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  1. Having a 55” middle spec 4k tv in spare room, make sure if you’re buying one of these is to play with the interface a bit. I hate the android interface on the tcl so much I’ll be throwing the bloody thing out (giving away to family) when I decide on a replacement. It’s clunky, slow and looks sh!t.
  2. Thanks, seems like S & M has all bases covered, just couldn't see their list. Will have to order S & M next week from you
  3. How does Spears & Munsil rate compared to R. Masciola's DVS patterns? https://www.diversifiedvideosolutions.com/hdr-10.html
  4. Sorry to drag up an old topic, I have the light meter you recommended. To measure the light output, is there a specific test pattern/screen you have to use, or just turn the projector on and measure when menus screen is up.
  5. From what I’ve read, the new models delete tone mapping, so I’d stick with the 420/820
  6. Ive got the KEF 750's and matching centre, and KEF in wall rears and in ceiling atmos. They are an amazing speaker, Ive previosuly had Jamo then Klipsch Reference (which I had for 10 years) and these absolutely blow the klipsch away. They are an amazing speaker/quality and if I ever had to buy speakers again would 100% go KEF again.
  7. Try changing the hdmi input on the back of the projector to the second one. My last faulty 7900 did this on 1 of the hdmi inputs, but other one was fine for some reason
  8. Looks great from the pics. I thought my 7900 was big, but they are another level.
  9. I believe it is the exact same player/features except DV software update and analogue inputs
  10. Yes I was more talking about 'swivel' if know what I mean. If you are direct mounting it to ceiling, you would want to make sure its completely square.
  11. Best pop out 3d effects I’ve ever seen is the animated movie A Turtles Tale. Just jaw dropping it will have the kids and you reaching out to grab things
  12. Also with the pole, you have more room to make finer adjustments, as if you directly roof mount and don't get it 100% straight, your image will be skewed.
  13. Wouldn’t p$$$ on this company, very unprofessional and rude. Had worst experience with them recently. I’d rather pay full price than buy from these unethical pricks.
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