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  1. I have a SONY and a Panasonic, I'd choose a Panasonic and make it one of the 4K models.
  2. After 17 days, mine finally arrived yesterday, what a disappointment. I still really enjoyed the movie but the picture quality was awful. I've vented on the Roadshow Facebook page.
  3. Odd? Not really, didn't Panasonic discover a few errors in what everyone else was doing? Reviews on the Panasonic OLED TVs, seem to indicate that they have a better understanding of the format, Are they not heavily involved in the "Standards" for 4K? I would choose a Panasonic 400 4K Player (if they bring it Oz) over an Oppo but I'm something of a Panasonic tragic, still clinging to my 50ST50 Plasma. Somehow, I'll find a way to acquire a Panasonic OLED, eventually, if I don't run out of time on this stage.
  4. I can't find a trailer but now available for Pre-Order. https://shop.abc.net.au/products/the-dish-bluray
  5. Received notification this morning, that it has shipped, at last!
  6. Bugger, my 3D copy of Rogue One hasn't been despatched by Amazon UK yet. Oh well, hopefully it's worth the wait.
  7. The Rio Olympics were 4K, some of the USPGA Golf broadcasts are also 4k. SKY UK has a 4K Channel. The Commonwealth Games will be 4K and the 2020 Oympics, will be 8K.
  8. Surely the easiest way to assess FTA SD, is to record a few minutes of something, the above mentioned serial, or the Ellen Show in SD and HD and copy both to a Thumbdrive. I think all TVs have a USB port or two? You get to see exactly the same thing on each TV, which is better than comparing Live. IMO. If they won't produce the remote control, go elsewhere.
  9. The Foxtel EPG reflects the changes as outlined. I guess we'll know tomorrow morning. I'll take a peek at Sunrise on 207 in spite of my loathing for "Kochie" to see if it's showing.
  10. Not here on the Gold Coast. If you want 7HD with 7 programs, you need Foxtel which uses 7 Brisbane and therefore shows 7 programs on 7HD. 7HD Gold Coast is still showing 7Bogan programs. None of the programs on 7HD in the next two weeks (according to the Foxtel EPG) are HD, it shows only the widescreen icon and CC where applicable.
  11. What stores are deleting their Blu-Ray section?
  12. I'm only a struggling pensioner but there's nothing on this earth, that would have me considering Hisense or TCL or Soniq etc.. I'd rather live on bread and dripping for a year so that I could select from SONY/Panasonic/Samsung or even LG, hopefully all of whom will have OLED in the marketplace when my current Panasonic Plasma falls over.
  13. That was my question too. SONY don't have any OLED TVs in the marketplace.
  14. Well the software now has a standard that it can follow, so hopefully it's being written already. http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/bt2100-201607104318.htm
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