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  1. When did this site fill with idiots? Oh... it seems it was on 18-August 03... what a surprise.
  2. Compare this to the AFL on Seven or Ten and even the NFL. It is terrible, no two ways about it.
  3. Ten HD is listed as having some pointless golf that EVERYONE will be watching instead That station never fails to disappoint.
  4. What a cheap, last minute watermark... Edit: This is HD? bahaha... it is even worse than I expected... and I thought it would look like sub-par SD.
  5. I really hope you aren't married with kids having that attitude...
  6. Been there, done that. It is completely obvious too. It does... but this is the wrong section to discuss it. So you mean keep it exactly as it is? That is the only suitable thing to do really, hopefully Ten will figure that out before it is too late. Then again, I think it is too late for the network now. Rupert Murdoch was correct in what he said about the station... - http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,2...5006016,00.html One other thing - is this article correct in saying that this alternation (I refuse to use the word "new") to Ten/ONE HD will cost $20 Million!? After spending up to convert Rove, Neighbours, etc. to HD, how can they possibly think they will gain these costs back?
  7. It does seem strange that all positive postings have been by new users with mixed upper and lowercase usernames and overusage of !1!. That isn't the issue - people aren't complaining about having a sports channel, instead it is the fact that Ten (or ONE - whatever they say to change their dreaded reputation, having to rename the channel) is simulcasting the MULTIchannel. That is pure insanity, there is no reason why they can't use ONE SD for sports and go back to what it is currently on Ten HD with a combination. Sure, they would have to reduce the channel to 720p but at least it would be something. As it stands, I think Ten has lost the plot completely. Everyone is going HD around the world (as I have said before) while Ten moves backwards Ten years. I just cannot understand what went through their heads when coming up with this idea.
  8. Not that Ten will care but I haven't watched a single minute of the station since this announcement. Might as well start now. BTW, did they really play Judge Judy today when all the other networks were doing the election (US)? Sounds about right...
  9. Why is it that this same thread comes up each time. Even the last few airings that were in 16:9 it still popped up. Is there something difficult about "High Definition Programs" (this subforum) that everyone finds so hard to comprehend?
  10. They have been dropping Ten HD for the last few nights, obviously to change things on their end for the upcoming ONE HD. It was but the movie afterwards wasn't.
  11. I saw House today and it looked incredible - they finally fixed whatever problem they have been having this year and it was back to the original quality. This just makes me even more annoyed about just how much we will be losing. The thing is that we here all know that next year people will be saying "sport looks great in HD! Now we just need this quality for all our shows", not realising they already had it... and at a higher bitrate. What a loss this will be.
  12. First Ten killing off their HD news yesterday and now this. I guess it means that there is not one single show that I now watch on local television. If Seven think I will watch a lousy UK version of the crash investigation they are sorely mistaken. FTA TV really is on its last legs isn't it?
  13. I don't see them doing that at all. It will now be axed from the offset rather than being HD only. Excellent, thanks for finding the article. Why did Ten bother adding so many new HD shows recently? Neighbours, Idol, Fifth Grader, Good News Week, Rush, etc. if they will never show them in HD? Crazy. Oh well, I'm off to watch my 720p Californication as well as some True Blood... The real way to watch entertainment these days.
  14. That is the thing - people will think (and already are) that everything will be high definition when this is completely false. It is a waste of bandwidth using the HD 24 hours a day no matter how Ten (or One) tries to spin it. I can't see it lasting the year without changing back to what it currently is. We are all moving to bigger TVs while the networks only supply us LQ WS images. Fortunately 720p rips aren't too bad and there are shows such as "True Blood" that offer the full 1920x1080i TS as well as "House" complete with DD5.1 audio. BTW, Neon Kitten mentioned a link about the copyright police not being worried (from The Age). Any chance of a link to that article?
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