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  1. Believe it or not, the American voiceover dude lives in Sydney and voices Mythbusters from there. The show is produced by a bunch of Aussies.
  2. WIN HD Qld seems to be upconverted SD. Any ideas if they plan to go back to native HD content?
  3. Pretty sure they did... Also, after analog switch off.. there will be a "restack" of the digital services - stacking them all one after the other to remove the space between them, allowing for larger chunks of spectrum to be auctioned off. So basically after analog disappears, all digital viewers will need to rescan also. Now that wont be confusing at all...
  4. GO! seems to have been renamed to GO QLD without the ! here in Townsville. Did a scan of my new Beyonwiz DP-H1 STB this evening, and GO didnt show up at all. Scanned again half an hour later and it came back, with the new name.
  5. I think ACMA are actually going to take back the analog spectrum from the broadcasters to sell if off for telecommunications use
  6. think about the scale of the operation as well... Ten has 5 channels to playout, SC10 has 25...
  7. I found the AV input would freeze up often, and the lag time between hitting the austar remote and seeing the change on screen was too much for my wife, so we have disabled it. Might try it again when the next firmware updates comes out
  8. Cool, nice to know it's not a faulty player. Haven't tried a standard DVD on it yet, will let you know if I have the same pixelation issues.
  9. Watched a few Blu Ray movies over the weekend. Pretty happy with the output, but find that the BD-35 is quite slow loading movies, and doesnt seem to resume play like my old DVD player did. Is this a standard thing with BD Players, or is this unit in particular quite slow?
  10. Ahh another user going from a Toppy with TEDs Suite to a Beyonwiz and ICE TV. Let me know your thoughts. Getting timers going with ICE has beein a pain in the a$$ as they have some of the LCN assignments incorrect for my area, and timers sometimes dont seem to want to download to the BW...
  11. $850 with an HDMI cable. Had him down to $780... should have just bought an HDMI cable off ebay for $15. Call me crazy
  12. Bought the P2 yesterday. Seems to be pretty good so far, however it seemed to lose all audio and video yesterday after the TV had been off for a while, but the P2 left on. Turned the TV on and got nothing. Rebooted the box, scanned the HDD for errors and went fine afterwards. I am using HDMI cable for audio and video to the TV (panasonic pz80a) but outputing the audio from the TV to my amp via optical cable. Have found the audio levels really low compared to the optical audio out of my old toppy. Not sure if this can be increased anywhere - I have the volume maxed out on the P2. Also have found large variance in volume between the SD and HD channels, particularly WIN is very loud - and the aspect ratio on WIN is incorrect, needs to be manually set to 16:9 each time you go to the channel. This doesnt seem to have been fixed in the latest firmware. Aside from the issues above, I am very happy with the purchase, and it does well in merging network media center and STB in a nice sized unit.
  13. Is your S1 exactly the same as the P2? Theres a couple hundred bucks difference, but the sales guy told me the network media stuff was different between the two.
  14. Hi All Looking at purchasing a DP-P2 to replace my failed TF5000pvrt. Just wondering if the commercial skip is configurable in length? I use a TAP to have a 3 min jump, 2 min jump, and 10 and 30 second back jump. Also wondering if you can stream divx movies over the network from a windows share, or do you have to copy to a USB drive first (i have a wired house)? Thanks
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