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  1. My Tivo was doing a similar thing. It would also freeze up if I left it on pause for a long time (e.g. over night) requiring a power reset to fix. I had it replaced under warranty and the new one hasn't done it once.
  2. My original TiVo was rebooting and freezing so I had it replaced under warranty. I decided to pull it apart to have a look and found a big lump of dried up chewing gum stuck to the top of the hard drive. It still had teeth marks in it! Someones idea of a joke I suppose.
  3. I had my TiVo replaced under warranty, but after heaps of network connects and reloads (plus two days of waiting) it still hasn't downloaded the MAK, so I cannot connect to it. My MAC appears in MyTivo on their website. I do not have the MAC menu option on my TiVo. I do have the latest version of software. Has anyone else replaced their TiVo since purchasing the HNP and had a similar issue?
  4. A few people here (including me) have had the freezing or rebooting problem. Unfortunately TiVo seem to have moved all of the support people into the marketing department. From recent comments no one has been able to obtain any TiVo support of late. It's now been nine days since I lodged my warranty form but I haven't had any response other than the immediate two automated emails that both said someone would call me within two working days. I have followed that up with a direct email to support@tivo.com.au but that went unanswered. I have now lodged a second warranty claim form as I can only assume that the first has gone missing somewhere. If anyone from TiVo is reading these posts, then please attend to your support jobs before people start to think that you have dropped the ball and gone home.
  5. There are heaps of good news stories here about TiVo support, however I raised a ticked with them eight days ago and apart from the automated reply I have not had any other contact. The automagic reply said that someone would call me within two business days. My TiVo has been randomly rebooting ever since I purchased it. Has anyone else been having support issues with TiVo lately (perhaps since the MAK's were released)?
  6. Can't answer that one, but I did notice that Southern Cross was breaking up and pixelated (normally perfect) for me in Kingston this morning.
  7. Sorry to go off topic for a tick, but was your TiVo rebooting randomly and freezing every now and then requiring a power reset to fix Pepito? That's what mine does. It only happens rarely (maybe once a week) but it does happen. I've been meaning to send it back, but don't want to be without it. Did they send a replacement quickly?
  8. Yup, to the letter. I don't care too much about my laptop as I eventually want to use my fedora box as a server, but I would have liked to have been able to make my desktop work as I do have a heap of home video on that box. I'm going to give up on the TiVo software for now and concentrate on Galleon a bit later in the week.
  9. $99 for this buggy heap of junk software is starting to look like a bit of a joke, especially when the TiVo itself works so well. I've given up on trying to make Desktop plus work on my XP laptop. I've used the desktop cleaner and re installed a heap of times but it won't run. I get a grey box where the desktop software should be but that's it. I then can't even stop the process in task manager, only a reboot kills it, and the TiVo processes consume heaps of memory rending the laptop unusable. I tried on my XP desktop and it worked perfectly.......until I rebooted. Now the server doesn't start on it's own and when I try to manually start the desktop software I get a "The bonjour service is not running" error. This service is running, I have tried restarting it and I have uninstalled it, then re installed the latest version from Apple but still get the same error. There is nothing wrong with bonjour, it's just that the TiVo software doesn't see it. It shouldn't be this hard.
  10. I wasn't happy before, but I was prepared to bite my tongue and be quiet. Now that I have read that email I am extremely unhappy. The "Tens of $" quote and the "less than $100" quote were both made early on when the product was new and TiVo were trying to sell units. Both quotes were obviously made to entice new punters like myself who thought that home networking was a necessary feature. I wasn't going to buy a TiVo at the time because my SD Topfield allowed me to copy recordings off the box and the TiVo didn't. Most of my workmates have SD Topfields and we share shows that we may have missed recording ourselves. I was prepared to wait, however when these pricing quotes were made I decided to jump on board. Now we are told that if people like me had of waited we could now purchase home networking for $99, but because we believed the TiVo statements made at the time and supported TiVo by making the purchase and then promoting what is a fantastic product to our workmates, friends and family we are now being punished and have to pay $199 for being so silly. How can Mrs TiVo think that this new news make us any happier? The fact that those people who were polite enough to not bombard Mrs TiVo with complaints and did the right thing by sending inquiries via the online tool don't even get a reply when those few that may have sent "rude and threatening" emails get a freebie just makes this even worse. Mrs TiVo has a great product that I want to support, but how can I when she treats me like this?
  11. When you click through to the My Tivo section of their website you see this; The good news is all the exciting new features will be available from 4pm AEST today, which is in 2 hours, 30 minutes!
  12. This is where the Tivo fails. They push the online features in their promotions, however they are garbage in their current form. They have taken the existing Yahoo7 site and just added a little bit to almost make it work rather than build something from scratch and have it work properly. I would like to be browsing directly (and securely) to my Tivo rather than the Yahoo7 site. That way I would know exactly what my box is setup to do and I would be able to do everything remotely that I can do currently from my couch.
  13. Shiny new TiVo arrived yesterday. Plugged it all up, ran through the assisted install (very simple and fairly quick) and rejoiced when it all seemed to work. Soon after discovered that all SBS channels were missing. Followed the rescan suggestions in the instructions and the support web site (all three steps) to no avail. Tried to add the channel manually (third step) but failed because the frequency required (205.5 I think) did not appear in the list. Was about to give up when my 13 year old son suggested that I scroll right to the bottom of the neatly ordered frequency list. That's when we found 205.5 (I think thats what it was) on the very bottom and completely out of order. Thought this might save someone else a bit of grief. P.S. I was able to avail myself of this very good offer http://everydayrewards.dse.com.au/epages/edr.sf even though we do not have this rewards program in Tasmania. I made a few inquiries and was offered the same deal by DSE's Mail Order Sales Manager who made this comment to me via email; "Other FSC members that you are aware of, that wish to place orders to get the same pricing for these products, for delivery from our warehouse to their residence (ONLY, not through and DSE or Tandy outlet), are welcome to contact this office by phone on 1300 366 644 or by email to directsales@dse.com.au"
  14. I just received the following email from TiVo that seems to support the fact that Harvey Norman are telling porkies; The TiVo digital video recorder (DVR) will work in any area of Tasmania provided there is access to broadband and you can receive a digital free to air TV broadcast. Unfortunately Harvey Norman in Tasmania has chosen to not stock TiVo. In September we shall commence selling TiVo’s via our online store for all of Australia. In the meantime we apologise for any inconveniences Thank you, TiVo Support.
  15. I guess that's getting into a whole new argument, but I still fail to understand how Harvey Norman can somehow manage to come to the conclusion that it's Telstra's fault that they can't sell TiVo's in Tasmania. It seems strange that state and local Government's along with the many big businesses in Tasmania (without even considering everyone else) can conduct their business via Tasmania's Internet, but a few TiVo's somehow need a whole lot more bandwidth and couldn't possibly work.
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