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  1. Doesn't seem the series goes on for long,one series was only five episodes? cheers laurie
  2. Not sure the new media rules will allow Foxtel to take over Ten they have at present about 13% of Ten cheers laurie
  3. Hope they had swinging lessons pouring in Sydney cheers laurie
  4. If you have a cable/satellite stb from Foxtel, Foxtel Now is not available you still have to use the crappy Foxtel Go that's compressed to hell!! cheers laurie
  5. And they charge us $10 extra for that ? cheers laurie
  6. Not a fan of the bye rounds! cheers laurie
  7. I count 4 unless you include the racing channel,surely that takes very little bandwidth? or move all over to Mpeg 4! cheers laurie
  8. They would be far better to take a leaf from SBS and make the Primary and 7 Mate both HD. This would save the embarrassment if that is possible of their so called technical people confused which is which,if there was a Logie for the worst network in Aust Seven would win it hands down cheers laurie
  9. I don't know the value of having a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED, 2048x1536 Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 4K HDR tablet for watching on the go,but early reports says its a stunning display, why did they bother to make such a tablet? cheers laurie
  10. hmm that's why my browser allowed it through and I copy the article above cheers laurie
  11. CONSUMER cops will recruit thousands of households to expose companies lying about NBN speeds. The new broadband force is to be made up of volunteers who would have a probe attached to their modem or router to track downloading, uploading and streaming. The results would be used to prepare a regular report on what consumers actually get on the most popular NBN offerings from the likes of Telstra, Optus and TPG and how this compares to advertised speeds. There are already seven million fixed broadband customers and this figure is expected to surge as more and more people connect to the NBN. Many who already have believe they are not getting what was promised, with slower-than-expected data speeds now the no. 1 complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, up 48 per cent in 2015-16. News Corp Australia can today reveal that in a bid to bring more transparency to the market, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will soon call for tenders to assemble an army of as many as 4000 volunteer monitors. The brief is likely to specify the army be a mix of happy and dissatisfied users in cities and regions on NBN plans offering “up to” 25 Megabits per second, 12 Mbps or 100Mbps — the first, second and third-most-popular National Broadband Network options. The ACCC is modelling its monitoring program on the UK system, which uses about 2000 volunteers to track seven providers’ packages at different speeds. Given Telstra, Optus and TPG between them have four out of every five NBN customers, it is possible the ACCC’s broadband force will be able to keep tabs on nearly the entire high-speed market. The ACCC is not ready to accept participants because it still needs the Federal Government to provide sign-off — and about $6 million. Once the commission has the official okay and the money it will need three to four months to get ready. The goal is to be able to publish an initial report this year. Communications Minister Mitch Fifield’s spokeswoman said it was still “giving consideration” to the ACCC’s plan. But a green light is considered a formality. There is a Plan B, which involves relying on retailers to do their own monitoring. Consultation with industry and consumers has found this to lack credibility. The ACCC has been pushing for a monitoring program since running a trial in Melbourne in 2015 involving 90 volunteer households. The ACCC has said the trial produced “meaningful comparisons between ... service providers” on download and upload speeds. The UK monitoring program also reports on the extent to which download speeds vary by time of day, as well as urban versus rural performance. The Melbourne trial was run by a company called SamKnows Limited, as is the UK system, although it would not automatically get the job for a full-blown Australian monitoring scheme. IS Usain Bolt being used to out-run consumer law? It’s a question being asked inside the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission amid concerns that NBN packages are being sold on spin rather than substance. It is pushing retailers to clarify claims being made in advertising so that it is easier to assess whether legal “consumer guarantees” are being breached. The ACCC has published six “principles” it wants broadband retailers to adopt. These include providing consumers with typical busy period speeds and performance information should be in “standard” terms. Optus uses the world’s fastest man in the marketing of its NBN packages, describing the service as “Usain Bolt fast”. Its other brand ambassadors include the world’s fastest bowler, paceman Mitchell Starc, and four-time track time trial cycling world champion Anna Meares. The ACCC is seeking to bring a federal-court case against a telco that is breaching the consumer guarantees. While the ACCC has said it is monitoring how broadband is being marketed, News Corp Australia is not suggesting Optus will be brought before the courts. Asked whether it was using Usain Bolt to out-run consumer law, an Optus spokeswoman said it “always takes consumer information seriously and takes steps to verify technical claims made in our marketing materials”. A Telstra spokesman said it would soon start “publishing data that outlines performance of our NBN-based services during busy periods when demand is greatest ... and introduce technology that gives customers a realistic estimate of network speeds into their premises before they take up an NBN service”. TPG did not respond to requests for comment. Cheers laurie
  12. Seven does not do the JLT community series they are on Foxtel cheers laurie
  13. Well I got to say as far as to MY IQ3 its almost 100% reliable,not that it was in the beginning while I agree with your comments about the IQ2 our original one is now in our multi-room setup the extra recording capacity,start from beginning and the FTA tuner is now worth the upgrade JMHO!! cheers laurie
  14. Can't really I think the encryption is box specific! cheers laurie
  15. Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) maybe the go if you have Foxtel cable cheers laurie
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