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  1. LOL. And for the record owen most big release/med release movies are 2:39/2:40/2:37, that's a fact. If your happy with your 16:9 screen then enjoy it, no need to justify it to the rest of us. The OP was just after peoples opinions, so I gave mine. Secondly I said 4K BD as that's what a lot of people are buying these days with 4k and 4K e-shift projectors incl me. That's why I referenced them in my post, if we were back in the late 90's I would have said DVD's but don't think most HT buffs buy these much anymore!! ' Anyway, I lost interest in your post after the first line..
  2. Never said they were different!!! I said if want to get in to 4 k bd most are 2:40:1 these days.
  3. If you are going to get in to 4K BD movies then the above is completely wrong, as most are in 2:40 ratio or thereabouts. BUT as everyone else has said since you have a big mixture 16:9 is best for you. My HT is specifically to watch 4K BD so I'm going Cinemascope screen. For the odd 1:85 ratio movies and similar, I will just have to have the back borders on the left and right.
  4. Is today the day official prices are released
  5. Keen on the 7900 in black when you get some more
  6. Dealers on here, I've noticed on your sites you advertise for preorders for the new jvc, out of interest, has then been many people put down deposits for preorders or do you think the prices have turned a lot of people off compared to previous years models
  7. This is what I’ve got and the best of both worlds https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/766282-REG/Peerless_Industries_PRG_JVC_DLA_Precision_Gear_Projector_Mount.html
  8. Yeah I’m still tossing up b/w 7900 and 5900. Any 5900 and price as well
  9. Yeah the plate is the same for them as all the same chassis. I've got the dedicated plate and it's awesome. Just need the protector now
  10. US and EU both have the manuals now online. I doubt we will ever get them in AU going by the AU Website.
  11. T800

    LP Morgan 130" screen

    Item location: Balwyn north free shipping: Perth only ask them the name of the shop closing down to ensure legitimate. personally I’d buy one of Rich’s screens at projectorscreens.com.au Best quality and easy to hang. As soon as I get my projector I’ll be buying one of his 2:37 screens. My last 1:85 screen from him was awesome and great customer service to boot!
  12. oops, yeah mean hasn't, before everyone thinks they have released a new one. Yeah the 9300 is a great machine, but Epson are normally the front runners with new tech in their projectors, Maybe thy are just waiting until the time is right and the cost of parts to go down/technology to improve/hdmi 2.1 etc.
  13. Agree, hope it bites them in the ass. Surprised Epson has released a new 4k affordable projector to replace the 9300 (9400 fake 4k is pointless)
  14. Bargain for someone wanting that size. These screens are the best. Premium quality at this price
  15. I believe they are placeholder projectored prices which will be very similar to actual rrp. The 7900 on there for $5799 is VERY tempting