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  1. Bought a 46 today, after shopping around. JB's were happy to offer it for $4400 plus their $299 extended warranty. - Went elsewhere as this wasnt that special, plus they had 20 odd on backorder, and wouldnt say when it would arrive. Dicksmith Powerhouse wouldnt go anywhere near $4400. Binglee's lowest was $4500 or $4700 with extended warranty (even though the guy said $299 for the ext, so clear his maths was wrong). Ended up in Harveys, They eventually went to $4400 inc 5 year warranty, but had to push it up to senior manager for approval. THey tried to claim it was below cost, and pulled out the stock standard sales tricks to show you a hidden screen on the pc with their apparent cost plus GST. Five mins before they were trying to sell me the floor stock for $4500, and said no more were coming in. After pushing the point they revealed that they had a number of units coming in from a backorder. DJ's also said they would price match the $4400 after giving their best price of $4499. But their extended warranty was heaps more. A funny thing they almost all tried to say, was the new unit is essentially the same but just has an extra HDMI interface. Man If I was a Sony rep I would be annoyed.
  2. Oh my gawd... with crud like this, no wonder the government is being mis-lead about why stations are using crappy 576p for HD. http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php/...40;fp;16;fpid;0 The ABC should have requested an entirely new frequency allocation for ABC2, not attempted to squeeze it in at the demise of their upscaled HD streams. At the same time they could have offloaded at least one of the two radio streams to the new allocation.
  3. Only a Ch4:3 employee or executive would say that.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think that Gul-Dukat was taking a stance against 576p Cheers JB <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Reading the quote again, it could be taken either way, but certainly apologies to Gul-Dukat if I mis-interpreted your post. Stones <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Currently "Officially" the Australian Government (in its infinate wizdom... NOT) considers 576P High Definintion, JB was correct, I hope they re-think this, and determine 720P as the minimum Allowable High Defination format to be used. No apology necessary!
  4. I hope this review includes them re-thinking the 576p as acceptible within the HD space.
  5. Ok, As we have no doubt all seen, Channel 10 is going to be airing the O.C (Orange County) on Tuesday 22 June at 8:30pm. Channel 9 tried this series during our summer, but yoinked it after only 3 episodes. Fox in the United States had this as a summer trial show, which won most of its time slots and got extended from the original 8 peisodes to a full season and now a 2nd season. When channel 9 has it in Jan/Feb 2004 they let us all down and only showed a 4:3 version. My prediction is, but man I hope im wrong, that channel 10 is going to do the same, and only show a 4:3 ver. Fox clearly transmits this in the United States in Widescreen. As Fox in the United States doesnt record any HD stuff yet (to my knowledge) I can understand Channel 9 and Channel 10's inability to not transmit something which doesnt exist, however the lack of WS when the masters do exist will be extremely disapointing.
  6. Thats cos its sent over via satellite on Optus b1 from the east coast, and probably dont pay enough attention to it to fix.
  7. This is because their so called HD is 9ish Mbps and their SD is 6ish Mbps the diff being 50 fps verses 25fps, So the bitrate per frame is lower on the so called HD, the equivilant of comparing about 4.5Mbps to 6Mbps.
  8. A little known fact, but CBS does *ALL* their production of TV shows on film, they have for like 20 odd years. This translastes to CSI's all being from film and then digitally encoded into HD. Perhaps they have gone back and re-done the S1 episodes, becuase if you dig deep, you will discover that the S1 DVD's nor the episodes when they aired in USA or Australia (or anywhere to my knowledge) aired previously in Widescreen, letalone HD.... Perhaps they have gone back and re-mastered them from the src film footage???
  9. being fair to 7... which is unusal as they doa shocking job in this digital era 24 is not HD as fox in USA who films it dont make it as HD wish they did.
  10. Did you all notice how this week it wasnt 5.1 but rather 2.0 Something's obviously broken somewhere. Come on nine... fix it fast! show us that your the one!
  11. Did anyone notice that last Wednesday's McLeods Daughters episode had a major issue with the HD channels audio. Previously (last year it was 5.1) however this ep was 2.0 but I have a sneaking feeling that it was meant to be 5.1 and someone screwed up... During the opening "last time on the show" bit the background music was playing and people were talking but no sound of their voices was present. Changed the the SD channels and it was all good. Changed back and even after the "last time on the show" bit had gone and the actual show had started... no vocals were present... about 6-7mins into the show someone twigged and things got fixed, and the voices were now able to be heard. However from memory they didnt fix it to being 5.1, it was 2.0 all the way through. Lets hope they fix it this week, as its the only thing on TV which has 5.1 (heheh not that they use the 5.1 much - but still).
  12. Laurie, when/where (which state) did you see the loop playing last, I havn't seen it in months, now just a piss poor upsampling of the SD... If anyone is aware of when they are likely to play the demo loop again, please post as I wanna check out the new modifications. Cheers.
  13. Does any1 know when nine will show its demo loop again? I so prefered it when they didnt upsample everything to HD and showed the loop, and only put on the shows which really were HDTV. Ive been wathcing and cant seem to find any time of the day where the loop is on rather than upsampling. If you know please let me know.
  14. Ch9 in perth transmits its HDtv as 1920x1088 ch10 in perth tranmits its HDtv as 1440x1080 I wont even call ch7's HDtv being 576p yes its progressive and not interlaced, but gimme a break, crank up the res!!!!
  15. It might sound good that W has changed to 16:9 however, your all missing out... Ill explain, before they were sending in Full Screen with a resolution of 544x576 with a reasonably poor bitrate if you ask me, but thats another problem not going to go into that now.... anyhow, since Nov 1st they switched to a 16:9 transmission however, guess what.... its still 544x576.... so i hear you ask whats my point, well when they have shows which are 4:3 they will naturally have black bars at the side filling up what a 16:9 would be displaying.... these black bars are INCLUDED in the 544x576 res... which means the picture component which you are viewing is 152 pixels wide less (about 76 pixels wide on each side for black bars) leaving you a 4:3 res of 392x576 which gets stretched by the decoder to make it "fill" ya screen. This lowers the quality. Least they could do it bump up the res to 720x576 and then have 562x576 effective res. The biggest shame is.. the C.E (coming events channel) which just shows promos and ads all day long... IS 720x576... Please foxtel/austar swap them..... put the quality into the REAL channels, not the advert channels.
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