set Top Box and so I am going to be very cautious this time.

    If you're awful experience is poor picture quality then a tuner card is going to be no better, you need to look at your aerial/distribution/cabling. If you only want a singhle tuner for basic recording and playback you would be better off with a PVR.

  3. I caught that article at the start of my wifes recording of Home and Away and thought it was the funniest thing since Naomi Robson accused 60 Minutes of not letting the truth stand in the way of a good story. It was also one of the most misleading since their smear campaign against the food industry for varying serving sizes on nutrition labels, they just conveniently forgot to point out that every nutrition label has a standardised /100g value as well as the per serving value.

  4. Maybe they've run out of old eps.

    Anyone else noticed that those they've shown in recent weeks are old, and really badly converted (or something*!)


    *Jiggle every few moments. Assume its some wierd misconversion. Made it practically unwatchable a few eps back.

    I think they were doing the channel nine trick, run one new one and one old one. I had not seen the older ones (haven't gotten around to watching my DVDs yet) so I was not sure for a while until I saw the running fight with the chicken again..... I don't think they are badly converted, the style of animated shows tends to drift over the years so when you are used to watching the current style the old style looks odd. It's like watching an old Simpsons episode where the characters don't look quite right.

    The green guide had a double episode of bones listed. There is no Family guy listed next week either so I suspect the season has finished.

  5. Thanks to you Paul, and to the other lads who replied to help.

    You were correct, this little STB does not have any extras such as modulators.

    Your second option re., ' composite RCA ', pardon my ignorance

    ( Until last week I thought STB was some new type of

    sexually transmitted broadband, LOL! ) but is that a type of 3 coloured cable ?

    Btw, you refer to the video's AV - just while fiddling about yesterday I set the VCR's

    Timer and then pressed the VCR's AV button, and strangely enough that appears

    to have defintely improved the resulting recording.

    Is that a one off fluke, a mirage ? or could that one move,

    (pressing the VCR AV after setting the Timer ) have helped in some way ?

    I have to do each thing like learning the A-B-C Paul, having as you can tell,

    no idea whatsoever re. the tech. areas.

    I would like to know if that composite RCA is a cable, and if so, does it run instead of the existing, or additional to ?

    Have you tried putting the VCR first in the aerial chain? ie plug the antenna into the VCR and then the STB to the antenna (RF) out of the VCR. Alternatively use a splitter to seperate the VCR and STB aerial feeds.

    How is your stb connected to your TV (svideo, a plug with four fine pins in it, or composite, a yellow plug)? Is your VCR mono or Stereo (does it have yellow red and white plugs on the back[stereo] or just yellow and white [mono])? What connectors does the MTV STB have on the back and do you have to select output connectors through menus?

  6. As I posted in the other BSG thread, "I just got the season 2 dvd box set for under $37 (price drop and 15% off sale) at target"

    As far as I know its all the same boxset and yes there are 6 DVD's with 20 episodes listed.

    Thanks Tony

    I bought the boxset from BigW for about the same but got suspicious about the "2.0" and price drop. Googling turned up overseas sights referring to seasons 2.0 and 2.5 so I held off opening the package until some sort of confirmation. Just opened it and all is good.

  7. Has anyone bought BSG season 2.0? EzyDVD advretises it as the full season (and lists all 20 episodes as being in the "6 disc set") but a search on google suggests that it is only the first half of the season. They don't have an episode list on the outside of the box set and I've been burned by this trick before (the "complete season one of American Dad is only the first half of the season).

  8. Channel 9 is hopeless in my area so I decided to try a cheap STB and see if there was any improvement.

    I got a $50 Mtv from Coles and it was a magical improvement to the best any of the channels have ever been - BUT, I can't get the VCR to record well now, whereas

    it did prior to the STB.

    I think I read here on the Forum that one can only expect to VCR record analogue while watching another channel on a cheapie STB.

    Apparently I needed a RF from the loop on the STB to the VCR ANT.IN , but all that

    did was allowed me to VCR record, it did not take the quality of the recording back to where it was prior to the STB.

    Can anyone please advise if there is a different way to set up, to keep the benefits of this STB, but improve the VCR recording quality ?

    Some stbs have an RF modulator (turns the analogue picture, the result of decoding digital, to RF which is the same format as the signal a standard analogue tuner captures) which feeds into the antenna out so all you need to do is tune the VCR to the appropriate frequency. I doubt your Mtv will do this but worth checking the manual.

    The second option is to connect the stb to the VCR via composite RCA (yellow plug for video and red and black plugs for stereo sound) and set your video to record from AV1.

  9. I can't find a link, but you can buy an adapter cable that goes from a molex cable to 2 x 5V fan plugs. I have my 80mm case fans plugged into these and it slows them down to virtually silent. It works similar to a Fanmate, but it's fixed at either 5V, 7V or 12V (straight molex).

    Also, it's relatively easy to pull the cables out of a molex plug and change them over to get 5V or 7V to lower the fan speeds if you want to go that route.

    There are 5,7 and 10V options here. I got a couple of the nexus 10V adapters to go with a pair of arctic cooling 8s. Just takes the edge off the noise and still pumps plenty of air. I found that 5V is quiet but also puts a serious dent in airflow and I'm a bit leery of bridging the 5 and 12V lines to get 7V.

  10. I'd hazard a guess that depending on the brand(s) and model(s) of card(s) you are using, you may have a better outcome with a PCI +5V rail that is closer to being +5V (assuming, of course, that what is being reported is accurate).

    I have a dvico T1, two dvico lites and a compro T300. I was on the verge of spending on an antec neo HE anyway for the HTPC (I had a zalman 300A in it but was not happy with the amount of noise it was making so tried swapping in the topower 350P5 I had in my other PC, it is this supply that seems to have the low 5V rail) so I just went out and got one, I'll know tonight if it is an inaccurate voltage report or a problem PSU. It is something though for people who are having chronic file quality problems (despite reasonable signal quality/strength) to consider.

  11. Glad to see I wasn't the only one to get caught out by the schedule change. Miss the first show, what's the point of watching the rest. I don't get these commercial stations, I thought the idea was to encourage people to watch your TV shows........

  12. Seems like you need to investigate the physical condition of the aerial and cabling/wall plates. Digital TV is far less forgiving of an aged/degraded distribution system than analogue. Your location and described position means that you should not have any problem with signal strength.

  13. (I don't automatically believe the DGTEC or the brochure because DGTEC previously told me that with this machine you could not change recording quality for digital tuner recordings, but an owner posted that they COULD do this perfectly well and proved it by stating that the resultant recordings were in proper widescreen).

    I wonder how it does this. I doubt that it is reencoding the digital signal on the fly. Maybe instead of streaming the digital signal to disc it is feeding the analogue output from the mpeg decoder directly back to the encoder used to digitise the analogue input?

  14. ok update to my last post ...after talking with the lg guy on the phone he confirmed with the in house techs that the in built tuner is NOT capable of producing true 1080i HD picture (dont ask me the tech side but thats what he said) he also confirmed that the tuner is the same technology as the one mentioned in that other guys post, also the lip sync issue is something they are aware of( firmware patch). i have since returned my 32fs4d and got the 32fs2anb with a teac hdb 820 hd stb...the picture looks (to my untrained eye) noticably clearer in 1080i and the channel switching is much faster and NO lip sybncing issues .the only thing i miss out on is the HDMI input and the extra component input......ps i got conflicting responese as to wether the 32fs4d is indeed 100hz progressive scan....good luck

    The tuner probably can produce a 1080i stream but the the TV has to render it down to 576p for the picture tube.

    If I remember rightly from when I was looking at panasonic CRTs a year or so back the pana TVs could only do 100Hz when being fed by a 576i signal. If they were fed a 576p signal they reverted to 50Hz. Maybe the same for this set?

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