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  1. They had a crawl a lot last night saying they would be working on their digital service between midnight and 6am this morning, hence why you couldn't see it.
  2. Austar uses the Foxtel satellite (Optus C1) so there is no way your idea could happen.
  3. Same in Canberra. I think they may have changed EPG software, although there are a number of gaps as they are not putting things like news updates on. Also, they maybe confusing viewers more as they say ABC News (ACT) is on HD, but of course they still can't show local news on HD.
  4. Has anyone else lost ABC Digital? Tuggeranong Hill and Black Mountain both seem to be done (which usually means that there is something up with Black Mountain, as it feeds the Tuggeranong Hill translator IIRC) EDIT: Back now
  5. Isn't Mildura currently Prime/WIN so it would most likely just be taking (IIRC from what I read the other day) the raw TEN Melbourne feed overnight.
  6. According to Life FM's site (lifefm.com.au) they are running on generator power.
  7. Which stations frequency has ABC Borrowed?
  8. Actually, they had started planning the move before Charmaine (sp?) died. ========= ACA Perth is not the Nine Network, but STW9 ACA Adelaide is NWS9 Ten Adelaide has the news coming from Melbourne. Prime Orange has it's own news. National Press Club is done by ABC Canberra, as well as any parliament broadcast.
  9. Collectors is Tasmania. EDIT: Further to the Spicks and Specks discussion, it's coming from the Countdown studio (a number of references on the show about this in the past year)
  10. WA also does Can We Help. Collectors is Tasmania. I don't think SA has done any national programming this year (excluding sport/stateline). Midday Report for WA has sometimes had new content done (although the ABC may have stopped doing the WA edition).
  11. Not as full as Sydney and Melbourne (we still have gaps between frequencies compared to Sydney where there is hardly any). Don't know about 1323. I will check next time I am near the radio.
  12. SBS Radio is the only thing I can think of considering it's the only other non-community service on Black Mountain that doesn't have a translator. BTW. Frequencies in the ACT have always been a bit of a mess. Community used to be below and above the 2 ABC FM stations. Now it's (note that I am not putting frequencies on): Narrowcastors (Raw FM, maybe 'Visitors' radio but it's been mainly carrier, dead air and tone, and 2KY) Community (Valley FM (Tuggeranong only), Artsound (Tuggeranong Translator), CMS, 1WAY FM, Artsound FM, 1WAY FM (Tuggeranong Translator)) Triple J translator (testing) Queanbeyan FM (only here as it does reach into the ACT). Racing Narrowcaster on something like 97.5 from Queanbeyan. 2XX FM Classic FM? Translator (Testing) Newsradio translator FM104.7 translator Triple J Classic FM Newsradio FM104.7 SBS MIX106.3 MIX106.3's translator
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