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  1. Eh? They have HD on the middle tier and up. And GoT was not in 4K on HBO either (which is one of the reasons I suspect Binge is not going 4K just yet)... Still 50Hz for everything reflecting its Foxtel origins (and it lacks subtitles and an ability to set default surround audio), but it's not a bad product, particularly given there are several Foxtel channels buried away...
  2. Telstra customers can grab up to 12 months of Binge for free... https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/548891 (As for the audio on the Apple TV, make sure that you go to Video and Audio in settings, then ensure audio output is HDMI and audio format is Auto. Annoyingly, Binge makes you set Dolby Digital Every. Single. Time. Really annoying...)
  3. Depending on the frequency used, it should be covered by the Low Interference Potential Devices class licences... Would be interesting to know what frequencies were being used. Eh? http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products...#Specifications suggests Mac compatibility, and certainly my Harmony 360 is fully Mac compatible. Looking over the Logitech forums, there has been precisely one person with problems.
  4. After spending a good size chunk of my Thursday night and weekend fine-tuning, I now have mine working almost perfectly (the only issues that remain to be solved are discrete HDMI on my Sony LCD, a very common problem worked around by going to component and then 'next', and a one touch record on my Supernet). What a great little device this is! I had a universal learning remote that came with my receiver, but it's not a patch on this...
  5. Got my Harmony yesterday, and spent a very long night faffing around getting it (partially) set up. My Sony TV's inputs were not recognised (this is the KDL-40V2000) and as such, after 2.5 hours, I ended up changing it over to its American equivalent (KDL40XBR1), which allowed me to get everything except HDMI working. The issue I have to resolve this weekend is the inter-key timings on the TV. While my Watch TV activity switches the TV and receiver on, it's not switching to the tuner because of the timings... Once I've done that, it'll be all sweet...
  6. It took about three years for the white remote that came with my SR7200 to get even slightly grotty. Even then, it's not too bad. With the Harmony 360, I presume you can reassign the coloured buttons for other functions?
  7. The one on sale at Officeworks in Preston was the XBox 360 version (it was a labelled as a 525 for XBox 360)... There were no straight 525s in stock (or indeed any tags to suggest they ever stock the straight 525).
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