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  1. And Jason Bourne is DTS:X so you're not likely to get atmos from that disc :-)
  2. Thanks Kazz. I'm on 0605 and it won't let me update via internet or usb...
  3. Yupp, it's up on the interdyne website. Downloading now
  4. My player keeps telling me there is a FW update available. When I try and update server is unavailable?????
  5. Works well for me...UHD, BD, DVD, SACD, DVD-A, CD. Also no issues playing music or movie files over my network nor from attached storage.
  6. Welcome to the club Blackman. 1/ TARGET LUMINANCE: with your TV this should not need adjustment. Set HDR to AUTO. You only need to adjust the luminance if you select an option that converts HDR to SDR or strips the metadata. Your panel processes HDR out of the box so this is not an issue for you. 2/ COLOUR SPACE (with apologies for Australian spelling) really comes down to personal preference. There are gazillions of links about this on the internet, personally I like this one from one of the Oppo beta testers over on AVS Forum. What do these ycbcr color spaces mean. Personally I use 4:4:4 but I suspect most people use Auto. 3/ COLOUR DEPTH also comes down to personal preference. Selecting Auto means that the TV will tell your Oppo what colour depth it wants and the Oppo will pass what the TV wants which is probably a very good place to start. Your TV is native 10 bit so some would say it makes sense to feed it 10 bit as well. And yet again, some people swear blind that feeding 12 bits and letting the TV 'down convert' to 10 bits gives them a better image. If some of that is confusing sorry. In a nutshell, you can ignore target luminance and yes Auto is fine for 2 and 3. Watch a few discs using Auto and if you're happy leave it be. If you like to fiddle around with your settings you can do that too. Of course it's often a good idea to use the Settings Management function under Device setup. This allows you to save your settings to USB and then play around with the settings to your hearts content. If you stuff it up, simply restore from USB and start again :-) And on a separate note, make sure you update to the latest firmware. Cheers and good luck blairy
  7. The only DV video I can find so far is two sample videos located http://kodi.wiki/view/Samples#4K_.28UltraHD.29 Oh well Despicable Me is out on Wednesday
  8. Is Logan encoded with Dolby Vision?
  9. Anybody been able to find the latest beta FW on the Interdyne site? Released 26 May in US: 45-0525B. Apparently includes DV.
  10. Hi bandyka, how long have you had them and what has been their principle function. I'm looking to replace/upgrade my surround speakers. Would these do the job? Cheers
  11. Most late model Panasonic TVs, Blurays and DMRs would be compatible with Netflix. Check the Panasonic website for your equipment to confirm. There is also a Netflix Help Centre on the web https://help.netflix.com/help?q=equipment which may prove useful. Essentially, connect your chosen device (say Bluray) to your wifi network (sounds like you've already done this) and go to the Home page on that device. Typically this is a button on the remote with a picture of a house :-). From you'll have bunch of options and you need to find and select Netflix. Sorry, but it's different on every device. Once you click on Netflix it will ask you to install the application. Do so. You'll also need to register with Netflix for an account. You do this on the web at the Netflix Australia site. Then back to your tv and log into Netflix and start watching. The movie or show simply streams; it doesn't download. This means you can't save it and watch it again later. But it will likely still be available for you to stream another day. Good luck
  12. I saved them to a USB and played them via my Oppo UDP-203. Haven't tried yet but presume they would work on my Dune Solo too. Should work from attached storage or even played back over your network from, say, a NAS.
  13. Immersive Audio Demos Some of these are great. Scroll down to the Dolby section and look for the lossless atmos files. Keep going and you'll also find some DTS:X files. If you're finding that the sound is not as immersive as you feel it should be (with atmos enabled speakers) try: - increasing the volume on the atmos channels - adjusting the angle of the speakers. Use door stoppers, the wedge style ones
  14. Issues with Disney/Buena vista titles didn't make it into the 0222 fix HDMI lip synch issues still need fixing...(I had thought this was done). Strip metadata is still a WIP Dolby Vision said to be coming at some point And once everything is 'fixed' then either we'll see the launch of the 205 or some additional features and functions for the 203. And that is pure speculation on my part :-)
  15. And of course it seems I have jumped the gun on this. Now experiencing lip synch issues.
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