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  1. Just booted will do nicely.. no need for any "re" prefix.
  2. I don't know enough about the internal ABC finances to say either way, although the cuts are minute compared to the ones undertaken by commercial media outlets like Fairfax. I do make the point that almost every Fed govt dept is having to make cuts, e.g. 900 ATO staff are losing their jobs - where is the rally to protest that? One could argue that they provide a more tangible benefit to the country than a few ABC staffers. And yes, it's a broken promise, I grant you that.. although this is hardly the first govt to break a promise.
  3. Oh yes, it's chaos out there! Almost two hundred people turned out to protest in Brisbane! http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-11-21/brisbane-rally-opposes-abc-funding-cuts/5910154 After these devastating cuts, the ABC budget will be 96.4% of the pre-cut level. I don't know how they will survive.
  4. Good point maybe not one channel though. There should be ABC1 (HD), ABC2 (for kids) and an ABC news channel. Mark Scott is always trumpeting that 'live' viewing is in a death-spiral so why keep pumping out redundant multi-channels, when it's all on iView?
  5. SBS will be getting increased revenue by selling more commercial space, rather than sucking more from the taxpayer teat. What's the problem?
  6. I don't know how Seven Management can even look their staff and viewers in the eye. This conduct is a national embarrassment - we shouldn't be too surprised I suppose, Seven are well known for their shonky behaviour when it comes to live sport.
  7. They probably haven't answered you as they're still in shock that someone actually watches that channel..
  8. Hey All A friend's place had a big power surge recently, the Foxtel box eventually came back on but it may ave been recording at the time, it required the full 0611 reset before the hard rive could be accessed. Now it's recording ok, but the menus are extremely sluggish, you can almost see it drawing the EPG, line by line. I'm not sure why - if the power was screwed, it wouldn't work at all but is working and recording ok, just very slow. Any suggestions?
  9. Most news services have a local addition.. e.g. the 4.30 afternoon news on 7/9 will show 30 mins of 3-hour old eastern-states news and then 30 mins of live local WA news. Or from ABC24 - any person remotely serious about news will of course get it from the internet - no need to wait for 3 hours for old news.
  10. Wasn't the first clip played on MTV from The Buggles?
  11. There are like 5 movies where it works well and 5 million where it doesn't. Just how many times can you watch Titanic or Avatar?
  12. That's already the case.. FetchTV has been around for years. It's not primarily the download speed holding back wider adoption of iptv, it's thing like the sports rights deals that big sport has signed with Foxtel and Telstra.
  13. Appreciate the update davmel. All HD on Horizontal TPs (except ABC24 I presume) Looks like Aurora has been moved to 11886 Vertical which explains why I've lost that. Just annoying when they keep crap like TVSN on Horizontal and we apartment dwellers lose the semi-decent stuff.
  14. THanks davmel - will recheck the new channel 518 MainEventHD is fine.
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