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  1. https://www.stereo.net.au/news/anthems-trade-in-offer-ensures-youre-up-with-the-latest-cinema-tech Last day today on trade in deal. MRX520 $400 off ($1699) MRX720 $650 off ($3249) MRX1120 $1000 off ($4299) AVM60 $1500 off (3499) I'm not sure if it includes the Power Amps like the MCA 525 which were in included in last year's sale for $3999.
  2. I too would like to know the answer to this question...
  3. What is the difference between the Elektras? I know only the HD2 is available brand new these days. Elektra Theatron Elektra Theatre HD7 Elektra HD2
  4. Will it ever be "more stable"? HDMI 2.1 has a ridiculous bandwidth of 48 Gbps and supposedly can handle up to 10k. However, I still suspect there will be HDMI 2.2 within a few years...
  5. Unpolished and buggy. Remote lags to hell. I regret getting the Beyonwiz U4.
  6. That is a great idea. Go mid tier models rather than high end. I'd rather have the latest mid tier than obselete old high ends. Are there any mid tier brands that you might recommend. I could justify Anthem, but not if it gets outdated within 5 years time. I could get a good power amp to last for a long time and mid tier pre/pro every five years.
  7. I wonder, with the massive bandwidth that HDMI 2.1 offers, could this be the slow down of upgrades?
  8. HDMI 2.0 (4k) has been with us for less than five years before it was updated with with HDMI 2.0a (HDR)and now HDMI 2.1 (8k). I have an old Onkyo 875 which has HDMI 1.3a (not 3D compliant) which I" cheated" 3D by using a blu-ray play that had two HDMI outs - one directly to the TV and one to audio in the amp. I think you can do this to get 4K working with my HDMI 1.3a Onkyo Amp - plug the blu-ray player via HDMI directly to the TV and another HDMI to the receiver. What are the detriments to this? Now, I am thinking that if I upgrade soon to a HDMI 2.0a or 2.1 amp, I should get seperates - pre/pro and a power amp. This way, when I needed to upgrade, I would just get a new pre/pro and just use the same power amp. In theory, this should keep costs down. Then I looked at the Anthem AVM-60 pre/pro which is RRP$4995 and the equivalent receiver is the Anthem MRX-1120 which is RRP$4999. It's not cheaper to get separates and just upgrade the pre/pro. What are your thoughts on this? Have I looked at the wrong expensive brand? What would you do to keep upgrade costs down?
  9. I can tell you it works. You're meant to turn LFE to minimum, but I dont.
  10. Rel also recommends to turn LFE to minimum for music. Maybe I'm not a classy listener but I like to turn up LFE for music. Hip Hop sounds better with bass.
  11. Thanks for your ideas, betty and snoopy. I've always thought that separate pre and power are better but when you look at the MRX 1120 vs AVM 60. Similar price and very similar components, but you have to spend another $3k+ to get a reasonable power amp if you got the AVM 60. I have power hungry Krix speakers but fortunately, I still have my Emotiva XPA-5 Gen I (which I bought for < $1000 in the good old days). However, this solution, I will lose by 7.1 setup and have a 5.1 instead. This is why the dilemma to get the MRX 1120.
  12. If the AVM 60 is a de-amplified version of the MRX 1120 at a $500 discount, are most people getting the MRX 1120 over the AVM 60? $500 for a amplifier seems a good buy???
  13. Does the T7i walk on the floor when you crank it?
  14. 100%, I agree with the two of you that the salesman could be playing me. However, the two subwoofers were in exactly the same spot (same source and fronts too) and I did mess around with the volume of both subs - turned it up and down. However, I didnt play with the other settings on the subwoofers. Are you guys saying that you disagree with the Rel T7i being a better musical sub that the SVS SB-1000?
  15. So, how'd you go? Seems lots of people like Anthem here!
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