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  1. Further information: I have a Chord Mojo for sale. It is in excellent cosmetic condition and comes in the original box with the original USB cable. It works perfectly but it is sensitive about the micro-USB connector on your cable when connecting a source (no problem on the charging USB socket). I've been using the cable for charging my bluetooth headphones without a problem. Photos:
  2. Thanks to those that have shown interest - I have offered to first member in line and just waiting to confirm payment.
  3. Further information: Up for sale is my Bluesound Node 2i in original packaging. Everything is in very good if not pristine cosmetic condition. The unit is in excellent working order - I've had no problems with it. I've just found I don't use it much and I now have a Chord mojo+poly combo I can connect up to the stereo when I need to. Here is the sales blurb: The NODE 2i wireless music streamer easily connects to any existing stereo system to unlock and discover a universe of audio streaming. The NODE 2i connects your audio gear to online streaming services, Internet radio
  4. Never heard or seen these before... they look intriguing. Anyone know anything about them? And are they any good at making music? http://www.trademe.co.nz/Electronics-photography/Home-audio/Speakers-and-stands/Floor-speakers/auction-174474428.htm
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