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  1. I notice that Fox Sports are shwing a replay at 6:30pm in HD. How r they doing that if there is no HD equipment?
  2. I just brought a VideoMAte U80 stick for my Windows 7 g4bit system. After plugging it to my out side tv antenna I get 3 of 5 of my local tv services (NBN, ABC & SBS). I am in Newcastle. It will not find Prime & Ten. This is the same when I use windows media center. The same antenna picks up Prime & ten perfect through a a Digital TV tuner. TIA
  3. There is a video blog stating that a new foxtel satellite will be available in may 2009. Giving foxtel subcribers extral HD channels. Has anyone herd the latesed news on this? Also what about Prime, NBN and Southern Cross 10 being retransmitted on Foxtel IQ2 box?
  4. Is there a way to get MythTV to pick up Australian Digital stations? MythTV does detect the card but wont dectect digital channels. I am new to Linux so any help would be happly recieved.
  5. I had heard from several good sorces that Neighbors from yesterday was going to be in Hi-Def. What happend with that? Or is that start date later than that? TIA
  6. So why do they(SC10 Newcastle) advetise the games will be in HD? Is that not faulse advertising?????
  7. Why does SC10 advertise the Live AFL in High Definition and it is still in not displayed on SC10 Newcastle's High Definition channel? TIA
  8. All I asking is by default he gets N&N with all channels while I get full EPG with the ABC only. The other 4 networks nothing at all. I love what ICE offers but this EPG should part of the ree to air digital TV service. Other countries around the wprld offer it free as I understand it.
  9. But new copywright lawss allow for home recording of Tv programs. So why not ofer a easy way to record tv programs and support the Digital TV service in Australia?
  10. So have the networks explained why they do not offer a 24 hr Free EPG when it is no 100% legal to record TV programs at home?
  11. Sorry I ment Southern Cross Ten. In all situations above. SO the question remains when will SCT begin transmission of the MyTalk data service?
  12. My friend has a msi tv anywhere and a compro DVBT300 with a N&N EPG. Mmy Winfast card only has EPG on ABC. The others are blank. I am using ICETV with Vista media cere to get and EPG. Why does my card not have any EPG on the non ABC channels?
  13. What does EIT stand for? Also will this MyTalk offr any possible downloadable EPG for Windows Media Center (to replace ICETV)?
  14. So why was I told By Seven that Sydney has full EPG? Also whay do some models of Digital PC TV cards provide a full EPG?
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