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  1. A great DVD especially for a bird lover. We own a couple of Electus parrots and they are beautiful natured intelligent very pretty birds.
  2. Our claim for a $100 redemption was approve at the end of Febuary and has not yet been honoured. We have now emailed twice with no reply. Consumer Affairs has informed us we need to approach we people we purchased the machine from. In a way this seems a little unfair to the merchant as its not their fault that Toshiba are not honouring their redemption program.
  3. Do these people have any money in their budget? Which company in their right mind would want all these angry customers. The status not showing on their website? Are these people running a two bob company? It just adds insult to injury that these people have sold us a worthless product in that it is obsolete a few months after forking out a few hundred bucks.
  4. They may wish to weasel out of everything (we have cash + titles supposedly). IMO this time period is rather excessive. Is there not enough cash in the Toshiba kitty or something?
  5. Sadly I am not joking, Toshiba are rubbing our noses in it- I am sure many of us have been loyal customers for years buying a number of their products.
  6. What is wrong with these people. The next announcement will be redemptions cannot be honoured as we have run out of stock.
  7. I emailed Toshiba a 2 week ago, they emailed back 2 days later saying they would honour the redemptions. While still very annoyed, @ $300 after redemptions, I guess a player with HDMI isn’t bad value.
  8. If I had visited michaeldvd a little more often and read their opinions, a HD DVD would not have entered our household. Perhaps Toshiba Australia did not know what the **** in Japan had in mind but this makes little difference to the suckers that wasted money and are not in the position ATM to spend another few hundred on Blue Ray.
  9. Yep, next time I install a sh*tty product and it fails in a month, I will blame my client because he should have known better. Perhaps some of us trusted Toshiba's reputation and thought they were an ethical company, this has proven not to be the case
  10. It matters little that a salesman understands profiles or anything else, they knew something was afoot and perhaps were trying to look after their clients interests. Who wants an angry customer heading back weeks or months latter. It also matter little if toshiba Australia was kept in the dark, toshiba is a worldwide company, if the upper management in Japan had a strong suspician that they were to pull the plug, their loyal customers worldwide had a right to know.
  11. So we all need to read forums before buying a player? It also seems more than a little unreasonable to speak of better technologies when it has been months, not years since we purchased our product. Are our redemptions ever to arrive? Just before christmas, even the basic player was not $299 but $600
  12. Yes, we trusted their good name and were happy with their earlier products (the 900e was wonderful). But one can't help but feel duped with this fire sale.
  13. Yep the language is the greatest problem aint it? I became aware that HD DVD was dead when reading Micheal Ds webpage (after I had purchased our machine). Of course the reviewer was laughed at on this board. Then we have this thread http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=62005 and again this fellow was laughed at. As for the JB HiFi "clown" (not my opinion)- in hindsight I wish the guy had clearly stated is his true opinion as clearly he understood the this product was doomed. As there will be no replacements in the future, I would be more than a little sceptical of putting together a HD DVD library. One may not be able to play their expensive software when their machine bites the dust
  14. The rumours have been around for months. Pity I didn’t read them and take a little more notice of couple of comments and the body language of the JB HiFi salesman. Why do you always defend toshiba when these rumours have proven true? A fire sale that what it is, why don't you admit this to yourself? Toshiba has won no friends in this reprehensible behavior. So stop your crap. 500 bucks down the drain. When are the redemptions to be honoured. How dare these a****** speak of obsolescence when this anchor is only 3 months old. Insult to injury, if I wanted an upscaler I would have chosen something else
  15. They should have pulled them before christmas. B*stards. Burnt yet again by a toshiba product. Wonder if these b*stards will honour their redemptions. B*stards No doubt these b*stards have known for months.
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