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  1. SO what's happening ? surely someone on this forum is "in the know"
  2. For me now all good, but since the Olympics have started our local facebook page has been inundated with complaints of poor reception on Channel 7 (with other channels OK) and how to fix. Seems like normally Channel 7 may not be popular here. So if any of you antenna men get a call from Edgewater, problem is most likely to be the topography, trees grown since last worked, old pre digital antennas.
  3. Rio here I come !!!! As I said in my original query post " I am in Edgewater, fairly low down on the Lake Joondalup side and probably do not have LOS to Bickley but it is ONLY Channel 7 channels that I have issues with. Any ideas ? " Well after a whole lot of stuff about connectors, antennae , meters, It is Occam (i.e. Occam's Razor if you need to look it up) to the rescue, I decided that LOS was very likely the problem so I raised my antenna up about 1.5 metres and guess what ? CH6(Seven) and the rest are now 10/10 on strength and quality. Thanks for the input As I said in my original query post "
  4. Alan if you look at the myswitch map for Edgewater and zoom in you will see many parts which are coloured white, I presume that means poor reception so myswicth is misleading when it summarises and says Edgewater has good digital reception. Especially "white" is the area North West of Woodland loop and I assume the reason for that is because the land slopes rapidly in a NW direction from there creating a "shadow" over the LOS from Bickley. I presume that antenna height might help in that case. Will raise it up a meter and see what happens. btw stop talking about corrosion and bad connections, my initial post said all cabling and connections were brand new and I replaced the Antenna and some corrosion was evident but it did not change reception quality of CH6(Seven) greatly.
  5. My bad its just as you say, (not sure why its necessary to have 2 LCN numbers that are the same)
  6. Channel 7 ever been good ? well I don't know as we don't watch it, mainly watch sport and news on Foxtel but when we went digital I would have flicked through all channels to make sure all OK and Seven would have passed the quick glance test as it does now. Late yesterday PM and in the evening I was getting almost 8 out of 10 for quality with no variation.... effected by weather , temperature and barometric pressure !!!!!!. I believe all cables and connections are good, why do I say that ? well I bypassed the lot with a RG6 quad shield cable direct from the Antenna to the TV and same issue. I know there has been reception issues in Edgewater as there are regularly complaints or queries on our community Facebook page. As you might know Edgewater is quite hilly which means it has excellent high points to the South and West and also many low areas to the North and East and it is the site of an old limestone quarry in parts. Thanks for your suggestions if something positive happens I will post the results
  7. Also I notice across the road from me, in line with my antenna is one of those old large analog VHF antenna dou think that coukld be reflecting or interefering wih mine. They are both aligned quite well more or less a sraight line from me to them to the transmitter
  8. Now I may be getting somewhere. I just autotuned and then manual (to double check) tuned CH6 and when it first scanned it shows 2 Perth Channel 7s, making a total of 7 subchannels. I double checked again using a set top box, same thing and also with the other TV. All the same on scanning. Now ther is no other VHF CH6 so it cannot be the issue you alluded to but what if there was a reflection somewhere and it is picking up that ? In light of what I just replied to Steveb above this starts to seem like refection , if so how to eliminate it ?
  9. I think I may not have communicated the issue clearly. CH6(Seven) signal strength is always good whether via the masthead amp or not. It is the QUALITY which is bad which to me means that there is likely interference and packets are dropping. I am no way any expert in these matters but surely a field strength meter only measures the strength of the signal NOT the Quality which needs a digital tuner to measure. I am willing to be corrected on that but I can't see how a meter can measure the digital packet quality without some sort of tuner/debug/error detect software involved. My Quality varies constantly on CH6(Seven( varying from good to poor, very poor and non extistent), I might take a video of the signal screen page on my TV to show you. It is in constant motion sliding across the screen from poor to good and back again. btw disconnected the landline and no difference.
  10. At the moment it is not costing me any dollars to try and work it out. I never usually watch Channel Seven so bugger it (sour grapes), If I can't fix it then since all other channels are fine I will miss the Olympics on Seven, but then in my experience FTA broadcasters do a terrible job at these events with most action focussed on celebrity panels and show only sports in which Australia has a potential medal. I will go and watch it at my son's house, he has a bigger TV than me and also has the fastest NBN fibre connection so watching "minority sports" is an option together with VPN to other countries Olympic feeds.
  11. Thanks. I have now eliminated the masthead amp as any connection to the issue. I bypassed it and although signal quality and strength reduced across the board, especially the ABC, they were all reasonable, however the CH6 (Seven) remained bad so I can say that whatever the issue is with CH6(Seven), bypassing the amp proved the AMP is not contributing to the problem. I was wondering if ADSL2 could interfere with the CH6, the unshielded twisted pair telephone cable runs right next to the TV coax cable for quite a way. I will test this out tomorrow by turning of the modem/router and disconnecting the POTS telephone. Weather too bad to be up on the roof playing with the antenna.
  12. Was old now have new, was some corrosion when I took out the old...new antenna did help a bit with Seven. All cables/connectors etc are new. UHF transmitter , there is one at Yanchep and myswitch says I am in a medium area for reception. New Antenna is Hills Tru Band Black Arrow Digital VHF/UHF High Gain TV Antenna Amp is Digimatch VHF/UHF/HDTV Masthead Amplifier from Jaycar http://www.jaycar.com.au/digimatch-vhf-uhf-hdtv-masthead-amplifier/p/LT3270 Remember it is only CH6 (Seven) that has issue and suffer variable reception
  13. No other VHF for Seven. Govt MySwitch says should be "good" reception here. I will try the UHF channels to the North of me , might be better LOS.
  14. VHF , this Perth VHF. ABC is 100% perfect. How to check auto tune ? , 2 TVs , both have same issue. I don't think here is another VHF Seven near here but will check. How to stop that if that is the case ?
  15. Even weirder now at 8.30 PM Seven reception almost perfect, now suspecting interfererence
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