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  1. Ten had AC3 on their SD channel as well. Here's a TSReader output from 2004 showing AC3 on Ten SD: http://i.imgur.com/qjFbvIN.png
  2. Definitive proof of AC3 audio on the SD channel – a TSreader output I did from 2004: http://i.imgur.com/XztCbQy.png
  3. For those interested, here are the current channels on each mux on Foxtel DVB-C: 239 MHz Fox Sports 3HD Nat Geo HD BBC First HD SoHo HD Action HD Main Event HD FX HD Fox Sports 4HD Spare 14036 - POD 247 MHz Premiere HD showcase HD Comedy HD Romance HD Fox Sports 1HD BBC Know HD A&E HD Eurosport HD 255 MHz Fox Sports 5HD NatGeoWild HD Syfy HD LifeStyle HD Family HD FOX FOOTY HD Masterpiece HD WorldMoviesHD 263 MHz BoxSets HD 13th St HD History HD Universal HD Arena HD FS News HD Arts HD SKY News HD SKY Business HD 271 MHz Mux inactive 279 MHz CCTV-9 Doco NHK World Russia Today Daystar Spare Sky Tbred HD UHF 586 MHz AITV72 EXPO Disney Mov +2 AITV05 AppStore Foxtel Tunes OnDemand Data EPG Base EPG PDR Tune AITV96 AITV97 AITV98 AITV99 BOv6 Boot TVGGUIDES OTVGAMES #RDRADIO OTVMOVIES OTVPLANNER OTVSETUP 594 MHz Mux inactive 602 MHz Mux inactive 610 MHz ESPN2 HD Service 13002 Discovery HD FOX8 HD Fox Sports 2HD ESPN HD Thriller HD Disney Mov HD 618 MHz FOX Sports 5 Disc Turbo Style Action +2 LifeStyle Food 2 TLC Syfy +2 626 MHz FBOB Service 17003 Help EPG Background Audio 634 MHz SKY News SKY NEWS MULTIVIEW SKY Business SKY Local A-PAC AURORA 111 BBC Knowledge Disney Junior LifeStyle Home 642 MHz TVH!TS +2 Premiere +2 Comedy Ch +2 UKTV +2 ARENA +2 Classics +2 Family +2 FOX8 +2 LifeStyle +2 SoHo +2 showcase +2 650 MHz [V] HITS Movies Preview Nat Geo People Eurosportnews Discovery Kids CMC Cartoon E! Disc Science Nick Jr Channel 9 beIN SPORTS MAX 70s Hits MAX 80s Hits MAX 90s Hits MAX Groove MAX Classic Rock MAX Jukebox Party MAX MAX Blues & Roots MAX Divas MAX Easy Relax Cafe Jazz Crooners Chillout Lounge [V] Buzz [V] Loud [V] Urban [V] Rock [V] Pop MTV Dance MTV Music BBC World Special Events CMC Hits CMC Classics CMC Rocks Light Classical Kids Zone Faith Foxtel Tunes 658 MHz SPA SPM SPH SPB FOX Sports Plus BBC First Disney XD Disney Movies Universal +2 AUSA 666 MHz Box Office 01 Box Office 02 Box Office 03 Box Office 04 Box Office 05 Box Office 06 Box Office 07 Box Office 08 Box Office 09 Box Office 10 111 +2 674 MHz Box Office 11 Box Office 12 Box Office 13 MTV Music TLC +2 A&E Disc Turbo+2 Spare 9014 - POP Adults Only 1 Adults Only 2 682 MHz LifeStyle YOU Comedy Action Romance 13TH STREET FX +2 Eurosport MTV Dance ESPN2 Discovery +2 690 MHz SBS 2 SBS beIN SPORTS NITV ACCTV CCTV NEWS ABC News24 HD Al Jazeera SBS Radio 1 SBS Radio 2 SBS Radio 3 698 MHz Nat Geo +2 13TH STREET+2 BoxSets FOX FOOTY Sky Racing1 Sky Racing2 Sky Tbred CNBC Nat Geo Wild BBC CBeebies 706 MHz BBC Wld News TCM SMOOTH Disney [V] HITS +2 Syfy FOX Sports 4 Crime MTV MAX LifeStyle YOU 2 SkyN. 714 MHz RAI Antenna FOX News Bloomberg Animal Planet SKY Weather LifeStyle Food YESSHOP ESPN RAI Radio 1 Ant1 Radio 722 MHz FOX Sports 1 FOX Sports 2 FOX SPORTS NEWS Main Event Boomerang Arts CNN TVSN Shopping FoxSportsNews FSNA 730 MHz Nickelodeon Thriller Masterpiece World Movies FOX Sports 3 Universal Discovery Nat Geo History FX 738 MHz TVH!TS Premiere Comedy Channel UKTV ARENA FOX Classics Family FOX8 LifeStyle SoHo showcase FTA Muxes 199 MHz SBS SBS 2 SBS HD Food Network NITV SBS Radio 1 SBS Radio 2 SBS Radio 3 207 MHz Channel 7 7mate HD 7TWO 7Flix RACING.COM 215 MHz 9Go! 9HD 9Gem 9Life Channel 9 223 MHz Channel 10 HD ELEVEN Channel 10 One 231 MHz ABC ABC News 24 ABC2/ABCKIDS ABC3 triple j ABCNewsRadio Double J ABC Jazz 612ABC Bris ABC Classic ABCRadioNat ABC Nth Qld ABCWest Qld 702ABC Syd ABCLocalNSW 774ABC Melb ABC LocalVic Classic FM Radio Nat ABC Regnl 891ABC Adel ABC Local SA ABCLocal WA ABC Goldflds 720ABCPerth Note: I think that most of the radio stations listed aren't actually being broadcast on DVB-C Unknown Al Arabiya ART MTV Lib
  4. Yes, thereabouts. I was manually doing a recording of every DVB-C mux (28 in total), so it took a while. Some muxes were only 64QAM instead of 256QAM though – mostly, the ones carrying the FTA channels, so these had longer sample times. Generally, each FTA network has its own mux with all of its channels on it.
  5. They're based on a 150 MByte sample of each mux. Perhaps Fox Footy was having a studio shot or something similarly low-motion at the time of sampling.
  6. I've sampled the sports channels' video bitrates from DVB-C: ESPN HD 610.0 MHz 4.01 Mbps ESPN2 HD 610.0 MHz 3.01 Mbps Eurosport HD 247.0 MHz 6.73 Mbps FOX FOOTY HD 255.0 MHz 5.22 Mbps Fox Sports 1HD 247.0 MHz 9.95 Mbps Fox Sports 2HD 610.0 MHz 10.80 Mbps Fox Sports 3HD 239.0 MHz 9.78 Mbps Fox Sports 4HD 239.0 MHz 7.85 Mbps Fox Sports 5HD 255.0 MHz 6.92 Mbps FS News HD 263.0 MHz 6.69 Mbps
  7. Your profile says you're in Sydney, so just get a UHF antenna and point it towards Wollongong, as One is broadcast in 1080i from there.
  8. Chart of Sydney + Wollongong bitrates from today (one-minute sample): http://i.imgur.com/pkHXXGV.png
  9. Hi all, Unfortunately, I no longer have time to update the list due to other commitments, so someone else (e.g. Ron12) can feel free to take over.
  10. I know it's an LCN, but the average member of the public has no idea what that means, so as the intention of the poster was to be simple, I've just called them channels. You're much more likely hear someone calling it "Channel 11" rather than "Logical Channel Number 11". In any case, I doubt simply calling it LCN will help the general public realise that they're not RF channels without a more detailed explanation. Yes, they have—I haven't. My graphic doesn't serve to be an exact duplicate of theirs. This graphic is only for terrestrial free-to-air television. I don't know how the NBN logo can be wrong, given that it doesn't appear anywhere on the graphic. What Prime list? Yes, I know that but was trying to avoid making the graphic overly complex; I've separated them now in a way that hopefully is not too confusing. I don't. That's why it says "may" instead of "will". SBS run a 19mbps mux, so it will be more difficult to get good image quality out of four streams. As you noted though, at this point we can only speculate, which is what my comment in the graphic implies. Adjusted comment in graphic slightly to reflect this. Adjusted graphic: http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/1857/chguide201.png
  11. Hi all, Here is a new updated version of my channel list in graphical format which has been made more visual and easier to understand: http://img696.imageshack.us/img696/1857/chguide201.png It gives detail for metro areas as well as regional areas (where Prime, SC Ten and WIN/NBN serve the market). To avoid making it too complex, however, this diagram doesn't and won't include minor markets' channel differences (e.g. Tasmania, Darwin, etc.). As I am quite busy, there's no guarantees that I will keep it updated. BlueDusk.
  12. Update 15/4/2011: SBS Radio 6 is now SBS Eurovision.
  13. Here is a list of what I am currently receiving in Sydney as of 14/4/2011: 9A: 2DAY 2MBS Fine Music 2OOO Languages 2SM Talk & Sport 2UE News Talk Barry Comedy GORILLA DANCE M Stage Good C Radar New Music Sky Racing Worlld SkySportsRadio1 SkySportsRadio2 Triple M ZOO SMOOTH HITS 9B: 2CH EASY 1170 2GB 873 2MFM Muslim DR 2SER Digital Arn Events ClassicHits Live CLASSICROCK 95.3 Edge Digital Fbi Radio Inspire Digital Koffee Mix 106.5 Nova 969 NovaNation The Crack WSFM ClassicHits WSFM Plus 9C: 702 ABC Sydney ABC Classic FM ABC Country ABC Dig Music ABC Grandstand ABC Grandstand 2 ABC Jazz ABCNewsRadio ABCRadioNational SBS Chill SBS PopAsia SBS Radio 1 SBS Radio 2 SBS Radio 6 triple j
  14. ABC Classic FM now has RDS in Sydney with radio text as well; same with Triple J. Triple J's program type came up as "Culture" =P. Station name for Classic FM is "Classic" and "triple j" for Triple J.
  15. Everything on 7mate (so far) has just been a 576i SD upconvert. The station's watermark is SD as well, suggesting that the whole stream is just an SD feed at present (e.g. as with ABC News 24). Hopefully, this will change soon.
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