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  1. Yo, I just bought this TV for $25. Highly recommend it. Would have been a bargain at $3100 in 2005. 720p downscaling is stunning. Beats any LCD I have seen to this day.
  2. Ended up going with an old 40 inch Sony. Apparently there are some 46 inch ones in the wild but I can't find one.
  3. I folks, not sure where to post this exactly but... I am trying to figure out what the biggest LCD TV ever released was that had a native resolution of 1366x768. I've been running a 26 inch 1366x768 TV (with 1:1 pixel mapping via a active HDMI to VGA converter) for years and I want to upgrade to a larger one (the largest!) if possible. 40 inches seems to be the biggest I can find (2nd hand) but I was hoping someone could tell me if bigger ones exist. I'd go 4k but at this point in time AMD and NVIDIA drivers don't have any support for integer scaling which means I can't run games without serious PQ degradation due to the bi/tri-linear filtering methods they use. Hope you can help
  4. Can anyone give me any advice on where to buy a 100 inch manual pull down projector screen?
  5. High people I've got approx $3000 to spend on a new TV. Can anyone tell me whether any of 60 inch + sets support 1:1 pixel mapping over HDMI? Never again will I buy a set that doesn't.
  6. Got $2500 I want to spend on a new projector for home cinema use. Which Epson model should I buy? TW3500, TW3600, TW4500? Should I even buy Epson? I found the Panasonic PT-AE4000 for $2990 here: http://www.digitalcinema.com.au/Panasonic-...0-projector.htm The Sony's seem a little overpriced. Any suggestion about where to buy? Live in Sydney CBD.
  7. I won't be buying plasma and only using HDMI.
  8. I want a TV between 26 and 32 inch with a resolution of 1920x1080 for use as my primary monitor. I've narrowed it down to 4 (all under $900): LG 26LU50FD Sony KDL32EX400 Panasonic TH-L32S10A (confirmed IPS) Samsung LA32B550 Does anyone know where to find information on the type of panels these TVs use? i.e. PVA, IPS, TN etc? If anyone has any other suggestions let me know
  9. I'm aware that nearly the entire Panasonic LCD line use IPS panels. I've also recently discovered that LG are starting to make them for other markets too: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/biz/2.../263_32862.html Does anyone know if LG have started selling them here or whether any other TVs use IPS panels?
  10. What's the difference between DLP and a PJ?
  11. I found this thing: Epson EH-TW450 http://www.epson.com.au/Products/projector/EH-TW450.asp It says: Just can't find the price.
  12. I'm moving into a new place and am toying with the idea of buying a projector instead of a TV. I don't watch TV at all but play plenty of video games. I know next to nothing about projectors. What would you guys recommend as the best solution for a console gamer? TV or projector? Budget is $1200.
  13. I would take a look at the Panasonic LCDs. They use an IPS panel which is what's found in most high end PC monitors.
  14. If you plan on projecting a low resolution image at a gigantic screen, then of course you will notice the pixels. The OP is talking 32inch.
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