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  1. Thanks viewer. I will look into those models.
  2. Unless you're directly under a transmitter or using a roof mounted antenna, is there a tuner dongle/card + antenna combo that will generally get sufficent signal?
  3. For what it's worth, a new DAB transmitter is planned for Bacchus Marsh. Not much good for Bendigo people, but an interesting development for those in Ballarat.
  4. Surely if a market-specific feed was to be added to a national network's mux, it would be done at the relevent existing playout facility. The data would no doubt get there via IP. In markets without their own local channel, a national feed would be used. 3ZZ was an ABC radio station in Melbourne that was both a precursor to SBS and 3ZZZ. The government owned and managed a station that independent broadcasters broadcast on. Public broadcasting in the Netherlands also works this way. The NBN will make things interesting. A Bendigo local TV channel already operates nationally via the Telstra TV platform.
  5. Thanks Tazzy, you've given me a few new options.
  6. I too have wondered about this. Given that the ABC has so many online streams, including two that are *always* either a test tone or a simulcast of another feed, it is very strange that they do not offer a dedicated NewsRadio Parliament feed online, if not on DAB+ as well.
  7. There won't be an AM/FM switchoff. It would annoy far too many people too much, and would mean that people would have much poorer access to telecommunciations during long blackouts. This said, much of the currently AM allocated spectrum may end up being used for digital transmission, but if this occured I would wager on a few high powered analog stations remaining, carrying ABC Local Radio.
  8. I have a computer based DTV tuner in a location with poor signal reception. I would like to recieve a channel on a horizontally polaraised channel 7 (184500 KHz) here. It would be difficult to mount an external antenna near the location. I have tried a range of amplified and unamplified indoor antennas with no success (three sets of rabbit ears at various lengths and orientations, a high end Crest amplified model, an Antsig amplified model, "The Leaf", and a useless piece of coated wire that came with the tuner). They all seem to have poor VHF reception compared to their UHF reception (at least regarding the transmissions from Yatpool). There is a window that roughly faces the right direction, but there is no line-of-sight to the tower, which is about 20kms away. There are no other remotely feasible sources of signal. Another forum suggests www.winradio.com.au/home/ax31b.htm for a similar problem, but I was hoping for a cheaper solution. Would I have a good chance of success mounting a caravan antenna indoors, or possibly even a rooftop style antenna this way? Is it possible to buy a single frequency (or VHF optimised) antenna?
  9. The are more Indigenous people in Sydney than in central Australia. But then it really doesn't matter where the people making the programming and comissioning decisions live - so long as they have access to broadband :-) The are Indigenous media organizations all over the country, with many of them making video content for ICTV, Goolari TV, Imparja and other outlets. Indigenous TV production is generally a very uncommercial business, with most of the money involved coming from a government of some sort or another. Unless NITV becomes the central funding body, many of it's programming decisions will be made by government departments.
  10. From the media release, it's not clear if Optus can now sell Foxtel in the Austar area or not. Does anyone here know?
  11. Yes, the bits on Beyond Tomorrow were just clips from Mythbusters. Mythbusters was on SBS before Beyond launched Beyond Tomorrow on Seven. According to a Green Guide article, Beyond pitched Mythbusters to all the Australian FTA networks before Discovery, and none of them wanted it.
  12. I wouldn't worry too much about this. The BBC did something similar a few years ago, spinning off it's play-out services (and many other technical capabilities) into a private company. SBS has since outsourced it's play-out activities to the same company. Neither action seems to have changed anything.
  13. Can Austar still be legally received using a computer, a DVB-S card, an Irdeto 2 CAM and a valid Austar card?
  14. ABC2 is the same nationwide, though it is timeshifted in the different states and territories when broadcast terrestrially and via the sat repeater feeds (which can't be easily received by Austar boxes due to their format). It's not on Aurora though (which is of course ridiculous). ABC1 has a different feed for each state and territory (though the Tas and ACT ones aren't on sat anywhere). SBS has four feeds IIRC (all on Aurora) that only differ in advertising and timing, except for the time around live events.
  15. You can get a SD digital terrestrial box for $50. It won't give you much extra though, unless you have a widescreen TV. All analogue channels in widescreen (except Briz31 that you probably can't receive anyway), plus ABC2, and the non-English language SBS World News Channel. Get a HD box, and there's a few extra shows from Seven, Ten and the ABC, plus Nine in a few months. You could get a FTA sat system, but that will only get you a few news channels, some Christian channels and channels in languages other than English. If you don't like Austar, you could try SelecTV. It's pay TV with different packages and less channels. Buying or hiring DVDs is another legal option.
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