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  1. Further information: *******MAKE AN OFFER***** 4 x pairs 3d active shutter glassses. Used a few times with my previous Epson tw9000 projector, don’t think I even used the Panasonic ones which are compatible with Edson ones. 2x Panasonic Ty-ew3d3mc in boxes (still sell for $180 each) 2 x Epson ELPGS01 glasses in original dust bags (still sell $99 each) all as pictured. MAKE AN OFFER. Pick up Rockbank or shipping in addition to price (approx $20) Photos:
  2. Further information: purchased last year, but don’t have the time/patience to really get in to it as happy with my auto calibration on my Yamaha amp. Have connected it to computer to download calibration software but never actually got around to using it. brand new condition, never used. $125 pick up or $140 with express postage. Photos:
  3. Having a 55” middle spec 4k tv in spare room, make sure if you’re buying one of these is to play with the interface a bit. I hate the android interface on the tcl so much I’ll be throwing the bloody thing out (giving away to family) when I decide on a replacement. It’s clunky, slow and looks sh!t.
  4. Thanks, seems like S & M has all bases covered, just couldn't see their list. Will have to order S & M next week from you
  5. How does Spears & Munsil rate compared to R. Masciola's DVS patterns? https://www.diversifiedvideosolutions.com/hdr-10.html
  6. Sorry to drag up an old topic, I have the light meter you recommended. To measure the light output, is there a specific test pattern/screen you have to use, or just turn the projector on and measure when menus screen is up.
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