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  1. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Sounds like you have a dud copy. I never even had a problem with BR2049 before the latest firmware.
  2. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Would colour space and depth have anything to do with it? I have resolution on custom and set to UHD 24Hz Colour Space is 4:4:4 Colour Depth is Auto and it outputs 12 bit
  3. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Mine does too. I just noticed I did a typo.
  4. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    I did mine thorough the player and it says 20XAU-56-0224 in the players firmware information.
  5. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    That's the same as mine and I updated it through the Oppo players auto update, not from downloading it on to a USB.
  6. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    I have the latest official firmware and just watched chapter 7 and 8 and had no problem. What exact minute does it happen in for you? It started at 58 minutes and ended at about 1 hour 16 minutes.
  7. Blu Ray Title Trade

    I'd prefer to sell these two as sets if possible First four Transformers movies $23 posted Nolan's three Batman movies $18 posted These are individual Creed 4K $12 posted Fast & Furious 7 $7 posted Fast & Furious 6 $7 posted PM if interested
  8. Blu Ray Title Trade

    If anyone wants the first four Transformer movies I can sell you the the lot for $23 posted. PM if interested.
  9. I must be one of few people who thought Dunkirk sucked. The sound would probably be really good if it has Atmos.
  10. SONY A1 - OLED

    And if it is the same as this year you'll have to wait until July to get it.
  11. SONY A1 - OLED

    Surely your TV has a timer you can set to automatically turn it off after a certain time period?
  12. Oled

    Anyone who spends 12 hours straight playing a video game needs to get a life.
  13. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    My Oppo downloaded it yesterday even though it's not on their Aus site yet.
  14. Blu Ray Title Trade

    I have Aus release of Rise / Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes double pack for $13 posted (sold) Only been watched a couple of times https://www.jbhifi.com.au/movies-tv-shows/movies-tv-shows-on-sale/action/rise-dawn-of-the-planet-of-the-apes/638115/
  15. Ended Sunday the 12th the day before Baby Driver and Atomic Blonde were released.