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  1. I sent another email to Interdyn saying their previous two fixes still hadn't solved the problem and they haven't even replied. They are hopeless.
  2. That's what I think too seeing in my emails I sent them links to quotes that said how Oppo had fixed the problem overseas yet everything they did here didn't fix a thing.
  3. I've had to send my Oppo back to Interdyn because I started getting many 4k discs constantly glitching yet they worked fine in my Panasonic. First time they replaced the main board and that didn't help so they then replaced the loader. From what I read on the AVS forums Oppo overseas always replaced the optical reader and that fixed their problem.
  4. Did you try installing the new firmware again?
  5. Did you reset factory defaults and also try erasing persistent storage:?
  6. It wasn't on Friday so I did it by USB but I don't know if the player will do it manually yet.
  7. Pretty sure it's well known and I know Sony mention it and have a few features that try to stop it. Things like pixel shift and doing a screen rinse when it's been off for a while. It also asks you to do a screen refresh after every x amount of hours. They can also be done manually but they recommend not doing more than two a year I think. If someone left it on CNN or any other 24x7 channel with watermarks like that on it all day they deserve burn in IMO.
  8. I'll take that if you still have it available.
  9. Yes and no problems. The only problem with the beta for me was that the Oppo info displayed incorrect output when playing DV. That's been fixed in the official release.
  10. Did you have one of those free $20 applied to your account that I've read about? You might get one when you sign up.
  11. This was implemented for Sony TV owners. Apparently it also fixes DV faults for other TV's if they let the Oppo do it seeing there was a problem with grey bars and crushed blacks.
  12. You have to wait for Aus release as the US version doesn't work for our Oppo's.
  13. Not long. Beta released in US today https://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-udp-203/UDP203-firmware-60-0601B.aspx Mainly for Sony TV owners with DV.
  14. I got Apollo 13 and Inception for $32 although am curious as to why when the email came through itdoesn't say Apollo 13 4K UHD next to it when Inception does. The link in the email goes here though https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B076QCZST9/ref=pe_2361882_282382012_TE_item
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