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  1. The corruption was caused during a bug in the IPB archival module. In between a version upgrade, the archival process moved the data into the appropriate table, but unlinked the content from the master post. IPB were made aware of this at the time, it was raised as a critical defect and they patched it for all other IPB users the next day. Unfortunately, the bug occurred a few months before anyone noticed (members included) and the linkages were obliterated. The challenge we had was Invision themselves wanted to charge a packet to fix their bug (even though it was their problem) and restore the content and I simply didn't have the time to do it myself! The good news is, that data is still available. Going through the support ticket from last year, I have the attached two screenshots. Attached is example 1 (sample). This is post 1 out of 11 pages of content. The live example is: http://www.dtvforum.info/topic/140461-dab-metro-repeater-licences-issued/ which has 2 posts. Attached is example 2 (sample). This is post 1 out of 5 pages So before stickies are obliterated, perhaps @Marc would like to give a restore a go first and try and re-splice?
  2. Hello, In my only comment on the topic at hand peeps, our thanks to Marc for reaching out to preserve information that may be of interest to people over time. The forum has been around in this style since 2003 (14 years, wowsers) and before that many will remember the "Snitz" forums before that. For those that have reached out to say hi and offer their thanks, Tim and I both appreciate the words. I truly hope that the concept enabled better adoption of Digital Television in Australia at the outset, and provided many of you with an avenue to ask the questions and get the help you needed, and subsequently expand beyond DTV into other areas. Finally, my personal thanks to Kazz for stepping into the Moderation role, in many occasions solo whilst real life took priority for me. I appreciate it. J
  3. DTV has reversed its decision to close and an announcement will be made imminently.
  4. All, Some members have contacted me to get the date changed so I have pulled the announcement for the time being.
  5. All, Following discussions between the moderation and administration team, we have decided to close DTV Forum permanently as of the 1st of July. This will give current group buys and other member to member purchases to complete safely. Note, it is your responsibility to discuss those transactions with your related parties before this date. We have seen DTV Forum grow wonderfully well over the years, but the need for discussions are better served by other mediums. We thank you for your patronage, and wish you all the best for the future. Regards, DTV Moderation and Administration Team
  6. I have all of the old content. I am arguing with Invision as to how they plan to splice the data back into the database. As soon as they have a plan, I'll be sure to let you know
  7. If you see the captcha, it means Cloudflare doesn't like something you're doing or have done. Maybe you're a robot O.O
  8. Hi, Our DigitalOcean friends returned overnight after receiving assurances they had handled the problem. We've blocked them again and things will return to normal again.
  9. Just as a general update on solutions to the challenges of late: Issue #1: A member, since banned, was inserting junk characters into webforms which was triggering 503 errors as it updates the cache which rendered the site fairly ineffective until the cache refreshes (every minute or so). This was annoying, and malicious. Issue #2: The secondary datacenter used by the host has some routing issues. This was visible with requests to DNS, where the secondary DNS server that we use was inaccessible. So in the event that you could not access the 1st DNS server, the page would not have loaded. Issue #3: DigitalOcean. Hundreds upon hundreds of DigitalOcean servers (a web host in Singapore) were attempting to download and spider the entire site. These spiders weren't the usuals (Google, Yahoo etc) and belonged to none of the major vendors. At times, the server was experiencing CPU load averages of 60+ which is intense. This will explain why it worked for some, and didn't work for others and was intermittent by nature. The load averages weren't continuous as the load from DigitalOcean wasn't constant - the servers and the board's protections kicked in and blocked users from causing more load. DigitalOcean has been blocked whilst we work with them around the abuse complaint; following this, load averages dropped to 0.3 as expected. To help offset some of these challenges also, we have moved DNS and the site to CloudFlare. This will accelerate a number of features, remove a number of threats and provide a better experience in the future.
  10. Based on the graphs, one of the problems started on or around October 27th and has gradually gotten worse. However, we have just put in some changes that may help.
  11. Pete, I genuinely need more information. I have eight probes, some internationally watching the website and - despite some slowness, have not reported any issues accessing the site for the past few days. When you say "successful attempt", what errors are you receiving when it is 'unsuccessful'.
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