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  1. Rumored to be The Beatles but actually 3 Canadian musos
  2. I have an apartment at 220 Spencer Street Melbourne. For the past 4months the ABC TV signal drops out for about 2 seconds. It can happen every 2 or 3 minutes or it might not drop out for 30 minutes. It only happens on ABC TV. It happens on all 3 aerial points in the apartment. I have notified building maintenance of the problem. Is there some sort of indoor antenna that I could use?
  3. Last week I noticed the ABC news theme on ABC1 is in Stereo in Melbourne at last.
  4. Looks like no one is interested at $800 So I will let it go at $500. If no interest here I will try online auction. Cheers
  5. I would like to sell this equipment rack. I designed it myself. It is made from powder coated steel and the shelves are perforated metal so there is plenty of air circulation The shelves are 610mm wide by 460mm deep there is proviion for cable management on the back. Here are some pics http://s1229.photobucket.com/albums/ee464/buttonpusher1/ I live in central Victoria so they would need to be picked up from here. I would like about $800.
  6. I am in North Melbourne Have sent you pm with contact number
  7. Been on holidays so thought I would wait till I got back. Are You in Melbourne?
  8. I have not sold the player or any of the discs in fact I was useing it this morning . If you are still interested let me know. Cheers Steve
  9. Thanks all for your advice. I was hoping someone would buy the player and discs and have an instant library. If no interest I will try ebay next week . Here is a link to the spreadsheet http://members.ozemail.com.au/~stevey/publ.../Laser%20Discs/ Cheers Steve
  10. Am I asking too much for this? I would be willing to negotiate a price (within reason ) Cheers Steve
  11. I would like to sell my Pioneer CLD D925 Laserdisc player and 183 movie discs and 43 music discs Most have only been played once. Some of these are extremely difficult to find The player has been modified for digital output and includes yamaha AC3 to dolby digital converter. I will not sell the discs or components separately and am in Melbourne I am looking for $2000 for the lot. PM me for a XL spreadsheet of discs.
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