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  1. Well well well, something seems to have changed in the last 7 days. Or at least it impacted Sydney between yesterday (Sunday) and the Sunday before that. I have a recording of the last two Insiders episodes — plus the news bulletins before that — and the one from the last 7 days is significantly improved. I think we're more or less 6 months into ABC HD Take 2. 6 months seems to be how long it takes the networks to get their act together … we saw the same thing for HD content to appear on GEM and 7mate, and Ten HD went into a 6-month overhaul around 2003 before the quota came into effect. We're into Take 3 of Ten HD now … but there's still no HD on it from TV series outside Australia. I would love some new CBS content in native 1080i / 1080pSF one day.
  2. Heh, cool. I guess it doesn't make much sense to call it an IQ1 then really? Just must be their internal designation. So what CAN'T it do — 1080i? HDMI? Maybe it should be called the IQ1.5 or something.
  3. So — let's talk upconversion. The quality of ABC SD material has really taken a hit. They're using a different upconverter than was used on ABC News 24 and previously on ABC HD in the MPEG-2 720p days. This new upconverter handles the logo automatically but takes 100% of the news content and makes it really blocky. Same goes for anything not sourced in HD. The really interesting thing is comparing QandA from when it's in Sydney (studio 21, using the news department playout in pure SD) versus QanA on the road, when it's in HD. So while we have some really good news-ish content in crystal-clear HD now — e.g. Media Watch, Four Corners — we're left with a downgrade for everything else. And it's not like the other networks where the SD material goes out 'raw' on the SD channel — no, ABC upscales SD to 1080i, then back down again for 576i. So the SD channel looks rubbish too now. CK.
  4. Things have definitely changed from the days of 1999-2000 when Four Corners released a special report condemning HDTV.
  5. That still leaves a lot of IQ1 boxes, of course. No MPEG-4 on those babies. The IQ1 reduced churn just as much as the IQ2. That being said, we are now 11 years down the track. I do expect the percentage to be far closer to 0% than to 100%, or even 50%. I've met a couple of people that have IQ2 boxes without the HD package, so Foxtel can't be considering them to be *too* valuable to waste. CK.
  6. Besides anything else, it was really obvious on screen. 4K has been around for a while but really big HDTVs have been quite prolific recently.
  7. Wow. Okay. Well, it was QUITE a **** fest in here in 2010 because of how ridiculous it was, even in 2010. As for 'every reader' … this forum hasn't really had many new ones since 2001-2003 when they were putting the dvbforum.net.au URL onto slips of paper in the set-top boxes for sale during manufacturer packaging. I'd be going for a bit of a broader audience appeal over at AusTech, for instance … but here, the assumed knowledge is high. I'd be happy if that changed, but it's a lot of the old faces around here. That doesn't make sense though — if they want to jam in more channels, then turn off the Sky News HD channels. There's nothing HD on them. Or just pocket the money saved on satellite bandwidth. It's not small. Okay … maybe … but it's not much of a sales pitch to Sky News customers when they tune in to find … exactly the same thing as Sky News SD ? Of course it could be an entire bait-and-switch, but after 12 months, anyone who only got HD for the news could have cancelled the $10 fee long ago. Er!! Tons of technical and financial reasons. Think about the fact that they (hope to) control EVERY decoder that can watch Foxtel. If it's not their box, it can't watch it. Now, having understood that, remember that 10 years ago there were 100% of Foxtel decoders that could ONLY decode SD not HD. So, for them to go "all HD and be done with it", they would have to go from 100% to zero 0% … and throw away their entire investment in decoder hardware. And, even more expensively probably, is delivering (and maybe installing) all of them to every single customer. This isn't like FTA … you can't just get people to buy a shiny new TV and reap the benefits. It's not automatic. It's entirely manual, holding the hand of the customer up the entire upgrade path. First station to simulcast? No they're the last (if you don't count SBS, but they've had HD simulcasting the whole time so nobody's disappointed at SBS). CK.
  8. Nah I'm watching Nine HD via Sydney, and it is far more smoothed out than Ten HD. But the bitrate difference supports that. I'm honestly shocked that I'm being challenged about News24 being an SD-only operation. If you were on this forum in 2010 when it launched, you would have seen consensus. Anyway the real argument should be about Sky News Live HD, Business HD and Election HD, all of which are 100% upscaled content — for no particular reason, except costs I suppose, but if so why do they spend money on an HD channel — though when I say 100%, I need to subtract the news ticker on the bottom and logo up top. I guess their intention is to go to real HD but it's been a year now. Crikey.
  9. Okay well I hope you're right, in which case it should look bloody excellent by now. Who can believe, there was a time when SBS used to wave around 576p as real HD (regurgitating the propaganda from Seven) but since then their HD chops have really shown off. I can't give a stuff how awful their SD channels look, and even though I might like some of the Viceland shows, their brand-mark went to 90% opaque soon after launch and it's just management ego getting in the way (literally) of actual content. SBS seems like they're actually taking HD seriously. Dammit I have to even admit Seven's HD channel is not bad at all PQ, despite their Melbourne Cup footage (in Sydney) being a complete embarrassment for 2016.
  10. OK right, well, the left hand there doesn't know what the right hand is doing. They're all* technical dunderbolts there at the ABC. For instance, the last few months (or more? no idea) of ABC Four Corners has had a terrible SD downscale of whatever HD footage they've been using to acquire footage for their documentaries. The 720x576 is using a terrible (and possibly not even necessary) drop-field deinterlacer, so it comes out looking 720x360 or so. Just sh*t video quality and nobody at the ABC gives a crap. And it wasn't so long ago that little bits of warm-and-fuzzy shows like "ABC Open" were filmed with a DSLR, probably at a lovely 720p, then somebody with an arts degree but zero technical knowhow got in charge of the production flow and decided to deinterlace it at 512x288 and probably ended up blaming "SDTV is interlaced so it's supposed to look like that". Honestly there's been some really awful video quality on the ABC in the last few years when it's not ordinary. We had a very brief period of native HD in 2009 but since then all the real engineers have been fired or moved on. Nobody there probably watches TV at home using a TV aerial anyway. They know they have a fake antenna on the roof at Ultimo and then boast about their iView service even though it's like watching TV through a coke bottle. * mostly
  11. LOL I'll bet you $1,000. But all of this forum knows I'm right. In fact the only foolish thing may be letting myself get trolled by you.
  12. No, they're just slow at the ABC. And not bothered about technical excellence.
  13. Hey I can agree with you 100% on this much. ABC have many more "don't care about the technical stuff" people in their public service environment, and a few of them are still anti-HD from 15-20 years ago. There was even an entire Four Corners episode dedicated to describing how stupid and pointless HD was. They "showed" this to the viewer by downscaling the demo footage and playing that during Four Corners, instead of walking up to an HDTV up close with a camera and pointing out the detail, such an obvious way to "show" it but they couldn't or wouldn't do it.
  14. They fixed it just prior to Le Tour de France 2016. I have some recordings from the month before that, and they're noticeably worse. I've really enjoyed SBS HD's quality for the last 6 months and honestly can't see the point of them switching to MPEG-4, especially not if it turns out like Nine HD. Bravo to the SBS engineers.
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