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  1. SL1210 Mk2 with a concord club Mk2 cartridge
  2. 2SM, FUN & ZOO have had these sporadic bursts of metallic noise for around two years now and I've noticed Triple M has started doing it over the past few weeks. No doubt AM and FM will always be the primary transmission method as DAB really struggles to cover the licence area and sound quality is still far better on FM though the AM stations do get a lift on DAB if your lucky enough to only ever travel in the Eastern half of the city.
  3. We are getting the same thing on Triple M. Yamaha tuner connected to external TV antenna with the tuner reporting 100% signal quality. It really is a dud technology DAB.
  4. Would have been much better if 702 and radio national were on FM then we would have the improved sound quality and proper coverage. DAB is just too hit or miss to be a useful broadcast medium.
  5. As a footnote I just received a phone call from the ABC in reply to my reception inquiry. Apparently our suburb is in what they call a "red zone" so has little to no DAB coverage and currently there are no plans to extend coverage to this part of Sydney. The caller assured me they would take note of my concerns regarding the ABC encouraging its listeners to upgrade to DAB when it clearly has coverage issues in the Sydney licence area. They told me complaints have already been lodged from listeners who went out and purchased a DAB radio at the ABCs urging only to find no coverage when they got it home. I really hope the ABC does the right thing and refunds any out of pocket expenses these listeners have incurred from the reckless advice they broadcast. I haven't heard the on air promotion of DAB for a few days now so lets hope it has all been a lesson well learnt by the ABC because DAB is still a long way from being fit for purpose here in Sydney.
  6. It would appear that addressing the signal problems in our area may be considerably more challenging than just dropping in another repeater then. It's a pity because I think if it wasn't for the reception problems DAB could have been a great step forward for radio with all stations enjoying a similar to FM audio quality and the opportunity to explore formats that wouldn't necessarily be viable as a standalone AM or FM station. But as it is I'll continue to have to switch back to AM once I pass Parramatta on the drive home to guarantee interruption free reception.
  7. It looks like we may well be living with this level of coverage for some time then with the funny situation that people living further out west may well have better coverage than we do. With the news that the ABC does not participate in the DAB repeater program you really have to wonder why they are the only broadcaster I've heard promoting DAB directly to their listeners.
  8. I guess all this leads to the obvious question was Hawkesbury heights power level a mistake or are there technical restrictions to the power levels that can be used for these outer area repeaters?
  9. Alan I have used the link you have provided to ask the question about ABC DAB coverage west of Blacktown. Your average punter expects to be able to buy a portable radio and take it home, switch it on and start using it with a minimum of fuss. The reality of DAB right now is that there is hundreds of thousands of listeners living inside capital city radio licence areas who have little or no DAB signal at home. For a respected broadcaster like the ABC to encourage its listeners on air to "upgrade" to DAB without any warning that digital coverage does not go anywhere near providing similar reception to the current analogue outlets is in my opinion a little irresponsible. Personally I have a tuner connected to our home TV antenna so it's not a big issue for me. We live on a high point of our suburb in Sydney's NW with a concrete tile roof and indoor DAB reception is limited to a few hotspots throughout the house for both the commercial and ABC stations. James thanks for the transmission info I really struggle to get my head around just how multiple transmitters operate in the same area on the same frequency without interfering with each other. Again as a non technical person I'm imagining that the DAB transmission is kind of like a machine gun with the gap between bullets being the guard interval. This interval allows for the situation where if the bullet from gun A doesn't reach the receiver in good condition or at all then there is the opportunity for a bullet from gun B or C to be received instead a fraction later. I'm also assuming that each transmission site fires its bullets at precisely the same time perhaps coordinated by GPS timing? I'm sure I have you knowledgeable gentlemen rolling on the floor with laughter with my machine gun analogy but it is the only way I could think to put it into words. Considering we have a local transmitter at Hawkesbury heights would anyone like to venture an opinion as to why coverage is so poor out this way?
  10. While I understand that DAB operates on similar frequencies to DTV and here in Sydney the main transmitters are co located with the DTV services. As a non technical person I would have thought a 50Kw 1.5Mhz wide channel would propagate differently to a 50Kw 7Mhz wide channel radiated from the same antenna not to mention I'd expect the error correction to be far more robust on the DAB signal when compared to DTV. Looking at the coverage maps the ABC one looks exactly right from my experience and the commercial one is incredibly optimistic or just completely incorrect. We have DAB in home coverage but it's only in certain spots through the house and nothing like what anyone would call acceptable for a home well inside the licence area. How broadcasters have been allowed to have no coverage in some parts of their licence area is quite odd. I was always of the opinion that if a broadcaster chose not to serve parts of their licence area those parts were permanently surrendered from the licence area but obviously that's just not the case.
  11. Alan, I'm not sure what all the DTV references have to do with DAB but yes we do have a bit of multi path interference around the area on FM but some flutter is easy to live with when compared to all audio vanishing at the most inconvenient moment like DAB does. Most of my listening is to 702 ABC Sydney and it's on good old reliable AM so coverage is excellent everywhere I go but I must say it sounds fantastic on DAB when I'm east of Blacktown. If only DAB coverage wasn't so poor and I find it totally irresponsible of the ABC to promote DAB as an "upgrade" to its AM broadcast when many will find themselves outside of its coverage area.
  12. Alan, I'm using the DAB radio in my 2016 Camary Atara as a reference point. In home dab reception west of Blacktown is very hit and miss and has been ever since DAB+ launched. Mobile reception via a car radio is too patchy to be useful. Large trucks moving by me on the highway is enough to see the audio disappear for a minute or two usually during the most interesting part of an interview. So even though I've got a DAB equipped car we use AM/FM only because it reliably covers the Sydney area something DAB is a long way from yet.
  13. All a bit pointless promoting it when DAB coverage is still quite flakey and the ABC's digital coverage is the worst.
  14. I just checked 7HD programme guide on a Samsung TV and it's showing no change for at least the next week while my Panasonic TV is showing 7 Bogan programmes on the 7HD EPG.
  15. It may just be a case of someone at 7 stuffing up the EPG but I've this nagging suspicion they have made the EPG change early so no one ends up with failed recordings on their PVRs when 7HD reverts to Bogan TV.
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