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  1. Hollywood must really be out of ideas if they have to remake this one.
  2. nbound can be found on a forum on which alanh would never dare raise his head ... because if he did, and he carried on like he does here, they'd quickly remove it with a shotgun.
  3. I am EVERYONE! Even alanh! <lightning flashes and thunder booms> Bwwwhaahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!
  4. You mean the thread about infill repeaters that you claimed were 'special engineering' and 'required real engineering' and 'a soldering' iron'? The very same thread where many people, my self included, tried to convince you that such items were available as off the shelf devices? The thread where it was eventually revealled by someone actually in the industry to be precisely what was expected, 'off the shelf' devices not a custom engineered device that required a skilled engineer to approach with a soldering iron? The silly thread where you were so self absorbed with your own belief of infaliability that you couldn't even understand the simple statement of digital radio eventually becoming as popular as FM radio? The silly thread were you proved to any reasonable person reading that you really had no idea what you were talking about? The thread where over the duration of the thread you slowly learned what was being talked about and started using the correct terminology? The thead where YOUR post was reported? That thread? Is that the one you are talking about here, alanh? Just want to make sure that you aren't referring to some invisible thread that no one else but you can see where none of that went on.
  5. Drawing attention to the fact that you are a clueless numpty may not be quite what you intended here, alanh, but none-the-less by bumping this thread this is precisely what you have done. The real world. alanh's world. Fortunately for us they are completely totally and utterly separate.
  6. Beware happless reader. Nothing but despair awaits those that continue to read... Here goes, the thread in which alanh rubbishes anyone else's opinions, even when those people are clearly far more informed than alanh. What did he do in the face of undeniable photographic proof? Why nothing short of start to reposition his argument and attempt to derail the thread, something we've seen time and time again. Is that good enough for you alanh? Does that meet your flex-o-standards of proof? Do I have to dig up the thread where you declared 'one TX to rule them all (in SD)'? Do I have to dig up the thread where even photographs weren't sufficient to quell the stupidity? No, its not really necessary because all you'll do is ignore that you've been exposed yet again. Perhaps you'd like to return the favour and link to the threads where I said [insert many and varied alanh lies] about VAST? Hmm? I guess not, we all saw your hilarious failure last time you tried that. P.S. Strange that alanh hasn't commented at all on the fact that the content of his original post was nothing more than old stale information returned by a google search, not special information that only the blessed select few are privy to. I wonder why that is.
  7. Bare fibre? No. Fibre in a plastic sheath..... Would you be game to staple a run of CAT5 as hard as he did that length of fibre? It'd probably cut it. Don't even think about it with coax. Today's fibre out performs wire in many ways.
  8. Errr, slightly misleading topic there. The UK has commenced a test transmission period to identify any issues that may arise (and take remediating action such as install filters in viewer's antenna systems) but 4G has in no way 'fried Freeview'. Will there be problems? Yes. If anyone is interested OFCOM performed some tests in 2011 to determine what sort of interference might be expected. Read about it here. Page 55 contains a non-technical summary of conclusions.
  9. Aye, 'tiz true. A large number of posts is no indicator of accuracy. One only needs look in alanh's direction to determine that.
  10. That would only be equitable if there was another national broadcasting transmission network established, otherwise SBS would still need to carry NITV outside of the metro area.
  11. Wow! Reviewing alanh's gospel posts in earlier threads one might be foolish enough to think that 'effective radiating power' has in fact nothing to do with it and that areas covered by high powered transmitters will have no problems receiving 'with a piece of wet string', apparently regardless of distance from that single TX. A topsy-turvy self-contradictory alanh post. Who would have imagined it. The Big Book of alanh Facts
  12. Who knows better? stump_1100 or alanh? Hmm. I guess an example is needed to determine this. Recall the silly posts alanh made where he repeatedly stated that a certain part of the country was going to have one TX and that only SD services would be provided? Recall the pictures of the TX installation that stump_1100 provided? Recall that alanh, despite photographs of the actual TX equipment clearly depicting the various broadcasters names on the equipment, continued to state his incorrect view of the world? That should clear things up for even the most self-convinced alanh supporter. The Big Book of alanh Facts
  13. 'MPEG-4 AVC'. Where is it? No permanent terrestrial services, no teaser channels, nothing; zip; nada; nil; zero. I wonder what alanh says about all his missed predicted arrivals? "I was wrong about it on every single occasion"? The Big Book of alanh Facts
  14. Ignore the turd, and yes turd is an appropriate description for him. If the mods don't like me referring to him as a turd perhaps it's about time they finally do something about him.
  15. Is that the light from China that I see down the hole that alanh is frantically digging?
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