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  1. Been a while since the intiial post, but I thought I would throw in my comments. In terms of Server / Client I must confess that Vista Media Center & XBOX 360's have been working like a dream for a long time. I have a 1.5 terrabyte "Server" running Vista 32 bit in the HT room. That is connected Via HDMI to the Plasma & Projector. It's also connected to the Gigabit lan running throughout the house. I have another 72" 1080P RPTV being run by XBOX 360 exclusively as a Media Center in the lounge room. I have a Plasma in the bedroom which has another XBOX 360 running of the server as well. These systems are used mainly to watch Recorded TV. I am using IceTV and program one week in advance. The recorded shows pile up in VMC queue and I can watch them flawlessly via HDMI on any of my TV's. On all three, 1080i TV is sensational. I can also watch DVD movies (converted to MPEG2). I'm please to say that the system is pretty much 100% stable. The only slight hickup is Divx support on the XBOX's, though I understand this is now possible using the native XBOX interface, rather than the Media Center interface. This is more a problem for the kids than me. Given the size screens I'm using, a Divx file just doesn't cut it quality wise ! My only "Wish" is to be able to port Foxtel into the server. I have an IQ, so recording is not a problem, but would like to have the IQ in the HT room and be able to 'view' it remotely using the remote extenders via the COAX network throughout the house. All in all though, I love the quality and the reliability and the ease of use. Thanks to three Harmony remotes, the WAF is very high ! God I love my Harmony Remote Controls !!!!!
  2. Hey, any of you guys got the Harmony Remote (880) working with the Toshiba ? I can't get it to send the right instructions to the screen. Even if I record the IR codes from the Toshiba remote manually, some of the important ones don't work properly. For example, the up arrow and down arrows don't correctly record. Its frustrating cause I can't automate my TV switching !!!!! Thanks, Paul
  3. I had a $99 Nvidia Card running in my HTPC and I found that in High Definition TV the image was not 100% smooth and often the card couldn't keep up. After installing the 7800GT I found that the speed of the image was materially better and didn't have any speed issues. I also found the quality of the picture was better. Although I don't understand why (I was using DVI on both), it just was. I also found my Windows desktop was just sharper and better than the cheaper card. Again, I don't know why, but it was. For me, I do occasionally play games on the 72" Toshi (why wouldn't you) and having the horsepower of the 7800GT was certainly nice. Just my two cents !
  4. It's a widespread problem with TV displays called 'overscan'. The only solution is to reduce the display resolution coming out of your PC. There is an option on the Nvidia control panel called overscan correction. I can't remember exactly where, but if you look you will find it. You basically will get a image on your screen where you can increase or decrease the borders of the image to match your display device. The software will then calculate the resolution and add a 'custom' resolution and set that resolution as default. I have done this on my Toshiba RPTV and it works perfectly. Problem solved .. Kind of ..
  5. I sit about 3m away from my Tosh 72". I previously had a front projector, admittedly a Panasonic LCD projector, but although the size, colour and image quality on the screen was good, it was by no way comparable to the Tosh RPTV. I for one prefer quality over quantity. I love the extremely sharp and lifelike images of the Toshiba. At 3 meters viewing distance, its very large. In my opinion, when the source quality is good (HDTV) you can sitter closer than 3m. I would use a front projector for a large screen 150" for example. But I currently don't have the room for that. LOL.
  6. This is an horible display unit. What's worse, SHARP are engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct. If you notice their product page (Here) you will notice that they say : "Hi Contrast" 800:1 and "Hi Brightness" 450cd/m2 These numbers are at best "average" and certainly not high compared to much better performing LCD products now. Given that LCD contrast and brightness is NOT good at the best of times, implying that this product is better than average is very misleading and deceptive.
  7. While you make a lot of valid points, the fact of the matter is that Harvey Norman Motto is "We Won't Be Beaten On Price" .. Despite the fact that this is a stupid line because Harvey Norman is usually one of the more expensive retailers, you can't complain about customers who try and get the best price when your commercials INVITE such behaviour .. If you don't like working for a retailer where PRICE is their leading tag, then go and work for a specialist retailer where customer's go for service and not price .. I don't know this for a fact, but I 'understand' that even products sold at 'cost price' are not really cost price to the retailer thanks to volume discounts, incentive payments and other things. You may not see them, only your head office. So perhaps you should be complaining to your head office about not passing those onto you, rather than beating up the customer who has innocently come into Harvey Norman box movers because they "Won't be Beaten on PRICE". Cheers
  8. thanks .. I bought the 72" months ago now for $7,000. Could have saved a $1,000 but I'm enjoying it so much, who cares !!
  9. Despite Owen's comments, i doubt any currently notified products would be materially better than what the Toshiba already produces. I was thinking probably 3-4 years down the track when there will be probably something better (possibly SED ?) .. Hopefully there is 1080p content at that time, but I doubt it .. For the first time I've have found a display device that I regard as sensational. In all of my TV purchases over the years there has always been a compromise : Since 1990 ------------- Sony 52cm Stereo (size / Quality) Sony 68cm Stereo (size / Quality) Sony 50" CRT RPTV (size / quality) Sony 61" CRT RPTV (quality / widescreen / CRT life / brightness) LG MW 60" LCD RPTV (contrast / 720p) Toshiba 72" 1080p (nothing)
  10. This is one issue that i have to say is less than 100%. My picture is slightly tilted which I only notice when using the Windows desktop. It used to bother me but I dont' use the windows desktop much cause I used the MCE 2005 interface. Having said that, I think RPTV is prone with these problems. I had exactly the same problem with my LG MW60. When I tried to get them to fix it, they made it much worse. I guess that's the tradeoff. Getting the picture 100% square is hard. Interested in the feedback from the other users of the Toshi. In terms of picture size, there is a lot of overscan which is also disapointing. My windows desktop resolution is something like 1880x1050 or something like that. I would like native 1920x1080 but it seems that all RPTV has overscan so what can you do. sorry to hear that mate ... Its normally six months from when you buy it .. That's what holds me back from buying a spare lamp. That and also I am probably going to upgrade my Toshiba before the lamp blows anyway (touch wood) .. Its probably worthwhile to discuss with Castel and tell them that you had two (keep both receipts). Notify them when the second bulb goes and and tell them the warranty should start from there .. Try and negotiate that before you buy the lamp .. See how you go ..
  11. There are no rainbows on the majority of the top quality DLP's right now ... Rainbow effect is way overdone .. If you are only buying to avoid rainbow, you're worrying about a non-issue !
  12. Correct .. There is not much benefit in 1080p for a small 37" screen .. It becomes more noticeable at 50" and is important at 60" and above ..
  13. You are still talking rubbish : He can ALREADY compare the brightness for DAYTIME viewing of the football in the normal store environment. It is unbelievably STUPID to suggest NOT look at another aspect of one's normal viewing usage (i.e. at night time) because it might show a difference between the two. I can't believe I'm even wasting my time responding it's so stupid. The Toshiba fault is a minor fault, easy to fix. The other fault, Castel replaced the TV with a brand new one. The CORE and EXPENSIVE component of the LG is the THREE "LG" LCOS chips and they have NOT seen suffficient time yet to know if it will be reliable. LG's history shows that they SCREW up the important aspects of their products, i.e. the "light engine" in the MW60 .. That is such a serious screwup that anybody with half a brain would be cautious about betting on more LG "new technology". As I said, if you want to ignore what history is telling you and ignore certain viewing conditions because it might show which product is better, then go right ahead.
  14. I have received an initial response from Castel .. They are looking into the issue .. I am trying to get somebody to make a statement on the issue .. Will revert when I can ..
  15. Gents, I have emailed my contact as Castel ... See what response I get ...
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