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  1. Hi guys After being a Toppy fan for years (5000 and 7100) I now have a 2460. Now that I can indulge in TAPs again, just wondering what are the must haves? The 2460 seems to be fairly complete but I don't know what I'm missing out on. Are TAPs universal these days to all Topfields? Thanks Sway
  2. I ended up buying the Samsung 60" Plasma PS60E8000. Goodguys pricematched Eljo as part of a package buy Samsung PS60E8000 $2287 Topfield PVR TRF2460 $583 Samsung BD player BD-E5500 $130 All up $3000 including local delivery. Sway
  3. THP65VT50 on display at Myer Centre Brisbane for $5499 last weekend. They had a deal offering $15 discount for each $75 spent, which makes it $4400 Sway
  4. Thanks guys. After posting I did a bit more reading on this forum and realised that $4k buys a lot more than it did 6 or so years ago. Looks like the Samsung or Panasonic plasmas at about $2k will do me nicely. One question .... are there significant compromises with getting a 3D screen, even if you mainly use it in 2D? 3D might be nice for gimicky stuff .... Cheers Sway
  5. Hi I'm a long time forum member but have been inactive for quite a while. I'm in the market for a new flat panel screen approx 50-60" (plasma, LCD, LED whatever) with the emphasis on picture quality. Looking through the major retailer's shops is a bit bewildering, not to mention that some of them seem to looped together with all sorts of connections (HDMI, component, even composite). This makes it very hard to compare. I'm interested in recommendations in the price range around $4,000. I intend feeding it primarily with a HDMI signal from a new HT receiver (which I'm also yet to buy ... any recommendations on that would be appreciated too). The HT receiver will be used to switch between sources such as Topfield PVR, BlueRay player, media player, laptop etc. The TV's volume will be set to zero and all audio will be heard via the HT receiver. I'm fairly neutral on 3D but interested in other "features" (although the other sources I'm planning to use will give me things like Youtube, video streaming etc anyway). Brand wise, I don't have any real preference, although I still have a bad taste in my mouth over a Sony fiasco back in the CRT days. Sorry for taking the lazy approach. Any recommendations to get me started on further research would be appreciated. Regards Sway
  6. Assuming the dongle(s) are OK they will be detected by a PC, so try that first to make sure. Then I would try powering up the PVR with the dongle in the slot. If that doesn't work try a factory reset. If that doesn't work phone Toppro. Cheers Sway
  7. For the last couple of weeks, EVERYTHING on ABCHD has lit up the DD5.1 display on my HT receiver. Cheers Sway
  8. That doesn't surprise me. I haven't watched it since it was "accidentally" shown live on WIN HD a year or two ago. Cheers Sway
  9. DrP In Qld, the NRL show is live at 9.30pm on both SD and HD at the same time. The AFL footy show comes on both at 11.30pm. Why couldn't they put the NRL live on one channel and the AFL live on the other? I'm not fussy whether the AFL show is on SD or HD, as long as it is live. They used to show it live a year ago before the "new" WINHD came back. While I'm on the bandwagon, it cheeses me off that (again in Qld), on Friday nights Seven delays the AFL game to 11.30pm, while it too shows the same rubbish on both SD and HD. My congratulations go the TEN for showing live AFL and Formula1 on OneHD. Cheers Sway
  10. Sorry for being off-topic, but I'd like to put a pox on WIN for showing exactly the same content on the "new" WIN HD as they have on SD. At least the "old" WIN HD showed the AFL footy show live on Thursday nights. OK, the show itself is barely worth watching, but now I'm guaranteed to NEVER watch WIN on Thursday night. Especially when the excellent Thursday Night Live is on ONE HD. Cheers Sway
  11. Then you miss out on having Live Timing from www.formula1.com which is a great live data feed for the true F1 fan. Cheers Sway
  12. I am on Central Qld coast and haven't seen anything at all in DD5.1 for at least a year, although I don't check ABC HD very often. Sway
  13. No worries Peter. I know you are actively helping people on many threads. Cheers Sway
  14. There is no loss of quality. Cheers Sway
  15. Getting back to the OP's original question, yes you can extract a DVD to a standard MPEG2 file. You then need to convert it to a transport stream file, then use Toppy FileMaker to created the files needed to make it play back on the TF7100. All of the software needed is free and the procedure has been documented on this forum (I think). I have done it numerous times. It is certainly possible but you will find it IS fairly time consuming. If you need further help after searching the forum, sing out. Cheers Sway
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