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  1. Mine works just fine, don't have a problem.
  2. FYI There were some great deals on OLED's at Domayne last Thursday Night. Picked up the E Model 65" for about $5500, down from RRP of $8399 The prices might stay for the Boxing Day madness...
  3. Not at the moment. BT.2100 defines the HDR formats, which use the BT.2020 colour space as a building block.
  4. I think you have your terminologies a bit mixed up. A NIT is a measure of light from a display device. Nothing to do with a video level. http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/nit 8 or 10 bit bit peak white can be whatever NIT value gets displayed on the screen, depending on the display technology. It is a function of the display. OLED's and newer LCD's can already get up to about 1000 NIT's. There have been calls for 5000 or even 10000 NIT displays. BT.709 (HD Format) or BT.2020 (UHDTV) define the various parameters inside both of the formats. Both only define Standard Dynamic Range (SDR), nothing to do with High Dynamic Range (HDR). BT.601 is for Standard Definition and has not been modified in anyway. HDR is above and beyond those two standards, which is still being argued in international forums. At the moment HDR can only be seen in UHD implementations. I could go on, but its sunny outside....
  5. If you were getting a reflection you would not get two channel sevens....DVB is used for that very reason, it handles multi-path very well.
  6. The reason I asked about he ABC is that they are on VHF12 at the other edge of the band...I thought if you were having problems with them it could be bandwidth related. We had a case where a viewers reception stopped at the same time every night.....long story...it turned out it was a cheap dehumidifier that they had purchased for a new baby....electric fan motor was sparking its head off.....stopped DTV reception.....and it was just on our station. To check your autotune you will need to have a look somewhere, usually in the Now/Next, and see what channel is indicated. If it isn't there you might have to look at the full eps. If that isn't it you may have to go into the TV's menus and look for a channel list.
  7. Harry, We are on VHF 12 in one area and were having troubles with antennas not doing the complete band VHF6-12. This caused us the exact problems you were asking about. The one channel at the end of the band is having problems. BTW how is your ABC reception... Interference in the VHF band is more likely to be caused by impulse noise, e.g. sparking and arcing. Well known DTV VHF reception killers are old refrigerators, electric fences, cheap Chinese downlights, and Christmas lights...I doubt that the Telstra tower would be causing you problems. Can I ask, you are watching VHF, not UHF? Your autotune hasn't locked in some other Channel 7 TX from somewhere else? There is a TX site closer to you called Perth Coastal which although only low power might have been accidentally picked up..
  8. The other thing to think of is the antenna system itself...The Masthead amp may be having a problem passing the lower end of the band. It does sound like a roll off problem somewhere...
  9. Some VHF Antennas have a bad problem with roll off at the bottom end of the band. The performance was not that good. As it seems that you only have problems with Channel 7 (VHF Ch.6) I would say that the antenna performance at this frequency is bad. As you have said, try a new antenna, I think this will fix your problem.
  10. Bit rates will be tweaked over the coming days. Remember this is a Statistical Multiplex, an average bitrate can vary widely based on picture content.
  11. If you use Channel 51 you are more likely to suffer LTE interference on the channel from handsets. Best to stay away from the high end of the band
  12. From all that I have read and experienced it has more to do with the design of the Hard Drive itself and how it fits into the RAID array.
  13. Just to note the green drives aren't supposed to be for server or NAS use in RAID. I have some in my QNAP and sometimes it suffers from I/O problems due to these drives. I only found out after I bought them. The RED WD drives are meant for RAID configurations. The Green ones still work, but sometimes you might find some problems especially if you are streaming a HD 30-50Mb/s file off. There are a few posts around on Whirlpool and other places mentioning the problems with using them in RAID. If you can go Red I would recommend them. https://youtu.be/xyA1AZdyy6o
  14. u9026a, Even though you are closer to the Boambee/Sawtell Transmitter I know the area around Bonville, and there can be problems with Trees or Hills (not knowing your exact location). The best advice I can give is to get a qualified antenna installer to come and have a look at your location and use a signal meter to determine the best possible transmitter and location on your roof. That way the correct antenna can be selected for your location and be pointed at the best possible transmitter to give you consistent error free reception. A local appraisal of your location is always the best option.
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