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  1. Nine is great. King of HD in Australia
  2. 7 is not HD. 576p is not HD. Channel 7 are low life scum.
  3. was that even the LCD RPTV or the DLP ones one more thing I'll add is every Harvery Norman store has been complete **** when it comes to the setup of their HDTVs
  4. Channel 7, SBS, and ABC are trying everything they can to **** over HDTV. THEY DO NOT WANT TO SUPPORT 720p, or 1080i. I fear for the future of HDTV in Australia.
  5. i thought i would pop in and update my first post i have added a link to the new 46 inch unit Samsung have now. good bye and have a marry Christmas with the great sammys i know i will.
  6. The Samsung has a anti-reflective screen so that should not be a problem and one of my pet hates with the 60' LG I had was the screen was way to reflective in my lounge room it was just pain in the ass to watch tv at day time.
  7. The 61' Samsung will be in near the end of this month (to the GoldCoast) which is when my one will be delivered. That is what i meant to say in my Post above Dilligaf.... Sorry.
  8. That doesn't LOOK like it supports 576p, although I could be wrong.. The LG 60" LCD RPTV doesn't list 576p either but does support it.. -Auldar I rung up Samsung Friday morning and asked what the 61" Samsung LCD RPTV supports and here is the full list. 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p & 1080i.
  9. Just found a webpage with better specs for the TV... http://www.samsung.com.sg/tv/tantus_series...s/sp61l2hx.html The only difference between the one above and the one we have here is the model numbers. Australia model number is SP-61L2H The Model Number on the site is SP-612HX
  10. $8200 (with 1 year Warranty.) + $700 for 4 years extended Warranty. Total comes to $8900 + 5 years total Warranty. (Also including stand.) I only got this price since thats what i got the LG for.
  11. I have ordered the 61" Samsung it should be coming in next month. Also has any one got the 154cm or 127cm unit yet? If so can some one try to enter the service menu with the commands below? Entering the Service Menu With the TV off, press Mute-1-8-2-Power in sequence. The set now turns on in Service menu mode. You can use the remote to navigate through the menu.
  12. Yep im more then happy to change it so people can discuss the LCD RPTV but the problem is it does not allow me to change it. Can an admin change the thread title so people can discuss the 154CM, 127cm etc Samsung 3 Panel LCD RPTV. Please change the title to.... Samsung 154cm, 127cm etc, 3 Panel LCD RPTV's. Also Billy Two Hats I don’t want to include the CRT Samsung RPTVs as I think it would be best to have a different thread for them. (due to different technology etc etc) [Edit:] The first post has been updated to include the 50" (127cm) 3 Panel LCD RPTV. I have reported the thread and asked for an admin to change the title.
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